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10 Questions with “The Super Charged Superstar” Bolt Brady

Posted by flairwhoooooo on February 28, 2015

 photo 10367727_632072423543561_7842476121414608598_n_zpslhdtuayx.jpg

(Photo Courtesy of Ichiban Drunk) —


Bolt Brady

Years wrestling: 9

Trained by: Ray Campos, Mr. Mexico II, Luke Hawx

Finishing move: Polaris {double underhook lung blower)

Titles Won: NWA Houston Light Heavyweight Championship, 2013 Krazy 8, Anarchy Championship Wrestling Young Guns Under 30 Championship.

To contact Bolt Brady click here.

Bolt, thanks for joining us for the 10 questions, a MWR feature so that the fans in the Midwest to get to know the very best wrestlers in the Midwest.

Bolt Brady: Thanks for having me!

1) Where you a fan of wrestling growing up?

Bolt Brady: Yes, but I was a late bloomer. I didn’t start watching as a child like most; I started watching around the age of 12 by complete accident. My regularly scheduled programming had been cancelled, so while flipping through channels, I saw “Stone Cold” Steve Austin back body drop D’Lo Brown onto a truck. I was hooked.

2) How did you get your start in the sport?

Bolt Brady: About a year after watching, I decided wrestling was what I wanted to do with my life, so at the age of 17, I was blessed enough to find a wrestling school in the city I grew up in and signed up (with parental consent).

3) Who were your role models early in your career?

Bolt Brady: Chris Jericho has always been an influence of mine and I’m just now really starting to pick apart what made him so successful on the mic and thusly, in his career. But I’ve always known I’d never be a Hulk Hogan or Andre the Giant, so early in my career I looked up to and still look up to the early X- Division guys such as AJ Styles, Chris Sabin, and Petey Williams. It’s awesome to see the talent of today like AR Fox, ACH and Ricochet take that style to the next level.

 photo 000_zpsot63zt0k.jpg

Davey Vega fights to get away from the grasp of Bolt Brady. Though Brady can fly his wrestling skills on the ground is vastly improving in the past year.


4) You have wrestled around the country, with 2014 being an outstanding year. Looking back what was your personal highlight and just how many states and promotions did you work for ?

Bolt Brady: In 2014, I hit twelve states and over thirty promotions featured a match of yours truly, but out of all those matches, either being on the actual Wrestle Con card or my debut at Full Impact Pro stand out in my mind.

5) Fans that follow you may know that you enjoy comic books. If you were to recommend one comic series to a new fan that they could purchase at the comic store, what would it be and why?

Bolt Brady: Whew, just one? That’s tough, but I would have to go with the story that took me from a casual fan than kept up via trade paperbacks and Wikipedia to a guy that’s in the shop picking up books every week, Civil War.
 photo CivilWar1a_zpswggu3waq.jpg

Outstanding story, my second favorite of all time I would say. It has strong roots in real world issues concerning the government and the costumes and powers are really just a bonus. Very easy to follow if you know nothing about Marvel and this is also what Captain America 3 is based off of, so it would catch you up right where you need to be as far as the movies go.

6) That’s leads us to comics on TV… What comic book turned TV show do you believe that were the best out of these and why? Arrow, Gotham, The Flash, Walking Dead Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. and Agent Carter.

Bolt Brady: Man, I’m gonna get so much heat from this, but I haven’t seen a single episode of any of these. I don’t watch TV. I don’t even OWN a TV- I gave it away when I moved to keep me in the gym more (a tactic that worked, I might add). The only TV I watch is NFL and I’ll flip that on at the gym or go have some wings and watch it at a sports bar. If I had to pick one to sit down and watch though, I’d pick the Walking Dead though.

7) Back to wrestling, If you were to wrestle one wrestler in the world today who would it be and why?

Bolt Brady: That’s easy, Chris Jericho. It’s not every day you get to compete against the person you grew up watching. Not to mention it would be a free clinic.

8) It was recently announced that you will return to Kansas City, Kansas for Metro Pro Wrestling. You have wrestled there before, what do you remember about that experience?

 photo metro pro_zpse7lcxrue.png

Bolt Brady will be tested against Christian Rose on April 4th at the Turner Rec Center


Bolt Brady: The professionalism. Hands down. It’s a great locker room, but having been backstage “up north”, there’s a lot of parallels between “them” and Metro. You know what you’re doing when you walk in, it’s a very well oiled machine, but it’s not so micromanaged that you don’t have creative freedom. It makes my job A LOT easier knowing what I need to do that night vs someone coming up to me telling me “go out there! Go out there!” For what?! A match? A promo? Is there a fan in the ring? Oh- it’s a pull apart. Who’s the heel? Who’s the face? I’m lost! HUGE pet peeve of mine.

9) What do you have to do to improve to become a household name in 2015?

Bolt Brady: I have to break onto bigger shows. No doubt. I think I carry a good following based upon what I’ve done so far, but I need to do it on a bigger stage now. Ring of Honor, PWG, Evolve. FIP was a great first step, but this year I look to make my way onto the main roster of a major independent. I also feel my career and life isn’t complete until I bump on foreign soil. I’m looking for this to be the year I finally get to use my passport. I’m doing my part, but I’m not beneath asking anyone reading this to throw my name in the hat!

10) We know you will be at Metro Pro on April 4th, can you fill us in where else fans could see you in action in 2015?

Bolt Brady: Absolutely. While I’ve wrestled there before, I’m actually ON the Strong Style Wrestling roster now, so you can catch me there March 20, April 11, and May 8.
 photo sssssss_zps9f87un2s.jpg

I’ll be back at Full Impact Pro for a double shot weekend on April 17 and 18. I consider the Real South Wrestling Federation my “home” and they run WEEKLY (hard to find these days) in Memphis, TN every Saturday. I try to poke my head in there at least once a month.

Bolt Brady vs Ryan Epic vs Lightning Bolt Johnson From Strong Style Wrestling

One Response to “10 Questions with “The Super Charged Superstar” Bolt Brady”

  1. Your match against Davey Vega at VIP Wrestling’s “Setting the Bar” in Dallas,TX was amazing, and they WILL have you back. If anyone would like to see the match, the DVD can be purchased at http://www.prowrestlingdallas.com!

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