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Larry Matysik to be a guest on Over the Top Radio hosted by Brian Schenk 8 pm cst tonight

Posted by flairwhoooooo on October 5, 2010

Harley Race with Larry Matysik and the late Mickey Garagiola in the back take in wrestling at MMWA-SICW.

The 2009 MWR Lifetime achievement recipient, Larry Matysik will be a guest on the wrestling show Over the Top Radio tonight on www.kqcklive.com to listen live. There should be a phone number or you can chat on your computer to ask one of the most influential men in the sport questions.

Just who is Brian Schenk

From the radio stations Website: Tonight we will see the Iron Sheik defend his WWF Title against Hulk Hogan in an awesome match from The Madison Square Garden!” Those were the words I recall hearing back in January 1984 on my favorite TV show – PRO WRESTLING! Since that day, I have been I have been involved in some way, shape or form with wrestling. In 1992, I was watching a public access TV show back in Illinois, where I am from, and a couple of dudes were rambling on about wrestling. It was odd, because I would eventually befriend these two and join them as a host. Strange how things turn out.Well, things went their way after a bit and I was on my own. I soon hooked up with my friend from Kindergarten, Dan Bartels, and Off The Top Rope was born! He was the perfect FRICK to my FRACK and we had a great run from 1994 up until 2005. I started broadcasting school (waste of money, don’t do it!) in June of 1996, and was blown away with the possibilities of hosting my own RADIO show one day.

Then, BOOM, I interned at a station soon after entering school at WEEF AM 1430 in Highland Park, Illinois from 1997 thru 2005.

It was a lot of fun and over the years, I got the chance to meet and interview a lot of the stars I grew up watching in my youth. Both on the TV side on camera and either in the studio or over the phone for the radio part. Lots of great memories and fortunately, I have kept in touch with many of them. I soon moved over to another station – WKRS AM 1220 in Waukegan, Illinois in 2006. I was on that frequency until May of 2007, when I moved here to Arizona.

It would have been one heck of a commute, that’s for sure. So, here I am with KQCK AM 1510 in San Tan Valley,Arizona and I am looking so forward to this opportunity ahead of me. The ownership, location, and presence of the fine radio station is second to none, and everything feels just right. I also appreciate all of you who are fans of the business and those who will listen as often as you can.

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