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MWR Exclusive: Young wrestlers learn from the best at Magnum Pro Wrestling – Adam Pearce.

Posted by flairwhoooooo on April 11, 2012


By Brian Kelley

Though wrestling has changed throughout the years of Frank Gotch to Lou Thesz to Harley Race all the way to John Cena, but one constant has to be is proper training from the best in the sport. Earlier this year I was honored to be a special guest of Magnum Pro Wrestling as the then 4-time NWA Worlds Heavyweight champion Adam Pearce took the time to teach the next generation of wrestling hopefulls.

Pearce the night before had just defended the NWA Title in Des Moines, Iowa at 3XWrestling in a classic that looked as if “The Belt Collector” Jeremy Wyatt had become the new champion. On this day we were in Council Bluffs, Iowa Pearce was set to defend hisn title against “Babyface” Tony Cortez but first he was set to work with nine young wrestlers whom wisely took the time to learn from one of the premier wrestling minds in the game today in a seminar.

Pearce with over 15 years of experience in the ring has also been head booker of Ring of Honor while adding 4 NWA World titles to his resume. Each and every time I have seen Pearce in and out the ring, he has carried himself as a Champion. A man who can draw what fans call “HEAT” with the best I have ever seen. Considering that in today’s wrestling it is even harder to draw the fans in with that much emotion due to wrestling perceived to be sports entertainment that’s a HUGE compliment.

When I entered the building Pearce had already began the seminar with a few faces that the MWR fans may know such as the Beautiful Bodies Brian Gott and Derek Cornell who has captured gold in the coverage area. Let me say this, I don’t care how many matches you have had in the ring, for the small fee that Pearce and Magnum was offering this seminar, if you weren’t working a show that night then shame on you.




I say missed opportunities for you if there ever was one.

This look at the seminar is from a non- wrestler and wrestling columnist that could not teach you how to take a bump to save his life but  after being invited to cover over 200 plus shows in the Midwest over the last five years I have to say the first word in wrestling is ”safety” .





With the skill level of the nine men being so different from a beginner to two men who have been active in promotions around the Midwest Pearce would show that he is capable of working with several different levels of talent.

Pearce throughout the camp showed patience with the wrestlers as they made mistakes, when it was time to do a move Pearce asked each one of them if they felt comfortable doing what was asked. Pearce watched them do a lockup, have a mini match, and when needed   stopped the action to give his advice.

While I have been watching wrestling for 30 plus years it is amazing what the keen eye that Pearce had that I missed when watching the students in action. Soft spoken and caring Pearce not only watched but got in the ring to give hands on advice.

As the seminar came to a close, Pearce asked the students if they had any questions. Several were asked and answered by the Champion when one student Pete Sakaris, who has been a friend of MWR since its inception and has also been a ring announcer for Magnum Pro Wrestling asked Pearce about doing proper promos.

After a hard day of working on the basics and some very important information on how to keep the fans involved during the matches, the fun was about to begin. Pearce is the type of wrestler that could talk the fans to the matches. It is amazing how good his promo skills truly are. With that Pearce stated that for them to succeed that they would need to not only wrestle but have charisma. The remaining moments he challenged the wrestlers to shoot promos on each other.

If this would have been American Idol, Pete Sakaris would have been this years winner, with Magnum Pro Wrestling’s and Adam Pearce’s approval I am going to share 3 videos of Pete. The first two is Pete challenging Pearce himself and the third was one that I will never forget, Pearce challenging Pete to shoot on the whole room including the champ himself Pearce , Jaysin Strife and even MWR.


After the shoot promos of Pete, Pearce was all smiles.

At the end of the day I spoke to each of the trainiees who took part in the Adam Pearce seminar and each and every one of them stated the experience was well worth the time and money.

My advice to any wrestler in the Midwest when one of the best wrestlers in the area is giving a seminar, don’t be shy, don’t miss the chance to improve your skills.

Your fans will thank you for it.


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