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SLA Profile Pierre Abernathy

Posted by flairwhoooooo on June 13, 2012


It’s all fun and games till someone gets hurt..The Submission Squad’s Pierre Abernathy has made waves from the Midwest to Texas-Photo Credit Brian Kelley

Name: Pierre Abernathy
DOB: 8/29/1983
Height: 6’2” Weight: 225 lbs
Hometown: St. Louis, Missouri
Trained By: Nick Tyson & Adam Raw
Pro Debut: 6/24/2003
ACW Debut: 6/17/2007 – “A Sexxxy Sunday Night”
Signature Moves: Tap Out Time (Crossface), European Full Nelson, Lariat
Finishing Moves: Culture Shock
ACW Titles: Tag Team Titles 11/16/08 – “Our Time to Shine 2008” with Evan Gelistico pinned former champions The Garza Brothers in a 4 way match which also included Team Smurf & Troubled Youth. Lost the titles later in that same show to the team of Jerry Lynn & Scot Summers

Young Guns U-30 Title 10/18/08 – “A Nightmare on Tenth Street” defeated former champion Robert Evans in a 4-way elimination match which also included Jaykus Plisken & Junior Garza

Tag Team Titles (2) 01/17/2010 – “Guilty by Association 4” – With Submission Squad partner Evan Gelistico, defeated former champions Jerry Lynn & Scot Summers

Other Titles Held: LWA Heavyweight Title, 2X LWA Medallion Holder, GCW Tag Title (w/ Evan Gelistico), Wreckingball Wrestling Tag Titles, LWA Tag Team Titles (w/ Evan Gelistico), LAW (Ark.) Tag Team Champion, PWP (IL) Tag Team Champion, PWO (TX) Tag Team Champion
Notable Feuds and Alliances: (In his own words)
Alliances: His group his friends his only family The Submission Squad

Feuds: Pierre has been in battles with many. These are the top feuds: Jordan Taylor (Over LWA President seat). The Bearded Men of Space Station 11 (a war that lasted 3 years over the way pro wrestling should be). Adam Raw (a feud over who should be the flag carrier over the LWA). Dorian Victor (battle over LWA medallions). Gary the Barn Owl (Before Gary joined the Squad these two men fought in 8 states over 5 years over many titles.) Jerry Lynn/Scott Summers ( Fought over ACW Tag Titles). Team Smurf (a feud that lasted 6 months over the ACW tag titles). Masada/Scott Summers ( A battle thats just begun)

Personal History: (In his own words) Pierre has won many titles in wrestling the first being LWA President. Pierre has worked in 15 states in the USA and even in Canada. Many people ask why the British name and no accent. The answer is Pierre (real name Paul) hates everything about the USA from its government to its wrestling fans. So much so he adapted a non-American name.
Quote: Its a motto Pierre has lived by since he was 12 years old “Death Before Dishonor”

Credit Texas Anarchy.com

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