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Top 30 tag teams in the MWR Year countdown begins with the honorable mentions.

Posted by flairwhoooooo on July 18, 2011

One of my favorite tag teams at one time was the Steiners — Yes that is Scott Steiner.

By Brian Kelley

As we prepare to launch the countdown to the top 30 tag teams of the MWR years, I decided to take a look at a few of the teams that just barely missed the list at this time.

Just because the tag teams below are not rank in the top 30, by no means is that a slap in the face. A few were able to capture gold for a moment and, while others are on the verge of breaking out and could easily be a future MWR Tag team of the year award winner.

Starting Monday the top 30 will be countdown but till then here is the teams that just missed the cut or could break through in the near future.

Southern Comfort (Randy Ray and Dixieland Destroyer)


(Photo Credit Brian Kelley)

New Midwest Wrestlings most unlikely duo may be the team that will shock the most people. If Randy Ray can survive the chops I mean tags from the Dixieland Destroyer then Southern Comfort very well could be one of the hottest tag teams in the near future.

The Beautiful Bodies( Brian Gott and Derek Cornell )


(Photo Credit Gary Giaffoglione)

Flamboyant and raw this tag team has tons of charisma but absolutely no luck at all. The duo somehow received a Pro Wrestling Phoenix Tag team championship match against Chris Havius and Donnie Peppercricket only to come up short. The hard part for these two to swallow was that they got to watch Zac James cash in his money in the bank guaranteed shot right after the match the champ’s barley beat the Beautiful Bodies. James along with partner Ryan Slade and manager Axel Greece would go on to become new PWP Tag Team Champions moments later.

The  Brawlers (Maddog McDowell and Brian Scrilla)


(Photo Credit Brian Kelley)

Maddog McDowell and Brian Scrilla have already captured gold outside the MWR promotion area at Windy City Pro Wrestling. With the fans behind them and the power of the dog and the bite of Scrilla then you could see the Brawlers in a town near you soon and moving up in the ranks of the tag division.

Barrio Boys ( Domino Rivera, Angel and Hoodlum)


(Photo Credit Brian Kelley)

This team and Bromance very well may be among my favorite tag teams during the whole MWR years but the titles and wins do not lie for the Barrios . Domino Rivera is an underrated wrestling machine while Angel and Hoodlum bring the brute strength. It has been speculated in the past that promotions and their tag teams were too scared to work with this gang or should I say tag team.

Dead Sexy (Aaron Mathews & Jeff Harris)


(Photo Credit Brian Kelley)

Dead Sexy may have shocked the Midwest and MWR when they defeated the PWE Tag Team Champion Zero Gravity in June of 2010 but don’t tell them that. Mathews and Harris can fly with the best of them and their trademark phrase “Who’s Sexy?” with fellow troublemaker Blake Steel got under the fans skin quickly. After defeating a talented tag team in Ace Hawkins and Brandon Espinosa, Dead Sexy would lose the titles against Mephisto and Kurt Styles, a tag team who was nowhere on the radar.

Spacestation 11 (Gary the Barnowl, Evan Gelistico, Jordan Lacey, & Billy McNeil)


Spacestaion 11 teams with the Ego Express. (Photo Credit Brian Kelley)

The Spacestation 11 had a heated feud with Submission Squad, Johnny Vinyl, and Davey Vega in early MWR years. The fued led to a huge street fight that fans will never forget. One fan stated “I wish the spacestation was still around… :'(“

Bum Rush Brothers (Shorty Biggs and OutKast)


(Photo Credit Brian Kelley)

St Louis’s popular tag team the BumRush Brothers have no problem getting the fans to their feet and the opponents on their heels. Quick tags, crazy double teams and High flying moves cause other teams to abandon their game plan throughout the night. When that happens they are putty in the Bumrush Brothers hands. Shorty a former LWA Champion has his sights on the IHW title this weekend against Cameron Cage and due to his success in singles the BRB has been on hold at times before they can gain momentum. Earlier this year they defeated the KC Killers at NWA Dynamo, if the Bum Rush Brothers can wrestle a little more often then look for this team to make the list the next time.

Huge in Japan (Jimmy Rockwell ands Kwong)


(Photo Credit Mike Van Hoogstraat)

The comical but very dangerous tag team led by Chad Mylan was a force to be reckon with. The duo went toe to toe with the popular tag team the Bayou Outlaws including a run with the MECW Tag titles . Kwong still remains a vital member of the The Mylan Management Agency while Jimmy Rockwell is one of the most popular young wrestlers in the game.

Benz and the Mississippi Madman


(Photo Credit Brian Kelley)

A new team in 2011 features the exciting duo of the Madman and Benz. The two have all the tools to go far in the tag team division. They started the year off with a win against the exciting tag team the Full Metal Jackals which set them up for a title chance against the 2010 MWR Tag Team of the Year and current NMW Tag Team Champs Attitude Inc. The experience and skills of Attitude Inc. has been the deciding factor in the two title shots that Benz and Madman received as the champs were able to walk away with their belts. Can this young team regroup and stay strong or will the effects of coming up short tear them apart?

Bad Company (Evan Money and Buddy Roberts Jr)


(Photo Credit Brian Kelley)

The son of Free bird Buddy Roberts and the Kid Evan Money are the teen’s favorite. Youth and desire and speed are on their side. If Roberts and Money can withstand the pressure coming from the much more experienced tag teams then they are a team to watch.

Bromance (Knight Wagner and Jordan McEntrye)


(Photo Credit Brian Kelley)

The former MECW tag team champions redefined themselves and are now known as the Awesome Threesome with manager Eryn. They are currently one of the best tag teams outside the MWR coverage area as they are the All American Wrestling tag team champs. Fans in Wood River Illinois knew early on that this entertaining trio had what it would take to make an impact. While AAW has gained one of the top teams, the MWR fans await their return to the area.

Johnny Vinyl and Davey Vega


What could have been is the question when it comes to this tag team. While embroiled in a classic feud with the Ego Express out of blue Jonny Vinyl went missing? The reason why is one of wrestling’s greatest mystery . Davey Vega has since gone on to be one of the top wrestlers in the area.

The Elitism – (Brandon Espinosa & Ace Hawkins )


(Photo Credit Brian Kelley)

Has competed in numerous MWR feds in the last 6 months. They have wrestled for numerous tag team championships including OVW Southern Tag Team. They have also competed in ROH together. After periods of bickering and feuding the two now seem more focused that ever. Look for this team to be a part of the bright future for years to come at MWR.

Hybrids ( Jason Lyte & Oliver Cain)


(Photo Credit Mike Van Hoogstraat)

The Hybrids are among the top tag teams in Central Illinois, who unfortunately made rare appearances at the MWR promotions. Took part in a time limit draw with the Hooligans at High Voltage Wrestling that left the fans wanting more. Has been active in singles action at NWA Supreme as Cain is the NWA Midwest X champion.

Sarin Sinn and Mike Anthony


(Photo Credit Brian Kelley)

One may overlook at this new tag team but with the talent of Mike Anthony , who’s talent and skill has allowed him to work in the WWE in the past mixed with the devious mind of Sarin Sinn they are a force to be recon with as they currently hold onto the MECW Tag team championship.

One Response to “Top 30 tag teams in the MWR Year countdown begins with the honorable mentions.”

  1. herbert simmons said

    There goes MWR again. Just when you think Brian and his staff has wrote about everything and everyone he comes up with another interesting part of the business to write about. The above mentioned list are well deserving of being mentioned. I know several of the workers and know they work hard now and will continue to please the fans. Because what is a worker without the fans? The 3O teams that make the list will also continue to do their best. Its not easy going out there night after night for little or no money and work the tails off. My hat is off to all of them that step in that ring to entertain us. As for Brian and his staff if there was an award for the best up to date information outlet,you would win it hands down.

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