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10 hot topics of the MWR coverage area!

Posted by flairwhoooooo on June 11, 2012

In no particular order here are ten stories that are heating up the Midwest in June of 2012. Some will be featured more in depth at MWR in the future or have already been brought to you. With the news coming in so fast it is so hard to keep up…..Talk about a great year!


St Louis Anarchy star Mat Fitchett- Photo Credit Brian Kelley

1)      Mat Fitchett- Midwest rising star Mat Fitchett will be out of action for 6-8 months.  Fitchett is one of men that are the future of pro wrestling in the Midwest. A man capable of becoming a MWR Wrestler of the Year and was only getting better with each match. We wish him a speedy recovery.


Brian Breaker on the left has been on smiles as a former WLW Champion in the past has battled and teamed with “The Prince of Pro Wrestling” Jason Jones. Catch him at his last show for WLW before he heads to WWE development. -Photo Credit Brian Kelley

2)      Dolph Ziggler to WLW for Make a Wish in Springfield, Missouri this Friday June 15, Brian Breaker heads to WWEth – One of the biggest stars in the world is on his way to support a wonderful cause in the Make a Wish program. Breaker is set to head to WWE after this night. The 2011 MWR Future Star of the Year has an awesome combo of size, power and skills taught to him from the 8-time NWA World Champion Harley Race.


Ricky Cruz took a bite out of the NWA title scene with a HUGE win over 4-Time NWA World Champion Adam Pearce. – Photo credit Brian Kelley

3)      Ricky Cruz defeats Ron Powers and 4-time former NWA World Champion Adam Pearce – The Puerto Rican star continues to earn the respect of Midwest fans as he was able to dethrone the CWC Champion Powers who had dominated the title at SICW. Then he followed that up at NWA Dynamo with a win against number one contender to Colt Cabana’s NWA World title Adam Pearce in Glen Carbon, Illinois. In Kansas City Cruz, Domino Rivera and Lucy Mendez are running on all cylinders. Could a feud with the MPW Champion Mark Sterling for the title be around the corner?


Mike Masters and Edmund McGuire will meet in a huge matchup at the end of the month as AAPW fans are shocked that Masters has returned.- Photo Credit Brian Kelley

4)      AAPW prepares for Summer Chaos on June 30th. – Huge appearance from Matt Cross and Gregory Irons plus the return on women’s wrestling as Serenity is to meet the Great Cheyenne but it’s the main event for the AAPW Championship that is garnering all the attention. After Mike Masters hit a fan in one of the most appalling moments in the MWR history, we thought Masters was gone forever…..That is until AAPW owner Sean Chambers told Chris Hagstrom that the main event would be Masters taking on AAPW Champion Edmund McGuire for the AAPW title.


Benjamin Sailer has Tyler Cook all twisted up. Now the “The Professional” is the 3XW Champion with all eyes on him- Photo Credit Brian Kelley

5)      Benjamin Sailer wins the 2012 3XW Gauntlet for the Gold and the vacated 3XWrestling Championship. – With the injury of Jeremy Wyatt causing a ripple effect around the Midwest and belts left vacated, 30 men went for the prized title in a “Royal Rumble” style match. Jaysin Strife looked to had it won before Sailer sneaked attacked him to throw him out of the ring and capture his first 3XW Heavyweight Championship.


6)      The Hooligans to meet NMW Tag Team Champions Attitude Inc. in August 25th at Blindside– Attitude Inc.’s Guy Smith and Michael Shard have dominated the NMW Tag Team titles while capturing a MWR Tag Team of the Year award. Their titles will be in jeopardy as The Hooligans Devin and Mason Cutter make their way to Springfield, Illinois for a match that everyone at MWR has been waiting for over a year.


Jimmy Rockwell sends “ALL THAT” Matt Murphy on a trip. The Ames Tribune covered 3XWrestling at the Boone Iowa fairgrounds during an exciting night of wrestling featuring the appearance of the WWE Hall of Famer the Million Dollar man.

7)      Matt Murphy to debut at SICW. – The first graduate of Harley Race Wrestling Academy, a former trainer, a bestselling author and a man who was involved in some very key moments at Metro Pro Wrestling in 2011 is about to call it done.  A great match against Jimmy Rockwell with Todd Countryman in his corner this past weekend leads into his debut match at SICW with legendary Larry Matysik calling the action against the monster Alexandre Rudolph this Saturday in East Carondelet, Illinois. Where Murphy goes the action heats up and Controversy follows….What kind of impact will All That Matt Murphy have planned for SICW?


The future of Stacey O’Brien could be in a haze after Friday night as the 5-time WLW Champion Miss Natural goes for the title for the 6th time.- Photo Credit Brian Kelley

8)      Stacey O’Brien to defend the WLW title against Miss Natural in the biggest women’s match in the history of MWR. – The 2-time and current MWR Female Wrestler of the Year currently holds onto the most prestigious women’s title in the MWR Coverage area the WLW Ladies Championship. On the flip side, many experts claim that if MWR was around in the past Miss Natural would be a multiple time MWR Female Wrestler of the Year. While Natural and MsChif are considered the elite of the female wrestling in the Midwest, O’Brien will look to cement her name along with these two.

Muhammad Ali had George Foreman, Superman had Lex Luthor, and with Miss Natural back O’Brien very well could have that opponent. Miss Natural goes for the WLW Ladies Championship for a record 6th time during the huge Make a Wish show this Friday.  Miss Natural only knows one way to wrestle and that’s balls to the wall, look for this match to be a sure classic. Stacey O’Brien vs. Miss Natural this Friday is a must see.


Alex Castle has been a rising star in singles action in 2012, his victory during the IWA 1UP tournament sent a message around the Midwest that he is for real. -Photo Credit Brian Kelley

9)      Alex Castle defeats  Matt Cage & Joey O’Riley to win the 1UP Tournament– Castle won the very first 1UP tournament showing the Midwest that he is much more than a tag team specialist. Castle beat Jimmy Karryt by submission in the first round, then pinned Gunner Franks to get to the finals. Castle one half of the 2011 MWR Tag Team of the Year, once again proved his doubters wrong by once again getting his hand raised.


The Latino Princess Lucy Mendez is on her way to Resistance Pro Wrestling. -Photo Credit Brian Kelley

10)   Lucy Mendez to debut for Resistance Pro Wrestling.- The former WLW Ladies Champion and the girl who has took Kansas City by storm at Metro Pro Wrestling will head to work with Smashing Pumpkins lead singer Billy Corgan’s red hot promotion. The Latino princess had a phenomenal year in 2011 and with this opportunity the Harley Race trained star will get a chance this Friday night to work towards making an impact there. Resistance Pro Wrestling is featured on WCIU’s U-TOO channel with their debut this past Sunday for that channel.



TCW comes to Joplin TV!- This exciting company has old school stars mixed with the best in the Midwest including Greg Anthony, MR Saturday Night Michael Barry, 5.0 Matt Riveria and many more.


NWA Central States Champion ACH- Photo Credit Brian Kelley

ACH wins the NWA Central States title– The star from Texas has had a great year in 2012. A huge star with St Louis Anarchy and Texas Anarchy, he came close to defeating The Belt Collector Jeremy Wyatt earlier this year in some really exciting contest. When Wyatt went down to injury a tournament was held, and in the finals was the former NWA Kansas Champion Tyler Cook and ACH going at it tooth and nail. In the end the crowd came to their feet as ACH won his first title at MPW.

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