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10 Questions for the Midwest Sweetheart Santana G.

Posted by flairwhoooooo on March 19, 2012


Photos courtesy of Santana G’s facebook

Brian Kelley 1) Missouri Wrestling Revival has been on hand from the start to see your first match but for the new fans, please let them know where you got your training?


Santana G trained under one of the very best in the past thirty years in St. Louis at Dynamo Gym under Dingo. Dingo has thrilled fans at SLA and Metro Pro Wrestling this past year. Here at Metro Pro Wrestling Dingo goes full tilt against Dan Walsh (Photo Credit Brian Kelley)

Santana G -My training started in St Louis, Mo at Dynamo Gym-there I trained under Dingo for a few months until I moved back to Florida where I started training and currently train in Orlando at the Team Vision Dojo under Chasyn Rance, Larry Zbyszko, and Scott Hall

2) You’re father TNT Keny G was also a wrestler who was trained by Dory Funk Jr. and is currently the promoter for High Voltage Wrestling. What are some of your favorite memories growing up around the sport in Florida?

Santana G -Looking back, my favorite memory is just spending time with one another, wrestling was one of many of our common interests and made our father-daughter relationship that much stronger.

I also remember when I was younger my mother used to send me to school in these fancy/fluffy dresses, and when I was with my dad, he let me wear what ever I wanted. This usually consisted of my Stone Cold Steve Austin t-shirt with jeans. To this day I am still the girliest tomb boy you’ll ever meet.


Santana G has always been a sweet girl that has shown respect to her fans and love for her family. Here she poses with her brother LIL Keny. (Photo Mike Van Hoogstraat)

3) What kind of advice has your father given you that has helped you at this stage of your career?

Santana G -Those who know my father knows he always has something to say. Therefore, over the years he has given a lot of great advice which has molded me into the girl I am today. One thing is to never change for someone else. Another is to not do anything that I may regret. I have this rule, when it comes to wrestling, I do not anything that I wouldn’t be comfortable doing in front of my father or my little brothers.


Santana G’s dad HVW promoter TNT Keny G did not take it easy on his daughter early on in her career as she was sent to the wolves when she took on the best women’s wrestler in the world MsChif in a early matchup. Though Santana was overmatched, she would earn the respect of the queen of the green mist for her never give up attitude and heart.

4) You have since moved to Florida, to continue your training. Who has been the most helpful in molding you into the star that you are today.

Santana G -Prior to moving back to Fl, I had minimal training. So when I got here I needed a place to train, I checked out Dory’s school and a few others, but I ended up meeting Chasyn at a show and he offered to me, an opportunity to train at his school. For the past two years, he has helped me stay on track with juggling my bookings, work, and maintaining a healthy body and mind. Not only has he been an amazing trainer, but also my best friend.


Santana G with former WWE/TNA star Orlando Jordan. (Photos courtesy of Santana G’s facebook)

5) For a short time you were brought in with Orlando Jordan on SPIKE TV for TNA as a valet. Describe that experience for the fans.

Santana G -During my time there, I met many different wrestlers who have seen the ins and outs of this business and we’re willing to offer advice and answer any questions I may have as an up and comer. It was a good way to get my foot in the door and just a great opportunity.


The 2010 MWR Female wrestler of the year Amy Hennig was able to keep Santana G from the WLW Women’s title. The Midwest sweetheart feels that if that match was to happen today she would hold onto Harley Race’s Women’s title. Today she would have to go through current WLW Ladies champion Stacey O’Brien. A rematch MWR has been waiting for since last spring. (Photo credit Bill Smith)

6) Since then you have returned to the Midwest on a few occasions, notably for Harley Race’s World League Wrestling challenging then champion Amy Hennig for the title. Did the 8-time NWA World Champion Harley Race give you any feedback on your matches and looking back at the title match, how would you of went about getting the title off of her now?


Stacey O’Brien is considered to be the best in the MWR coverage area not named MsChif, many experts believe that Santana G has the beauty and talent in the ring and is on the verge of stardom in the sport for years to come. Will these two paths cross at either Dynamo or Metro when the Midwest sweetheart returns ? (Photo Credit Brian Kelley)

Santana G -Harley was great! After my match w/ Amy I sat next to him at the merch table. He said to me, I knew you could actually work from the very first shoulder tackle -it only took one bump and he had already formed a positive opinion. It was quite an honor. As for getting the title off Amy, at that time I still had a lot to learn, it was very early on in my career. If given the opportunity again, I strongly believe the outcome would be much different.


Santana will be a part of one of the biggest cards in Florida, not named Wrestlemania when Adam Pearce, James Cornette, Chance Prophet vs Kahagas and Santana G and Chasyn Rance vs former TNA STARS Jessie Neal and Christina Von Eerie with special ref Sunny.

7) You are active wrestling in Florida, how many shows a month do you wrestle and for what promotions.

Santana G -Pretty much my life consists of working, driving, and wrestling. I am always so busy, but loving every minute of it. I average anywhere from 4 to 10 matches per month.

I work for many different promotions in Florida which includes: NWA Ring Warriors, I Believe In Wrestling, Coastal Championship Wrestling, Slammin Ladies, Pro Wrestling Xtreme, United States Championship Wrestling, United States Wrestling Alliance, and many more.

8) You have matched up against many of the best females in Florida. Take the time to tell the fans just who are among the top challengers and why.

Santana G -There are many tough female competitors here in Florida, some of which I have faced are Jessika Haze, Becky Bayless, Angel Rose, Leva, Su Young, Jessie Belle Smother, Rain, Kimberly, Jamie D, Rosie Lotta Love, and Calypso. I’d have to say out of all of them my top challenger remains to be Christina Von Eerie. She is extremely tough and has a bad girl attitude which in many cases has caused her to come up short in her matches.


Photos courtesy of Santana G’s facebook

9) Scott Hall had mentioned that you become the first female WOLF PACK member, that’s quite an honor. We know that he has kept an eye on your training at times, what have you taken from the former N.WO member?

Santana G -Scott has been a great mentor, taking me under his wing and giving me the titles, “The She Wolf, The Fastest Rising Female Star, and The First Female Member of The Wolf Pack” which indeed has been an honor. He has helped me develop not only as a wrestler, but an entertainer. If you ever get a chance, youtube Last Call with Scott Hall and watch him critique a match. He has a brilliant mind.

10) MWR fans are thrilled that you are finally returning back to the Midwest in April. It wont be easy though as you will meet one of your arch rivals and former TNA Star Christina Von Eerie on two separate nights, first in Glen Carbon, Illinois for NWA Dynamo on April 6th, then on April 7th for the 2011 MWR Promotion of the Year Metro Pro Wrestling. Explain the background of the two of you as this is a war that has been ongoing and is about to explode in the Midwest.

Santana G -When it comes down to it, CVE and myself are considered the top 2 female wrestlers in Florida. We both train hard to better ourselves in this sport and we have both proven why we are the best.


Can Christina Von Eerie ruin Santana G’s homecoming?

Her and I have had many matches this past year, and with each match our feud only escalades, as we are both trying to prove who really is the best. We have shown the fans in Florida what we are all about and now we are taking it to the MidWest, my second home.



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