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Missouri Wrestling Revival Christmas Wish list of 2011.

Posted by flairwhoooooo on December 19, 2011

Missouri Wrestling Revival Christmas Wish list of 2011.

(Please note that none of the MWR Promotions are in no way involved in this, so we cannot guarantee that they will happen or they approve what is said during the promos.) Please note the Hooligans and M Knuckles  is rated pg-13

As the year comes to a close everyone at MWR has set down to take a look at matches that we would like to see happen in the year 2012. These are matches that have not been done before, though they may have met prior during tag team matches, battle royals and other special circumstances.

We were able to catch up to some of the wrestlers to get their thoughts on matches that we had chosen.
Let’s take a look at the matches that we have chosen for our annual Christmas wish list.

First off is a match that we here at MWR have been asking for the past two years.

Jeremy Wyatt vs. Ryan Phoenix.

Out of the promotions in the MWR coverage area, New Midwest and MECW are the only two that Wyatt has not competed in. Wyatt a former MWR Wrestler of the Year and three time Participate in the MWR Matches of the year with Michael Strider, Tyler Cook and Tyler Black respectfully.

This could be a chance to see if the man who has earned the name “The Belt Collector” could add the New Midwest Wrestling Championship to his title.

Ryan Phoenix is more than up for the challenge of “The Rebel” Wyatt. In 2011, Phoenix was the man to end the domination of Jonathan Magnus and take his New Midwest Wrestling Championship. Phoenix has defended the title against Christian Rose, The Business Man” Bobby Houston, Michael Shard and proved that his win against Magnus was no fluke when he beat him in a first blood match.

With proper promotion Wyatt vs. Phoenix could be a match of the year in 2012, and well worth the price of admission.

MWR Prediction – Jeremy Wyatt – This could be the best match in the history of NMW, as Phoenix will not go down without fight and has shown that he can take on all types of wrestlers from the power men to the high risk wrestlers. With that said, there is no wrestler in the Midwest that is as methodical as Wyatt who would seek the weakness of Phoenix (Or create one) to capture the NMW Title.

Matt Murphy vs. Gary Jackson.



Matt Murphy is an accomplished wrestlers but will get dirty to get a victory, here is sneaks attacks Michael Strider. (Photo Credit Brian Kelley)

When many think of St Louis wrestling for the past twenty years, one mans name is always brought up. That name is Gary Jackson, who is awesome on the microphone but even better in the ring. Though age has crept up on the wily veteran, you would never know it because all he does is continuing to win. Jackson has captured almost every title that he has been after. Jackson has  made appearances for WWE and WCW during his career. Today he is still a huge draw in  ST Louis and a key player in SICW.’Promoters Herb Simmons and legendary Wrestling at the Chase announcer Larry Matysik count on Jackson to keep going at full speed as they try to keep CCW Champion Ron Powers from taking over the company.

Matt Murphy is a man of many talents, the very first Harley Race World League Wrestling Academy graduate. He has wrestled all around the country, participated of tours in Japan for Pro Wrestling Noah, and been featured on WWE TV. Then one bad night and a bad decision led to a car wreck that would put him out of action. Since the injury he has been a trainer for Harley Race then followed that up as an author of 3 bestselling autobiographies and books including last years “The Somebody Obsession: A Nobody’s Desperate Journey to Stardom”. Murphy’s wrestling knowledge caught the attention of Metro Pro Wrestling who hired him to be the METRO Commissioner. Murphy started out fine in this role, but the EGO of Murphy’s is such that being the commissioner was not enough. Fans were shocked,  and to be possibly honest it could have been  the biggest story of the year was that Murphy would return to in ring action after eight years and nine months from the ring . During the final end of the year of the Metro Pro Wrestling show he found himself face to face with Michael Strider in a killer match that fans are still talking about today.

MWR Prediction- Matt Murphy– While Jackson plays with three rules, that I will let him tell you himself here.

Murphy as we said is  EGO driven, and that is putting it lightly. During the Metro Pro Wrestling broadcast, ,Murphy time and time again,  got on the mic to talk about how great he is. For any fan that had forgotten who Matt Murphy was his twenty minutes plus promos inside the ring quickly reminded them much to their dismay. The problem with some great wrestlers  is they know it, and they will let forget it. With fans in an uproar during his bragging, Murphy was all smiles.

Murphy would cherish the fact to be back on TV this time in St Louis  for SICW Wrestling Explosion in front of a new audience to shower him with attention. Add on the fact that one MWR insider claims that Murphy has animosity towards fellow writer Larry Matysik, due to all the hype and love he has received for his books, Brody, Drawing Heat the Hardway and Wrestling at the Chase, he would love nothing more than to have Matysik watch as he shows him why he is “ALL THAT” Matt Murphy.

That leads us to the match. Murphy is always one step ahead of most men and in this situation he would seek out the locker room to find Ron Powers. Powers has the pull as the current champion and some cronies in Sean Vincent and The Big Texan that would assist him to cause havoc in SICW. With Ricky Cruz red hot and looking stronger than ever, giving SICW hope, a team up of Murphy and Powers could benefit both of them, so Murphy could get the win over Jackson and allow Powers to maintain the dominance that he showed in 2011 at SICW.

The Hooligans vs. The Heroes for Hire.

Next up is tag team action as the former MWR Tag Team of the year The Hooligans taking on The Heroes for Hire.

Both of these teams are up for the 2011 MWR Tag Team of the Year. The Hooligans was ranked the number one tag team during the MWR years and no team works together as much as the brothers Devin and Mason Cutter. They are the current PWE Tag Champs.

On the other side is the rising tag team of H4H, Jimmy Rockwell and Zach Thompson. This popular tag team currently has been making waves at Metro Pro Wrestling, Pro Wrestling Phoenix and Dynamo Pro Wrestling. Their popularity and skills allowed them to capture the NWA Midwest Tag Team Titles.

MWR Prediction- The Heroes for Hire– If this match would of happened January 2011, the Hooligans would have rolled past the Heroes but after a year of being together Rockwell and Thompson,they have proven that they can wrestle as one with high impact Wrestling and the speed they possess could catch the Hooligans off guard.

Ron Powers vs. Michael Strider.

Fans of powerful men will have to look no further that Ron Powers and Michael Strider go at it. Both of these men have drunk from the fountain of youth in 2011 as they have been a force in their respected companies.

At SICW, Powers has had a stranglehold on the CCW Championship since he won it from his former friend Danny Boy Hawkins in a low life sneak attack.

Strider has been front and center at Metro Pro Wrestling, being a major reason why wrestling in Kansas City is cool again. Recently, Strider went toe to toe with the NWA World Champion Adam Pearce and looked to have had the NWA Championship if it would not have been for Metro Commissioner Matt Murphy making the ref restart the match because supposedly Pearce had his feet on the ropes.

Though they are getting older, there are no signs of these two slowing down anytime soon.

If MWR would have been around 15 years ago there is no doubt that he would be involved in matches of the year. If Powers and Strider would have been around during the territory days, each of these men would have been Champions around world. Both are great wrestlers who know how to use their strength to their advantage, they are great on interviews, has charisma and the work ethic to be stars worldwide.

Strider has shown that he can handle dangerous powerful men in the likes of Derek Stone and even weasels like “All Tap” I mean “All That” Matt Murphy. On the other side of the state Powers has shown that he would do whatever it takes to win in 2011 and if Ricky Cruz is unable to stop him in 2012; it looks as if the most ruthless man in St Louis makes his home at SICW.

MWR Prediction –Ron Powers– No wrestler in the Midwest is more responsible that Michael Strider and Derek Stone. With that statement it saddens me that after witnessing the horror that Powers brings to the ring, he has the edge.  These two are as even as it gets but with the domination of Powers in 2011 he gets the edge, but he never had to face the likes of Derek Stone, Adam Pearce, and Matt Murphy.

Mickie Knuckles vs. Stacey O’Brien.


While she has been on top of the game in 2011, Stacey O’Brien is in a giving mood to her fans in this photo. We are sure that the Walking episode of Cops Mickie Knuckles would not be amused.

The first ever MWR Female wrestler of the Year, Stacey O’Brien has come back better than ever from an injury that has kept her out of action for over a year. In 2011, she has been feuding with Lucy Mendez and Miss Natural at Metro Pro Wrestling as the three women has not only spiked the ratings for the show but providing some entertaining matches. This fall she once again captured the WLW Women’s title and was able to defeat Santana G in her homecoming. When Madison Rayne, was unable to appear at a MMWA-SICW show she defeated male wrestler Jimmy D.

Do I even have to mention the credentials of Mickie Knuckles? A former TNA knockout, is mainly known for her hardcore matches but anyone that thinks that she can’t wrestle, there sadly mistaken. Mickie is not your normal WWE Diva or even Knockout wrestler, she is all business and brings her “A” game at every matches. Knuckles nicknamed the “Queen of the Deathmatch” , has made a name of herself sending fear in the men during the inter-gender matches.

MWR- Prediction –Stacey O’Brien– Stacey is among the very best in the in this area, but Knuckles is a bona fide mean b&**.  O’Brien would have to  show true heart and guts in this matchup with Knuckles. O’Brien in the end would be accomplishing two goals, sending a message to the wrestling world around the country that the Catholic Schoolgirl Stacey O’Brien is back and to let Knuckles knows that in 2012, there is another bona fide bad ass in the female division .

Mark Sterling vs. Edmund Livewire McGuire.


The AAPW Champion is one of the most popular wrestlers in the Midwest. (Photo Credit Brian Kelley)

The next match pits the Worlds fittest wrestler Mark Sterling taking on one of most popular wrestlers in the Midwest and current AAPW Champion McGuire. Sterling is also a former MWR Wrestler of the Year and has only improved his skills training with Harley Race, ROH, OVW and wrestling every weekend against the very best. The fans know that his markshooter is a feared move that has led to Sterling winning match after match.

Edmund Livewire McGuire has the fans behind him for sure. His heart and dedication has kept him among the top of AAPW throughout the MWR Years. McGuire feeds off the fans support along with a heart that never quits. A student of the game, McGuire is able to fly or work his opponent on the mat.

MWR Prediction- Mark Sterling – Sterling is not only among the best in the Midwest, but quite possibly the best kept secret in wrestling today. Edmund has been tested before and survived but Sterling has added muscle mass along with proper conditioning that helped him win the now classic 60 minute match would also give him the edge on the fan favorite McGuire.

Brian Breaker vs. Brian Ash.


Former 3XWrestling Champion Brian Ash. (Photo Credit Brian Kelley)


Brian Breaker powerslam Jack Gamble but a match with Ash would test his will to win.(Photo Credit Brian Kelley)

These two bring the size and training from Harley Race’s World League Wrestling. Recently Ash was the 3XW Champion and a dominating one at that until Jeremy Wyatt defeated him for the belt. Still there are very few that push their weight around like Ash. Ruthless and mean he would not hesitate to do whatever it takes to win the match.

Breaker is a lot younger, and brings to the table the same amount of power to his game. The current WLW Champion is going to be a force to come for many years in the sport. His talents has already caught the eyes of Pro Wrestling Noah and WWE.

MWR Prediction – Brian Breaker– Ash has just came off a great run as champion of 3XW. He has the experience and skills to get in the heads of young stars like Breaker early on in the match. The problem for Ash is that Breaker’s recent tour of Japan with Trevor Murdock put Breaker in the spotlight outside of the country. He was impressive while the  the spotlight was on him  in Noah against some of the best that country has. Ash and Breaker would be like two bulls in a china cabinet, but our money is on  Breaker to get the win.

Mizfitt Manners with Myranda vs. Dan the Man with Miss Mayday.



Dan the Man with Miss Mayday (Photo Credit Brian Kelley)

It’s not Batman vs. the Joker or Spiderman vs. the Green Goblin. It’s DTM against Mizfitt Manners.

In the Midwest the most loved superhero is DTM otherwise known as Dan the Man. Of Course, ever superhero needs a sidekick and DTM’S trusted one is Miss Mayday. The two have been busy in 2011 trying to keep the bad guys like Jonathan Magnus, Tom Arson and “The Dodge Ball Superstar” Tyler Priegel from taking over NMW.

On the other side, of the state is the bad guy who has been led by the evil Myranda from the very start. She would introduce him to the government experiment Agent Red aka street name “Mizfitt Madness” with each exposure to the substance Mizfitt would gain major strength, energy, rapid hair growth of what is known as a party hawk, his upper half of his facial skin began changing in color with pattern, ramblings of space, time and other strange things became frequent, Mizfitt Manners would use these “side effects” to win multiple championships.

Good vs. Evil who will prevail in the end?

MWR Prediction- Mizfitt Manners – With the heinous Myranda at his Side Mizfitt has been able to cause havoc wherever he has gone, whereas earlier this year Tom Arson was able to separate DTM and Miss Mayday for several months. Can DTM and Miss Mayday recover from that loss to handle the treachery of the evil duo of Mizfitt Manners and Myranda.

American Bulldogs vs. The Kentucky Buffett.


The Kentucky Buffett (Photo Credit Brian Kelley)

Tag teams that stay together in the Midwest are rare and though the KYB has had their bumps in the road they have to be considered one of the top teams today. Meanwhile even though the American Bulldogs are new ,they have the experience in one Maddog McDowell who has been with multiple tag team partners to capture titles with.

There have been those who had their doubts in the talents of Alex Castle prior to 2011. No more. Castle has shown that he is among the top young stars. Cage who has always been able to cause chaos with his mouth, has now went out and improved his game and hit the gym and is one of the men considered for 2011 MWR Future Star Award. As a team they have been making waves all year long and has a popular youtube show called “All You can eat”

On the other side of the ring is a young star many know little about, Jon West. McDowell has taken West under his wing this year while feuding with the Mylan management group. Their feud has been raging all year long at 3XW. The American Bulldogs reputation has been gaining respect as they have been debuting at both Metro Pro Wrestling and NWA Dynamo Wrestling.

MWR Prediction – The Kentucky Buffett – West has looked very impressive including during a big match for the Bulldogs as they went to capture the PWE Tag Team championships from the Hooligans during the annual Balloon festival at PWE. Still the KYB has been tested against some of the very best including the F1RST Family, and several names that have visited IWAU in 2011.

Trevor Murdock vs. Justin Reno.


Trevor Murdock and Pete Madden know only one way to wrestle and that's on the offense, could Reno handle the onslaught of Murdock


Sarin Sinn, MECW Champion Justin Reno and Billy Whack has MECW under siege, is it time for MECW to call on the former 3 time WWE Tag Team Champion?(Photo Credit Brian Kelley)

The MECW Champion Justin Reno won the title in controversial fashion in November over Bailey Mannix as Sinn Enterprises and their leader Sarin Sinn took over MECW.

Trevor Murdock- Former 3 time WWE Tag Team Champion has toured the country in 2011 including going across the sea to Pro Wrestling Noah in a match that could have been the best all year.

MWR Prediction – Trevor Murdock – Justin Reno is a champion, and the talent is there for him to be a star in the future. The match could be the shortest match in MECW history if not for Sinn Enterprises members including badass Mike Anthony. Problem is for Reno, Trevor Murdock is better now than at any time he was in WWE. MECW fans and MR K could celebrate instead of being held hostage as they are at this moment.

Serenity vs. Lucy Mendez.


Not to be outdone by Stacey in her elf costume at Metro Pro Wrestling, Lucy Mendez sent the Metro Sports TV ratings through the roof.

Many of the experts feel as if Serenity is the hottest rising star in Central Illinois and has been making waves out of the MWR area as well. Her matchup with MsChif at SICW drew rave reviews and fans are wanting to see her in action more.

Lucy Mendez, the current WLW champion in 2011 has been making waves all around the Midwest as she has been featured at both Metro Pro Wrestling and SICW taking on arch rivals Stacey O’Brien, Miss Natural, and MsChif. What she gives up in size, she easily makes up with in determination and dedication. Winning the WLW title this fall marks the second time she has held onto the belt in her very short career .

MWR Prediction – Lucy Mendez– With training straight from the 8 times NWA World Heavyweight Champion Harley Race and two training camps with WWE/Pro Wrestling Noah, Mendez has quickly been a threat in the women’s division as many believe that she is the best in the Midwest today. Still, even with a loss against “The Latino Princess” Serenity would be able to gain experience that would pay off in the long run for her. MWR fans could see these two ladies go to war many times before their time in the ring is done.

Sir Bradley Charles vs. “The Dodgeball” Superstar Tyler Priegel.


SBC looks great with gold around his waist (Photo Credit Brian Kelley)


“The Dodgeball” Superstar Tyler Priegel may be one of the most underrated wrestlers in 2011. (Photo Credit Brian Kelley)

The first ever MWR Future Star Sir Bradley Charles has been frustrated at times, or it could be overconfident as he has been calling himself “Showtime” Bradley Charles. SBC has been working hard, capturing his first title at 3XW and training at the 2011 annual WLW/WWE/ Pro Wrestling Noah camp to go along with his training from Lance Storm.

“The Dodgeball Superstar” Tyler Priegel has had multiple great matches in 2011, and has all the tools to break through as one of the top guys in the Midwest. He has the size, and the knack to put himself in the right position to strike to capture the win. A recent upset loss of his NMW Central title to youngster Tony G, has many experts under the belief that he is more focused on taking down the NMW Champion Ryan Phoenix.

MWR Prediction – The Dodgeball” Superstar Tyler Priegel – While SBC has come on the scene with much fanfare and rightfully so, Priegel has silently became a man who many believe is the best at New Midwest Wrestling today. SBC will need to find the focus to stay on top of his game, while he did become a 3XW Pure Wrestling Champion, how he rebounds from losing it to the much more experience and talented Arik Cannon will show where SBC lands at in 2012. At Metro Pro Wrestling his partnership  with  Jeremy Wyatt and Steven Girthy has got him title shots against NWA Kansas Champ Tyler Cook but without any luck of capturing the belt . At Pro Wrestling Phoenix, he was on a roll and has a “money in the bank” type match that he earned but recently suffered a loss to Ryan Slade. While Priegel is coming off a title loss himself, everyone at MWR feels the same as the experts that it was just a small setback.

#1 Brett Young vs. A1 Tom Arson.

#1 Brett Young, the former NWA Kansas Champion is charismatic and is currently part of the Mustache Mafia with Ryan Drago. He can wrestle, but seems to love to entertain more than he does capturing titles. Young uses Magic to get an advantage and is very dangerous from the rope. He is one of the top stars of Kansas for the past several years while  even feuding with TNA’S Abyss.

If you don’t know A1 Tom Arson, then all you need to do is ask him, and he will be sure to go on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on about who he is. Arson feels as if he above the fans and their favorites in the ring. His personality has been a huge plus at times as he is able to get in his opponents heads, but against more experience wrestlers like Ryan Phoenix that attribute did not come in handy in the least. Arson is also a top stars of Springfield for many years.

MWR Prediction- DRAW– This match may never get started as the two could easily find out in the ring that they would be better as a tag team or co host a talk show ala Pipers pit.

Dave Vaughn vs. Ruff Crossing.


One tough cowboy Ruff Crossing. (Photo Credit Brian Kelley)


“The Wrestling Machine” Dave Vaughn (Photo Credit Mike Van Hoogstraat)

Dave Vaughn has been a fan favorite for a long time at the Historic South Broadway Athletic club for the past few years other than a short run with Travis Cooks the Connection. Recently he has been making trips to wrestle for Harley Race’s WLW to keep up the nickname that the fans have given him “The Wrestling Machine”. Vaughn is a throwback of wrestling during the days of Dick the Bruiser, Lou Thesz and Pat O’Connor.

If you like your wrestlers that is southern raised, beer drinking and will do whatever it takes to win then Ruff Crossing is your guy. The cowboy has confidence on his side as he was able to defeat former ECW Superstar Kevin Thorn at IWAP this past year. Always ready for a fight, Crossing will feud with whoever comes through his path. In 2011 he  feuded with IWAP promoter Billy Ray and is a star at Chicago’s POWW.

MWR Prediction- Dave Vaughn– Vaughn has struggled during matches outside of his home promotion but in 2011, he has master the sleeper hold as well as his patented and dangerous spear. He is able to put Crossing to sleep or take him out like that. The key to the match will be where this one takes place and more importantly if Vaughn can stop Crossing from using head games to rattle the young star. With that said, this win from Vaughn against the rugged Crossing could be valuable for his resume for promotions outside the area such as POWW .

Jason Jones vs. Adam Pearce.


“The Prince” Jason Jones (Photo Credit Mike Van Hoogstraat)


Adam Pearce has been playing with the competition as of late…But he found out quickly that the Midwest talent is for real as Michael Strider nearly became the Champion of the world. Could Harley Race’s give Jones the edge to take the belt back home to the Harley Race Wrestling Academy? (Photo Credit Brian Kelley)

There is no name that represents the NWA more than Harley Race. Race an 8-time NWA Worlds Champion was respected around the world for his toughness and wrestling skills. Today he runs the Harley Race Wrestling Academy from Eldon Missouri. For the past 10 plus years fans have been able to see some of the best trained wrestlers in the country right here in the Midwest. From names like Trevor Murdock, Matt Murphy, Steve Fender and many more. Race trains them the proper way from start to finish.

One man who has milked all of his knowledge is the current WLW Champion Jason Jones. In 2011, he won the first ever Harley Race Wrestling invitational tournament, thus earning the nickname “The Prince”. Later in the year he would capture the WLW title from another young stud Brian Breaker. Many felt that he was snubbed from the NWA JR championship tournament earlier this fall, with speculation that he was just too good.

On the other side you have one of the finest wrestlers today the current NWA Worlds Champion Adam Pearce. Pearce is a four time NWA Worlds Champion. First  defeating Brent Albright in the finals of the Reclaiming the Glory Tournament for his first run with the belt. His most recent run as champion was in a very completive match by defeating Chance Prophet, Jimmy Rave and Shaun Tempers in a four-way match to win the vacant title.

MWR Prediction – Adam Pearce-There is no doubt that Jones is ready for a chance to take on the NWA Worlds Champion but like the before mention Harley Race, Pearce isn’t just going to give it up that easy. Race made those around him great , Pearce is in that league as well. Jones at the end of the night would get to feel the emotions that men like Ric Flair, Ted” DiBiase, the Von Erich’s, and local stars like Rufus R Jones felt  after coming so close to capturing the glorious NWA World Title. Still Jason Jones could be one that defied the odds like Ric Flair, if he only had a few shots at the title.  If MWR had this wish come true then we would have Race at ringside for his pupil “The Prince Jason Jones.

The Beautiful Bodies vs. Sexy and Smooth.


Sexy and Smooth back again.

Last night during the last show of the year at Pro Wrestling Phoenix, I ran into the PWP Tag Team champions, (Brian Gott and Derek Cornell) the Beautiful Bodies. Amazingly, they have been on fire since the last time I saw them, PLUS the fans cheering them on??

I thought I was in the Twilight Zone, but I woke up today and it’s true, The Beautiful Bodies are for real. They end the 2011 year as the PWP Tag Team Champs. During our conversation on what is happening with MWR, the fact that we were doing a MWR Christmas List of Matches, they urged to be a part of it. So before I could say who we would pick they urged us to roll the cameras.

There you have it they want the  team of Sexy and Smooth.  Ryan Slade and AJ Smooth have been around for some time now. Earlier this year, they had some personal problems with each other but has since made up and our as one again. During the MWR Article of the best tag teams during the MWR years earlier this summer they were ranked #27. Slade won the 2011 3XW King of Des Moines tournament and is a superstar in the making. AJ Smooth has shown during his time with the super group Genesis that he will do whatever it takes to win.

MWR Prediction- Sexy and Smooth– We have always felt as if the Beautiful Bodies were fun to watch but never one to run with the titles. Heck even their manager Axel Greece walked out on them to go with Slade and James. They have proven MWR wrong and look to be a team to watch out for in 2012. Still MWR fans check out the promo they shot and you can tell  that they were more interested in how cute Nate Bash was, then how to beat the team they picked for their dream match. Slade and Smooth would be able to use their experience to get the win in this tag team wish list.

Miss Natural vs. Jessie Belle Smothers.



The smile of a devil - Miss Natural (Photo Credit Brian Kelley)

The women’s division got a big boost in the Midwest when Miss Natural returned to the ring. A multi time WLW Women’s champions who has appeared for SHIMMER in years past. Natural is talented  and after working off the ring rust in 2011, the ladies in the Midwest better be on top of their game if they hope to survive what many experts  are calling 2012 “The year of the Natural”

In 2011, Jessie Belle Smothers, the daughter of wrestling bad boy Tracy Smothers worked around the country improving her skills while teaming up with her sister Izza Belle Smothers. MWR fans have been clamoring for her to come to the Midwest to a MWR promotion ever since we debut her MWR Trading card.

MWR Prediction- Miss Natural– Jessie Belle Smothers has charisma and skills to catch the eyes of the fans and the wrestling big wigs who loves second generation wrestlers. Miss Natural has been training to be in the best shape in her life and her experience and raw power would overwelhm the young second generation diva.

Other notable Matchups
Barry Ryte vs. Mike Sydal
Shane Rich vs. Matty Star
The American Ground and Air vs. The Bumrush Brothers
Mike Anthony vs. Steve Fender
Billy McNeil vs. Scott Keyes
Greg Anthony vs. Jaysin Strife
Brandon Espinosa vs Devin Carter

Derek Stone vs. Heath Hatton

One Response to “Missouri Wrestling Revival Christmas Wish list of 2011.”

  1. Dody said

    The problem with NWA recently is they lack a presence in the Midwest Area since the departure of NWA Midwest with only Metro Pro Wrestling, NWA Wisconsin and a few Promotion who are still active promoting on regular basis under NWA Banner and Dynamo are likely leaving the NWA. Adam Pearce vs Jones is Im all with it. But I hope that the NWA will rebuild its presence again in Midwest which is the area where they are comes from.

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