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3XW fan Joe Mastin “The New Belt Collector” in the Midwest.

Posted by flairwhoooooo on April 17, 2012


3XW and Metro Pro Wrestling announcer Midnight Guthrie, Asteroid belts owner Eric Konecne, along with Joe and Hope Mastin and Wrestling star Ryan Slade pose with the autograph belt won along with autographs from the Iron Man competitors Mark Sterling and Jeremy Wyatt.

One wild night in Des Moines, Iowa leads to some dramatic weather of sorts in atmosphere. No, it didn’t rain inside the Forte Ballroom at All Play, but lightning did strike twice in the building. Here’s what happened, as described by one bystander on hand during the much hyped 3XW “Final Countdown 2” event, boasting the main event of 3XW champion “Iron Man” Mark Sterling putting the belt on the line against “The Rebel” Jeremy Wyatt in a rematch from their January 2011 blockbuster.

“Just before the Ironman main event, the lights went down and ring announcer Daryl Moon called for the “lucky ticket.” We will soon find out how lucky that ticket really was.”

No, not the record setting Mega Millions lottery ticket, but a raffle ticket drawn for the commemorative Ironman 2 title belt created by Asteroid Belt Company.

“The crowd was hushed and then it happened. Moon rattled off the numbers; a silence was broken when it happened, you know, the lightning striking twice.”


In January, Joe Mastin was lucky enough to have the lucky ticket to get an autograph belt from then 4-time NWA World Champion Adam Pearce and Jeremy Wyatt.

Sure enough, Joe Mastin let out a whoop and held up his ticket, claiming his 2nd belt raffle in a row! Many may remember Joe as the winner of the commemorative NWA-3XW title belt made by Asteroid Belt Company, marking the occasion of the NWA title match in January between then-NWA Champion “Scrap Iron” Adam Pearce and Jeremy Wyatt.

“And All Play’s Forte Ballroom will forever be the birthplace of the new Belt Collector, Joe Mastin.”

So the legend goes that sometime in the near future, another title belt could make its way to town and then the world will wait in a hush as a ticket is drawn and you can bet that all eyes will be upon the Belt Collector…

For your entire custom hobby title belt needs, check out Asteroid Belt Company at http://www.asteroidbelts.weebly.com/ or “like” them on Facebook. They make hobby belts, handcrafted and hand painted for all needs, be it fantasy football, gaming tournaments and more!



Perry Saturn Training Camp

April 28,2012

Eagles Club

616 4th Ave

Grinnell, IA

12 pm to 4 pm


Have you ever wanted to train with a WWE, WCW & ECW star?
On April 28th you will have your chance!
From 12 pm to 4 pm in Grinnell, Iowa you can train & gain knowledge from
Perry Saturn .
Cost is $40 per person for this camp.
Camp is open to beginners and ring veterans.
Includes the training camp and a ticket to 3XW Live ’12 in Grinnell.
If interested please e-mail us at training@3xwrestling.com
or reserve your spot now here.

Must be 18 years old or older.
Please arrive by noon to fill out the necessary paperwork and bring workout clothes and a clean pair of athletic shoes with you

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