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Mayhem in East Carondelet as Ricky Cruz feels the wrath of Ron Powers- World War 3 is just beginning.

Posted by flairwhoooooo on November 21, 2011


Ricky Cruz (Photo Credit Amanda Blass)

An interview with hot new star Ricky Cruz at the SICW card Saturday, Nov. 12 in East Carondelet, Il, ended in a chaotic scene after Classic Wrestling Champion Ron Powers attacked Cruz.
 After talking about his background with announcer Jeff Vernetti, Cruz admitted that he centered his efforts on the St. Louis area because it was the base for Powers.  When Powers worked in Puerto Rico several years ago, according to Cruz, Powers used his piledriver and other assorted violent tactics to sideline several wrestlers – one of whom was Cruz’ older brother.  That brother suffered neck damage and still has pain even after curtailing his career.  Cruz swore to get revenge on Powers, especially after seeing Powers used a piledriver against Dave Vaughn on the floor Oct. 15.
Cruz promised to be “Powers’ judge, jury and executioner.”  This brought Powers to the ring.
But Ron denied knowing about Cruz’ brother.  He also graphically described being a young kid with a big reputation alone in Puerto Rico, billed as the protege of Bruiser Brody, fighting off attacks from unexpected sources and pulling out the stops in every match.  He added that he had changed, was now a father of three himself and only carried on as a wildman to satisfy the fans and promoter Herb Simmons, along with longtime mentor Larry Matysik.  He apologized to Cruz, said he was ready to quit, would give Cruz the Classic title, and if he had injured the brother was sincerely sorry and wrong.

The Champion was relentless and heartless in his attack on Ricky Cruz. (Photo Credit Amanda Blass)

Finally Cruz relented somewhat, after an intense and emotional exchange, and said he would judge Powers from this point forward. And as they shook hands, hugged and as Cruz began to leave . . .
Powers hurled Cruz from the ring unexpectedly – slammed Cruz face first into the steel ring post – crashed his head onto the press table and then the ring bell – and finally lifted the entire press table overhead and smashed it down onto the back of the stunned Cruz.

Ron Powers has reached a whole new form of brutality (Photo Credit Mark Brown)


SICW Fans were in shock and horror as Powers sent a message to the locker room and promoter Herb Simmons that fun and games are over. (Photo Credit Mark Brown)


Ron Powers continue his madness at MMWA-SICW. (Photo Credit Amanda Blass)


Cruz bloodied and hanging by whom many experts feel is the most dangerous man in St Louis. (Photo Credit Amanda Blass

When Powers picked up Cruz, Ricky’s head was split wide open and blood was gushing.  Powers rolled him into the ring, whipped Cruz with his belt and then began to strangle Cruz with the belt.  Two referees tried to interfere, only to be atopped by the Big Texan and Waco – until one slipped away and Powers flattened him and lashed him with the belt as well.
Then Powers, with the belt around Cruz’s neck, threw Ricky over the top rope and hung him in there as other wrestlers streamed from the dressing room to restore order and Powers screamed, “Who’s the executioner now?  Who are you to judge me?” And he shouted at the stunned, screaming packed house, “How do you like me now?” 
Amazingly, at the end of the night, as a tremendous, knock-down, drag-out Sudden Death Triple Threat battle between Powers, Gary Jackson and Chris Hargas was at full throttle,   a heavily bandaged Cruz tried to charge the ring and attack Powers.  Big Texan – at ringside – intercepted Cruz and they  battled.  The distraction allowed Hargas to nail Jackson from behind, but Powers pitched Hargas threw the ropes on top of Cruz and Texan and then delivered a belly to back suplex to pin the surprised Jackson and save his Classic crown. 
Again referees and wrestlers restrained Cruz as Powers and Texan escaped – but then a wild donnybrook between Jackson and Hargas exploded and everyone had to pull them apart. 
When the dust settled, and promoter Herb Simmons could sort out the damage, he announced a double main event for Saturday, Dec. 10 at East Carondelet –   
Gary Jackson vs. Chris Hargas
Classic Champion Ron Powers vs. Ricky Cruz

One Response to “Mayhem in East Carondelet as Ricky Cruz feels the wrath of Ron Powers- World War 3 is just beginning.”

  1. Ben Simon said

    I risk looking like a “mark” (as Mr. Simmons would say) if I promote this card since I was released by SICW many months ago. However, Powers-Cruz is exciting. For my money, Ricky Cruz is the top competitor in the region without a title. He is undefeated 6-0 in MMWA & SICW action. He is a 290 pound hard-hitting technical Puerto Rican! What will Ron Powers do when he meets a man who is a better grappler than he and who is just as big as he is? I think this recipe yields a new Classic Wrestling Champion.

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