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The 2011 PWI Rookie of the Year Ace Hawkins Regains the MMWA Jr. Championship; Shows his true colors

Posted by flairwhoooooo on February 18, 2014

 photo Ace_zpse01aa750.jpg

By Brian “Flair” Kelley

History was made at the Historic South Broadway Athletic Club when Ace Hawkins put up his 2013 MWR Sexiest Wrestling trophy for a chance to become the MMWA Jr. Heavyweight Champion. In a match that saw the two battle it out in a brutal NO DQ match. With vicious strikes from chairs , cookie sheets and kendo sticks, both Hawkins and  Andrew Wilder, had the fans were on edge throughout the furious ten minutes of action.

 photo Ace3_zps0fb03ad0.jpg

 photo Ace2_zps467ea977.jpg

The turning point came when Wilder attempted to use a hockey stick only to have Hawkins catch it and as the momentum had swung him around. That’s when Wilder struck down low and hit Hawkins with a low blow. Much to the surprise to the fans and Wilder , Hawkins was unharmed and showed the fans that he was wearing a cup, thus he was protected. Before Wilder knew what hit him, Hawkins hit him low with the hockey stick to become 2-time MMWA Jr. Champion and retain his MWR Sexiest Wrestler of 2013 trophy in front of 625 ecstatic fans.

 photo Ace5_zps7db15c52.jpg

Yet, the smiles and screams of the young girls and the respect of the men in attendance was about to come to a screeching halt. Surprisingly, Wilder offered his hand to show respect, possibly for the heart and skills that Hawkins had shown in their feud. You could tell that Hawkins was cautious in shaking the hand of his arch rival, but after an intense few seconds he obliged.

As the two drowned in the cheers of the fans with their hands rose in the air, it looked as if the end of the long feud was over for two of MMWA’s youngest stars. Or so we thought, as Wilder had his head turned from Hawkins, you could see in the eyes of the new MMWA Jr. Champion that a sinister presence was residing in him. Wilder turned to wave to the fans to thank them, Hawkins delivered a shot with the belt, leaving Wilder knocked out, while sending a message that there war was far from over.
 photo Ace4_zpsdee3a3a5.jpg

The fans looked on in shock, while the young girls were confused, as their favorite had suddenly done the unspeakable and showed a dark side that they have never seen in Ace Hawkins.

Early on in 2014 the weather has been freezing, but the devil has brought inferno inside of the current MMWA Jr. Champion Ace Hawkins.

 photo Ace6_zps8c2e6995.jpg

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