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NWA Dynamo Pro Recap 5-1-2010

Posted by reimaginejournalism on May 14, 2010

By Kari Williams

The night kicked off with the Submission Squad (Pierre Abernathy & Evan Gelistico) taking on Johnny Montez and Super Electro. Abernathy and Gelistico dominated the majority of the bout, but Montez worked to turn the tide on more than one occasion. However, in the end, Abernathy forced Montez to submit.

Jack Gamble took on Tyler Cook in the second bout. Both athletes put up a good fight, but Gamble let the crowd get to him. Cook stayed one step above Gamble and secured victory.

Mike Sydal then came to the ring to boast about himself, when Brandon Aarons interrupted him and requested to face him. Sydal, who is also the High Voltage Wrestling Livewire Champion claimed to have misplaced the belt, but as Aarons challenged him, HVW promoter TNT Keny G came out from the back—with Sydal’s Livewire belt in tow—and made the match for the championship.

These two skilled athletes put on an excellent match with multiple reversals and near falls. Just when it appeared that Sydal would retain, Aarons got a second win and valiantly fought back. Noticing the change in pace, Sydal then escaped to the back, but Aarons did not let him go that quickly. Upon returning the ring, Sydal argued with the referee about whether or not he could use the belt as a weapon. This altercation gave Aarons enough time to recover and walk away with the Livewire championship.

In the next bout, “The Rebel” Jeremy Wyatt battled with Trent Stone. Wyatt’s technical approach kept Stone grounded for a while, buy Stone refused to go down easily. Wyatt and Stone both had the advantage—and almost the win—on a number of occasions, but it was Stone who capitalized with the spear for the victory.

The Ego Express (“Spoiled” Steven Kennedy and KC Karrington) went up against the Bumrush Brothers (Shorty Biggs and OutKast). Kennedy and Karrington did everything in their power to cheat their way to victory, while Biggs and OutKast did their best to combat the Egos’ dastardly ways. Though Biggs and OutKast were closing in on victory, Karrington stole it away with a pin where his feet were on the ropes. The Bumrush Brothers got their justice by attacking the Egos after the bout.

NWA Missouri champion “Spitfire” Davey Vega went up against NWA Central States champion Mark Sterling with Sterling’s belt on the line. Vega and Sterling matched each other hold for hold and then some. These two champions proved what makes them champions in this bout, as neither was easily giving up or backing down. In the end, however, Vega submitted to the Markshooter, thus allowing Sterling to retain the belt.

The next Dynamo Pro show will be at The Sports Academy (formerly The Game) in Glen Carbon, Ill on May 22.

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