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Matt Murphy challenges for the NWA World Championship on April 7th at Metro Pro Wrestling.

Posted by flairwhoooooo on March 31, 2012


Photo Credit Brian Kelley

Matt Murphy is the first graduate of and former lead instructor at eight-time NWA World Champion and WWE Hall of Fame inductee Harley Race’s Wrestling Academy.

His talents have earned him the rare opportunity to wrestle in Japan for Pro Wrestling Noah and make appearances on WWE TV. He has held titles around the Midwest, and been in the ring with a who’s who of wrestling greats.

When an auto accident sidelined him in what looked to be the end of his career, Murphy’s talent would be focused towards producing his Amazon bestselling autobiography The Somebody Obsession: A Nobody’s Desperate Journey to Stardom.

With the love of the business still in his heart Murphy was destined to return to the ring. This time it was not as a wrestler but as commissioner for the upstart wrestling promotion Metro Pro Wrestling. Metro Pro Wrestling promoter Chris Gough a graduate of MU and a former employee of WWE, saw quickly the great mind that Murphy had and quickly put Murphy in charge.

As the year progressed, that decision on Gough would come to bite him as Murphy’s ego would get the best of him. During some of the key moments of Metro Pro Wrestling in 2011, the commissioner seemed to have himself involved. In August, Murphy would shock the MPW fans as he cost Michael Strider the MPW title when he nailed his former friend with a chair thus giving  Derek Stone the easy pin.

If that wasn’t enough, Murphy would be the center of attention as the NWA Worlds Champion Adam Pearce defended his prestigious title against Strider.


The dream of becoming a NWA World Champion looked to have become true as Strider had hit his patented Strider Spiral -Photo credit Brian Kelley

It looked as if history had been made, Strider had pinned the Champion of the World after nailing a Strider spiral, the ten pounds of gold was around his waist, the local legend Michael Strider celebrated with his father who was at ringside that night, the fans had erupted and the internet was a buzz that Strider a mans man had become “The Man”……..But

Murphy, still the commissioner demanded that the match be started due to Pearce’s feet being on the ropes. Murphy taunted Strider with the words “Do you want to be a man or win the belt like that?”. With the fans chanting “keep the belt keep the belt” , Strider unwisely let the ref restart the match and moments later Pearce was the one that had used the feet on the ropes to retain the title and celebrate with Murphy before running back home to California.


Not too long ago Murphy assisted the NWA World Champion Adam Pearce to retain the NWA Worlds champion. Now it is Murphy who will be looking to bring the belt back to its home in the Midwest against his former friend Pearce.-Photo credit Brian Kelley

The end of the year would be a life changer for Murphy as 2011 ended with a bang, literally. Michael Strider ended war with the Strider Spiral followed by a sick chair shot, which blasted him on top of the head hard enough to leave a half-dollar-sized bruise on his spine.

Murphy would go on to say after the match that he “ was sore as hell for a couple weeks, but any questions I had as to whether my neck could withstand the rigors of pro wrestling were answered when I healed just fine.”

That match and the holidays marked a new era for the man who started his career as a beloved fan favorite, as in 2012 he vowed to make amends to his fans and his friends fellow wrestlers the Brotherhood of Trevor Murdock and Bull Schmitt. As of to date that question that the Brotherhood trust him, has yet to be answered.

Yet, at the last Metro Pro Wrestling, Matt Murphy was able to capture one of the biggest wins in his career when he surprisingly defeated the much heralded 5.0 Matt Riviera. Though Riviera may in fact have 5 million dollars to his name and is among the top wrestlers for this year’s Cauliflower Alley Club Future Legend award, it still wasn’t enough to overcome Murphy’s wrestling expertise.


Matt Murphy was on fire in March as he upset 5.0 Matt Riviera in his debut for MPW -Photo credit Brian Kelley

Wrestling expert, Jonathan Metz was impressed but not overly surprised with this huge win for Murphy. Metz stated “Murphy has long been considered one of the top stars in the Midwest, with wrestling magazines touting him to make an impact with stars such as CM Punk before the car accident. Now with almost a full year of training and his endurance improving with each passing day, he could very well be one to watch in 2012. Murphy is smart enough to know the history and honor it is to not only receive an opportunity for the NWA World title but to actually win the same title that his teacher Harley Race once owned, It could be one of the greatest comebacks in modern wrestling for a man who not to long ago was seen as a man who was marked under , what could have been.”

In less than two weeks , Matt Murphy will look across the ring to see the man who he helped retain the NWA World Championship last fall against Michael Strider.

Will the Metro Fans witness a magical moment in the making? How does former MPW Champion Michael Strider feel about this?

The night before in St Louis Pearce meets Kahagas for the NWA World title, will it be Murphy vs. Kahagas instead?

If Pearce the most active NWA World Champion in recent memory is able to survive the Tokyo Monster Kahagas, is he prime pickings for Murphy?

The very next day in California for NWA Hollywood, Pearce is scheduled to defend the title against Colt Cabana, will NWA Hollywood have to rush to get the airfare ready for Murphy to defend against “BOOM BOOM” Colt Cabana.

There are many scenarios in this equation during the second week of April for the NWA World title. If you are one to say that because Pearce has a match set with Cabana then there is no way that Pearce is going to lose then all you have to do is look back at the NWA history to see Flair defeating Dusty Rhodes in Kansas City therefore changing the title picture completely and setting up Flair and Race instead of Rhodes and Race.

Buy your tickets now, you may never know what will happen.



Doors open at 6 p.m., and bell time is 7 p.m.

Appearing in action on April 7, 2012, inside Turner Rec Center in Kansas City, KS:

– Former TNA Knockouts Santana G and Christina Von Eerie
– “Tokyo Monster” Kahagas
– Metro Pro Title Match: Jeremy Wyatt (c) vs. Michael Strider
– Dingo vs. “The Danimal” Dan Walsh

Check out their website here to buy tickets

One Response to “Matt Murphy challenges for the NWA World Championship on April 7th at Metro Pro Wrestling.”

  1. Herb Simmons said

    Brian, good to see Matt back in the ring. I read his book and was ok, not what I I thought it was going to be but on a scale to 1-10 I gave it a five. May be he will score a higher rating if he is sucessful in the ring in April. I wish in well but it appears he may be bitting of more than he can chew.

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