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Sterling vs Wyatt will blow the roof off of 3XWrestling By Mark Campos

Posted by flairwhoooooo on September 13, 2010

By Mark Campos

3XWrestling’s annual “Halloween Horror 4” is just under three weeks away and the anticipation for the event keeps building. This frightful night is certain to include mangled bodies, bone crushing action and high flying thrills!

A match that was made at last months “Clobberpalooza Classic III” in now set to make this next show a must see for any pro wrestling fan. “The Rebel” Jeremy Wyatt and Mark Sterling are set to battle in what will no doubt be a contender for match of the night. The hatred between these two runs deep and is very real as they have had over one hundred matches against each other all over the country.

Mark Sterling is now hearing cheers as opposed to the jeers he had been receiving for years as a member of the arrogant “Gentlemen’s Club”. Now Sterling is considered to be a fan favorite and in many eyes should a top contender for the Heavyweight championship. Jeremy Wyatt truly stepped up his wrestling game in 3XW last year and has been on a physical and psychological warpath ever since. Wyatt debuted without much noise but with now with fire in his eyes he will do whatever is necessary to get the win. Taunting his challengers and fans alike this man needs security guards to even leave the arena.

Their feud in 3XWrestling began in August in the finals for the “King of Des Moines 2010 Tournament”. Both Sterling and Wyatt had fought there way up through the bracket facing two different opponents each that night before clashing with each other for the crown. The match that night was a masterpiece as each wrestler applied submissions, reversals and punches in what was a thirty minute classic. In the end that night Sterling was able to roll up Wyatt to get the win and become king. Sterling offered his hand in respect to “The Rebel” but in true Wyatt fashion he blew him off and instead wanted a rematch at the next show. Sterling gladly accepted the invitation.

After the match at “Clobberpalooza Classic III”, which saw Wyatt pin Sterling with a small package, “The Rebel” now claims to have won fifty-one matches to Sterlings’ forty-nine wins. Thus making Wyatt the superior wrestler or at least in his mind and maybe some of the 3XW fans. “The Rebel” then acted like he wanted to shake Sterlings’ hand but pulled away at the last second chuckling as he left the ring. Sterling grabbed the microphone and challenged Jeremy to a two out three falls to determine the better wrestler once and for all! You will not want to miss out on this match as these exceptional Midwest stars light up the Des Moines Social Club.

Some great matches have been signed for “Halloween Horror 4” including a battle royal, championship matches and grudge matches. Others matches will come in the following weeks leading up to this amazing event.

3XWrestlings’“Halloween Horror 4” will be held at the Des Moines Social Club on October 1st located at 1408 Locust Street in Des Moines, IA. Tickets can be purchased at Cup O’Kryptonite and both Jay’s CD and Hobby locations. Advance presale tickets cost $12 for adults and $6 for kids 10 and under. Ticket will also be sold the night of the show at $15 for adults, $6 for kids 10 and under and kids 3 and under are free. Doors open at 7:00 p.m. with the bell time being 7:30 p.m. Don’t miss it!

Check out the video below to see Mark Sterling in action from 2006 as he takes on Casanova.

For more articles from Mark Campos at Des Moines Pro Wrestling Examiner including stories of Mike Sydal and Tyler Black click here

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