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MWR Exclusive interview with Brandon Aarons : Down but not out, Aarons continues his dream to be the best in the Midwest.

Posted by flairwhoooooo on March 22, 2012


Interview by Brian Kelley

Brian: Brandon, on March 24th, 2012 in Red Bud, Illinois you make your return to Professional Wrestling after being away from the ring for 11 months, at the Independent Hardcore Wrestling Event. What exactly caused you to take such a long break in the first place after being on verge of having your “break out” year?


Brandon: Well Brian, I do not recall an exact incident that would have caused my problem but back in march of last year I started having nerve problems that went through both my right and left arms. I saw about 6 different doctors and they determined after numerous x-rays, MRI’s, and a ton of other tests that I had 1 of 2 problems. Problem #1 was that there was a cist full of fluid lining the inside of my spine. They told me that the cyst could burst at any time and if it did burst it would paralyze me momentarily and could cause permanent damage to my entire body. The only other thing that could think of was that I had a muscle deficiency so to rule that out I had a muscle biopsy done in September where they went in and cut a section of my thigh muscle out of my leg. Luckily the test results ruled that problem out but now I have a nice scar on my left leg for the rest of my life. Since that test came back fine they diagnosed me with the cyst in my spine. I was on bed rest the entire summer, I couldn’t workout, I had an IV in my 3 times a week feeding me vitamins and medicine to help with the problems the cyst was causing and also to help shrink the cyst. In the end the constant medication and rehab from my doctors paid off.


Brandon Aarons was one of the hottest wrestlers in the Midwest prior to his injury. Battles with the likes of Tyler Black, Eric Allen and Cameron Cage took its toll on the young star.

Brian: So right now your 100% healed up and ready to return to wrestling full time?

Brandon: Yes. After the biopsy I rehabbed my leg for 3 months and right around the time I was able to walk and jog comfortably on it I got cleared by my doctors to go ahead go back to living my life again. My nerve problems had stopped completely by the end of October and they said the cyst was not an issue anymore. Physically I feel amazing, I have progressed tremendously in the gym, and I have been training down at the south broadway athletic club weekly and have had no signs of previously problems.


The girls of the Midwest quickly flocked to the show to see the young stars good looks and electrifying skills in the ring.

Brian: Now that you have healed up and your back in the ring, What goals do you plan on Accomplishing the year?

Brandon: Right now I feel like I have something to prove. A lot of guys take time off or disappear for a period of time and then they just come back out of the blue and they are the same as before or a shadow of what they once were in the ring. I don’t want to be that guy. I don’t want to come back and be the same as before, I want to be better. I’m a dreamer Brian, I think big, I dream big. There is so much I want to accomplish in this business. I want to be the best. To be the best you have to be able to go toe to toe with the best. My goal for this year is to prove to everyone that I can do that. I know that if you put me in the ring with guys like Mark Sterling or Jeremy Wyatt that I may not be victorious but I can assure you I will give my all and push myself above and beyond what anyone has seen before from Brandon Aarons.

Brian: On that note, who do you consider to be the best right now?

Brandon: The one positive thing about being out for a year is that I had the chance to sit back and watch what everyone else was doing. To me, right now the best in this area are few and far between. Mark Sterling, Jeremy Wyatt, Brandon Espinosa, Davey Vega and Mike Sydal. These guys are wrestling the best Wrestlers in the country on a weekly basis, they are traveling, they are busting their asses non stop. These are the guys im gunning for. These are the guys I want to beat, these are the guys I want to be better than. Each of these guys have given me something that has helped me along the way in my journey so far, but my journey in this business has not even scratched the surface yet.

Brian: What companies are you currently looking to work for? 2 companies you have yet to work for are the last 2 MWR Promotions of the year in 3XW and Metro Pro Wrestling. Any interest in working with these companies in the near future?


Arch rival Eric Allen and Aarons has been a feud that the fans have enjoyed in the past, though each man has felt it for week afterwards. This weekend the two rivals will meet again.

Brandon: Right now I am booked for Independent Hardcore Wrestling, Pro Wrestling Epic, Metro East Pro Wrestling, Pro Wrestling Prestige, and have been contacted by various other companies. I am always looking for new companies to work for and new places to make an impact, I have seen both products (3XW, Metro Pro) online before and I know that they have tremendous rosters. I would definitely be interested in working for those companies.



Brian: Brandon I think I can speak for anyone who has seen you in the ring in that we are thrilled to have you returning to the MWR Coverage area and to Pro Wrestling in general. Where can fans, wrestlers, and promoters get a hold of you and find more information on Brandon Aarons?

Brandon: The best ways to contact me are email at brandonaarons@yahoo.com or I also have a Brandon Aarons facebook page that you can message me on.

Brian: Brandon Aarons thank you so much for your time. It’s always a pleasure seeing you in the ring and I’m sure we are all looking forward to seeing you back wrestling full time and back entertaining all of us once again.

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