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MWR Artist Icon meets the Warrior and rising female star December .

Posted by flairwhoooooo on March 28, 2012

This past weekend, my good friend ICON who is internationally known for his artwork, The Gods of Thunder, which features 355 Wrestling legends called me to tell me that he was to meet the former WWF (E) Champion the Ultimate Warrior in Chicago. The painting took over three years to be finished and has earned rave reviews around the world.

The artwork has been featured in the WWE 2011 January magazine and ICON has been active it trying to get each and every living wrestling star to sign the poster.


The last I saw ICON he and I was a special guest of Bob Geigel and his wife Vera at his home. The last time I had been to Mr Geigel’s home we presented him with the 2011 MWR Lifetime Achievement Award. When Icon asked me if I would be willing to introduce him to the former NWA President, I made the call and we were invited once again to see one of my childhood heroes.

Once again, the Geigel family welcomed us to his home and Icon was able to take the tour of his wonderful basement full of memories. I asked him if the next time we came if we could tape him as he gave us the tour so that you the MWR fans can get a feel of what a wonderful experience listening to Mr. Geigel tell stories of his family, wrestling and meeting the stars in Hollywood.

Afterwards Icon was able to have Mr. Geigel sign his poster along with the other wrestling greats and even gave the couple their own Gods of Thunder artwork.

So as ICON headed to Chicago to meet the one and only Warrior, I traveled to STL to cover IHW and the return of Brandon Aarons.


When I got back home , Icon was more than thrilled with the friendliness and excitement that the Warrior showed as he saw the painting The Gods of Thunder. Here we have a photo of the Warrior signing the poster as the fans flocked from around the Midwest to meet the Warrior.

Icon stated that the Warrior “was thrilled to meet the fans and stayed overtime to meet his fans. The Warrior not only signed what was asked of him but also took the time to meet the fans and carry on the conversations. He was totally positive, looked in great shape and was a treat to the fans.”


Icon was also able to catch up with a female wrestler that I have been wanting to make her way to the MWR Coverage area for some time in the female wrestler December.

ICON is currently doing an exclusive artwork for an MWR Trading card, and in the near future look for his exclusive MWR Wrestling Fantasy Warfare art in the  2011 MWR Yearbook.

While in line Icon has a fan recite’s Famous Wrestler’s Lines At The PCW Event

One Response to “MWR Artist Icon meets the Warrior and rising female star December .”

  1. Good Coverage, Brian

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