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PGP selects Andy Dalton to face Jake Dirden at THE HAPPENING April 18th Havana,IL

Posted by flairwhoooooo on April 7, 2015

 photo pgp   8888_zpssph2tjic.jpgAfter going over dozens of possibilities in the open challenge, we have decided to give “Dirty” Andy Dalton the match versus “Dirdey” Jake Dirden in the main event on April 18th at the Lawford Theater(225 W Main, Havana,IL). Andy Dalton is making waves in the Lone Star State, including stints with Inspire and Branded Outlaw (and a recent ROH appearance), a main event player just a few big wins away from being an “IT” indy guy. Dalton is impressive and fully capable of both beating Jake Dirden and going on to win the PGP title, part sportsman and part mercenary, Andy is looking to take home a big prize from this hunt. He’s also after a “name”, Dalton resents Dirden’s accolades and his moniker, Andy is coming to settle just who is the Dirtiest(Dirdiest?) wrestler on the indy circuit.

“Dirdey” Jake Dirden is hurting, the mental sting of losing the Franchise title and the physical sting of a railroad spike to his eye, both perpetrated by our current champion Blake Steel. Jake’s request for a rematch was refused by Steel as he bolted the state with the belt and will be in Florida working FIP for the wwnlive ippv network that weekend. As a result PGP guaranteed Dirden he will get his rematch in May, meanwhile we need an April main event and Jake agreed to meet the man we selected in an open challenge. Win,lose or draw, Dirden gets his shot in May, however if Andy Dalton wins he will get a June title shot at whoever holds the Franchise title. Dirden versus Dalton is a rock solid match on a heavy hitting night of pro wrestling. Be there to see who steps in line and what the future holds in the Proving Ground, this match is set to shake PGP to it’s foundation!!!

THE HAPPENING is a can’t miss night for wrestling fans, 5 damn cool matches announced (Lucy Mendez v Paloma Starr, Guy Smith v Mike Outlaw, Ovirload v Johnny Wisdom, Mr. Nice v Stephen King and NOW…Dirden v Dalton!) and more set to drop!!! We’re still waiting on word from both our current Franchise champ for an explanation on his actions and word from our tag champs (Team IOU) on the condition of Kerry Awful‘s hand, the moment we have either it will be posted right here!!! We’re keeping prices extra affordable, only$10($5 for kids) so do yourself a favor and get out to see this show!!! Doors open at 6:30pm, THE HAPPENING begins at 7pm. Usually I’m signing off by now, but if you read this far you’re getting an insider tip….”Dirty” Andy Dalton never travels alone, beware The Sons Of Texas….just sayin’… The coolest, hippest must see independent wrestling in Central Illinois is easy to find…..ENTER THE PROVING GROUND!!

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