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MWR’s Brian Kelley & SICW Promoter Herb Simmons Remember Ox Baker

Posted by flairwhoooooo on October 20, 2014

 photo 000_zps773b049d.jpg

MWR Fan Relations Dubray Tallman was impressed with the one and only, Ox Baker.

From MWR Editor/Owner Brian Kelley

I woke up this morning before I headed to school to the sad news that the one and only Ox Baker had passed away. Prior to this year, Baker was a man that I had enjoyed in wrestling for having a great look and catchphrase. Then not so long ago, SICW promoter Herb Simmons called to let me know that he was the latest in the who’s who of the wrestling world greats that he was going to bring in for the fans to meet. I did some research and posted the highly entertaining episode of Baker on the legendary game show The Price is Right, in hopes that fans old and young would take the opportunity to meet the man.

A few days before the show, Baker was also a special guest on MissouriWrestlingRevival.com’s official podcastRingSyders“. During the broadcast with Ben Simon and Drew Abbenhaus, Ox Baker proved that he could still talk you in the building by hyping himself and his career in another great RingSyders interview.

During the night in East Carondelet, Illinois, Baker was happy to meet with the fans as they asked for autographs, photos or just a moment down memory lane. I have not always taken advantage of getting my photo with the wrestlers as I have been busy, but thankfully on this night (and possibly because of the RingSyders interview) I did ask for a photo not realizing that he would pass on not too long after. Baker was a gentleman all night and only added to my appreciation of the man.

Ox Baker, I would like to thank you for the memories in and out of the ring. Our thoughts and best wishes go out to your friends and family during this very sad moment.

 photo 0000_zpsf100cac3.jpg

Even at 80, Ox Baker was able to stand out. Here he is being interviewed in front of the SICW faithful by SICW promoter Herb Simmons.

From SICW Promoter Herb Simmons.

We lost another great legend in the wrestling business.  Not only did Ox Baker entertain us in the wrestling ring, but he starred in the box office hit, “Escape from New York“. He told the story when he was in with us how that came about. That part was scheduled for our other late friend, Bruiser Brody. Ox and Brody tried out for it, and Brody was given the part.  Ox told me when he got back home from the movie try out, he received a call telling him to come to St. Louis for the start of the movie, he hadn’t heard about the tragedy that happened to Brody, when the producer told him what happened, Ox was in shock, he couldn’t believe what he was being told, he told me he asked the producer, you mean Brody is gone and you want me back in St. Louis for the movie, and the producer told him, the show goes on. That always bothered Ox. He stated he always tells people that was Brody’s part and that Ox was just a fill in.

What a guy.

Brody was responsible for me meeting Ox. I sometimes get asked why SICW brings these legends in.  This is one of those reasons, these guys paved the way for the business, they work long and hard to entertain us, I feel the least I can do is show how much the fans appreciate what they have done for the business. So for those that are concerned about why SICW brings the legends in, worry no more. As long as they’re able and we are able to do so, we will continue to show our appreciation. Some day, the young wrestlers who are busting their butts will be legends, and hopefully there will be someone that will want to pay respect to them as we are doing.

Two of the greats of all time, Mr. Ox Baker and Bruiser Brody.

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