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Ron Powers to meet Chris Hargas this weekend and continues to warns the MMWA-SICW !

Posted by flairwhoooooo on August 15, 2011

Ron Powers replies to the promo and article at MWR last week…if you missed it click here.


Ron Powers does what he wants , when he wants…Can anyone stop the Kingpin of MMWA-SICW? (Photo Credit Brian Kelley)

Give this person Kudos, for seeing the truth, in this world of heartfelt lies.

Thank God, there is someone out there that accepts me for who I am, unlike certain people, who groomed me to be who THEY wanted me to be. I won’t mention any names, Herb Simmons and Larry Matysik, but you two should of quit while you were ahead.

Ron Powers has a mean streak a mile wide, Chris Hargas needs to be at the top of his game this Saturday. (Photo Credit Brian Kelley)

Wait a minute, now that I think about it, when were you ever ahead?

I’ll answer that…….Never!

You two, myself, and anyone else who knows squat about this business, knows that I’m always steps ahead of the promotions, as well as the competition. It definitely looks like the tail wags the dog when I am in the lineup. Fans strongly dislike me. But when I step into the ring, it’s like a car accident; they just can’t keep their eyes off me.

Ron Powers has a mean streak a mile wide, Chris Hargas needs to be at the top of his game. (Photo Credit Brian Kelley)

Herb, you should be grateful for my return. I’ve brought your promotion to a new level. SICW has never been hotter. Wrestling Explosion on Charter Cable has never had higher ratings. The word is out.

Ron Powers is “the best heel in the country”.

No other local wrestling promotions can hold a candle to SICW when I am on the card. And here is some more good news for you and Larry, I’m not going ANYWHERE.

Sorry Harley (Race), it’s just not worth my time, to go down to Eldon and beat up all of your backwoods, hillbilly want to be’s.

Sorry South Broadway. If idiots could fly, your promotion would be an airport. And sorry to all the other want to be promotions. Without me, you will always be second in the ratings. SICW rules because of Ron Powers.


CCW Champion Ron Powers

When I got this message from Ron Powers I quickly contacted promoter Herb Simmons to find out more on this situation. Here is his reply.


MMWA-SICW Promoter in 2011 has been on a search for top talent. During this year Dory Funk JR has came in with his students and several graduates of Harley Race’s Wrestling Academy have been making their way to St Louis for an opportunity for TV exposure in the St Louis market. They will have to share the risk of meet Ron Powers along the way.. In the picture Herb and WWE Hall of Famer Bob Orton watch in disbelief as Powers demolishes Chase King. (Photo Credit Brian Kelley)

Ron Powers is big, bad, and just plan old mean. When I approached Ron Powers awhile back it was for the purpose of helping get the likes of Manager Travis Cook under control. I knew Ron had what it would take to bring some justice to a situation that was out of control. Well that problem was corrected, however, another one began. Powers is out of control and even with bringing in some of the best in the business he is still running rough shot over those that face him. I get questions asked every month who will stop this awsome individual. Beleive me when I say the time will come when Ron Powers will meet his match. He better enjoy his ride while he is still able to sit in the saddle. There is no one able to last forever. So I say to Ron, yes I ask for your help and you did come through with it, Travis is gone, now do me and everyone else a favor, be the guy that I know you can be before you force me to look deeper into the past to find the right person to correct this problem with you.

Herb Simmons Promoter MMWA-SICW


Chris Hargas has been impressive in the past year, here he uses his power to ground exciting young star The Cancun Kid at World League Wrestling. Hargas may not have the power advantage this weekend. In his biggest test to date. (Photo Credit Mike Van Hoogstraat )

That’s right MWR fans, if you love wrestling the way it use to be then do not hesitate to come to MMWA-SICW this weekend as Chris Hargas will look to get revenge on the CCW Champion Ron Powers in a match between two of the most powerful men in the Midwest.

Plus a special attraction match as the 2009 MWR Wrestler of the Year Mark Sterling will take on Gary Jackson.

That and much more just a few minutes outside of St Louis in East Carondelet. Free AC, great wrestling and a tv taping all for the same low price.

One Response to “Ron Powers to meet Chris Hargas this weekend and continues to warns the MMWA-SICW !”

  1. Ben Simon said

    I take issue with Ron Powers commenting on the MMWA at South Broadway, only since it was SICW that wanted to break away. Ron is the SICW Classic Wrestling Champion (who apparently can’t spell the name of his title correctly). Ron is not the MMWA-SICW kingpin! He rules Southern Illinois Championship Wrestling. However, the doors to the South Broadway Athletic Club are wide open. Ron, put your money and your anger issue where your mouth is and fight the MO/IL Heavyweight Champion, Gary Jackson. I have watched these two great athletes in action and I have no doubt that “Gorgeous” Gary would knock the daylights out of Powers. Mr. Simmons, Mr. Matysik, TEAR DOWN THIS WRESTLING WALL!

    -Ben Simon
    MMWA Announcer
    Former SICW Announcer

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