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Wrestling Legends on Tour this Weekend!! Do Not miss it.

Posted by flairwhoooooo on May 4, 2010

St Louis Larry Matysik with be the guest announcer while our good friend Herb Simmons is working hard as the event coordinator.

The one and only Roddy Piper that will be in St Louis on May 8th. This will be a can’t miss weekend.

Performing At:

St. Charles Convention Center

Saint Louis, Missouri

Friday May 7, 2010: 5pm – 6pm

Saturday May 8, 2010: 8am – 10pm (VIP entry at 8am)

Sunday May 9, 2010: 10am – 4pm
Tributes to two Late, Great Legends….


Brody was wrestling’s true rebel, an independent who made his own rules and became one of the biggest attractions ever worldwide. He was feared by many, but respected by those who understood his determination to march to his own drumbeat. Standing up to promoters with whom he disagreed was never a problem for the determined Brody – yet those who griped about him always booked Brody because he drew big money at the box office. Inside the ring, Brody was a furious, intense competitor who could both take and dish out a beating in addition to surprising foes with his ring smarts. While many tales are told about Brody, none are as compelling as the truth of his triumph and tragedy. Brody is a legitimate wrestling legend.


Along with Animal and managed by Paul Ellering, Hawk played a vital role in making the Road Warriors the gigantic force that they were. Few, if any, tag team combinations could stand up to the ruthless onslaught of the Road Warriors. Hawk was a powerhouse, in addition to being loyal to his friends Animal and Ellering. Never afraid to say what he thought, Hawk could back up his opinions with his fists. His fire energized the Road Warriors as the combination became a headline attraction around the world. The look, the interviews, and the action that the Road Warriors and Hawk provided are still the stuff of legends.


Animal, along with late partner Hawk, formed possibly the most destructive, explosive, overwhelming tag teams in history – the Road Warriors. When Animal and Hawk began crushing opponents on the WTBS national cable show from Atlanta, fans everywhere were introduced to two incredible characters. Later, as the Legion of Doom, the Road Warriors ran roughshod over the World Wrestling Federation. Now, Animal’s son James Laurinaitis gained tremendous praise the rookie middle linebacker for the St. Louis Rams in the NFL. And Animal himself will bring his amazing charisma to St. Charles, Missouri when the Wrestling Legends on Tour arrive May 7-8-9.


Robley was the most controversial wrestler and booker of the 1970s and 1980s. The first to wrestle in a T-shirt, as a booker Robley was the first to match the best against the best on television in the Mid-South promotion. Many of his angles were copied by bookers around the country. Buck was the first to use music for ring entrances, started to do music videos of the talent, and is responsible for many of the innovations common today. Colorful, opinionated, and outspoken.


Though he is going into the WWE Hall of Fame as the “Million Dollar Man,” that character DiBiase portrayed barely scratched the surface of his many talents. He headlined giant programs from Atlanta to St. Louis, from New Orleans to Tokyo as one of the smoothest, smartest and most competitive superstars of all time. If wrestling had not changed in the 1980s, most expected DiBiase would have been the World Heavyweight Champion. He had a million dollars of versatility in the ring.


Every other wrestler and all the truly smart fans knew what an outstanding performer Bobby Eaton was. Eaton was the glue that made the Midnight Express one of the great tag teams of all-time. Few had the respect of his peers as much as Eaton. On the mat, in the air, brawling or trading holds, Eaton belonged in a special category. Nobody earned the term Wrestling Legend more than the hard-working Bobby Eaton.


One of the slickest and smartest titleholders ever, Dory Jr. was in command of the World Heavyweight Championship of the National Wrestling Alliance for more than four years from 1969 to 1973. Funk lured sellout crowds around the globe as he risked the prize against every single big name in the business. His duels with the late Jack Brisco are legendary. While noted as a superb scientific wrestler, Dory stood toe-to-toe with the meanest and the biggest. Additionally, Dory is still training young grapplers at his school in Florida. His entire life in wrestling is legendary.


The only brothers to hold the World Heavyweight Championship were Dory and Terry Funk, with Terry on the throne from 1975 until 1978. Yet he seemed to gain even greater worldwide fame for his spectacular duels in Japan (where Dory was also a major star) and his violent, unpredictable hardcore matches all over North America. Some forget that Terry was also a prominent personality in movies, acting with the likes of Patrick Swayze and Sylvester Stallone. When insiders coined the phrase “work like a feather or work like a Funk,” they certainly had the awesome career and countless performances of Terry Funk in mind.


“Wildfire” was one of the hottest stars ever when wrestling was on fire on national cable with WTBS from Atlanta. Rich’s personality and performances, though, earned more of a following than just the thousands of young ladies who adored him. Tommy also won the World Heavyweight Championship! And he was respected for his never-say-die attitude no matter how tough it got inside the squared circle.


When it comes to blood and guts, Abdullah the Butcher is in a class of his own. Half the audience was as afraid of Abdullah as his opponents were! Nobody was more intense from the moment he stepped through the dressing room door than Abdullah. When it came to using weapons, Abdullah wrote the book. Rest assured, fans at the Wrestling Legends on Tour May 7-8-9 will approach Abdullah the Butcher with great care.


The son of the famous Verne Gagne, Greg earned his own way as one of wrestling’s superstars of the 1970s and 1980s. Gagne’s tag team with Jim Brunzell – the popular “High Flyers” – set the standard for fast-paced, aerial action. The duo held the AWA tag team crown several times, and Greg himself was always in the middle of the fight for the AWA singles title. Quick, clever and loaded with spunk, Greg Gagne was a unique talent and indeed a wrestling legend.


“Precious Paul” was the brain behind the brawn, the mind behind the muscle, when he was the manager of the devastating Road Warriors. A quite capable wrestler himself, Ellering threw himself into molding the Road Warriors into the tag team terrors they were. “Precious Paul” is back with Animal May 7-8-9 in St. Charles, Missouri, for Wrestling Legends on Tour.


The mighty Patera was a superstar in the NWA, the AWA and the WWF. Before he broke into wrestling, he was a star in collegiate track and field. Patera was also one of, if not the, strongest men in the world as he proved winning weight-lifting competitions nationally and internationally. But wrestling and Patera fit together perfectly, where he could use his all-around athletic ability with his aggressive nature. Ken blasted his way into main events in every major territory. When the bell rang, no wrestler blended power and skill better than Patera.


Ricky Morton and Robert Gibson caused an explosion when they formed the Rock ‘n’ Roll Express. Not only could the duo deliver the goods inside the ring, but they sparked the loyalty of a new generation of fans, especially female. But Rock ‘n’ Roll were scrappers, and they had classic wars with the Midnight Express among others. When Morton and Gibson were on a roll, they could make arenas shake with excitement.


Being a star runs in the Orton family. Randy is a major cog for WWE today, father Cowboy Bob was a luminary both before and during the time WWF revolutionized the business, and grandfather Bob Sr. was a main event regular in the 50s and 60s. Cowboy Bob Orton has been involved in many of the biggest moments in wrestling history, including many early Wrestlemanias. Actually, his true ring ability has been underestimated; Orton could do it all and do it in great fashion. All the legends know that Cowboy Bob Orton is one of them.


Many recall Lewin as “Maniac Mark,” when he was involved in bloody, out-of-control donnybrooks throughout the wrestling world. They forget that, at the start, Lewin was a popular scientific star in the Northeast. Clever and unpredictable, he navigated his way through the political wrestling wars and was always in the main event. Brawl or wrestle, Mark Lewin gave the fans action every time out.

KAMALA, the Ugandan Giant

If any wrestling legend could instantly get the attention of fans, foes and promoters alike, it was definitely Kamala. Accompanied by the trusted Friday, Kamala turned heads even before he started using brutal chops that left rivals bloody and battered. The wilder the action, the happier Kamala was. Now those in St. Charles, Missouri, May 7-8-9 can see the mysterious Kamala up close and personal – if they dare!


Who could forget “Mr #1 derful” That was Paul Orndorff when he was running roughshod over competition in the WWF. And wonderful is an apt word to describe the many varied skills that Orndorff had in the ring, where he was an acknowledged superstar long before he went to the WWF. An amazing athlete and former professional football player, Orndorff was also gifted with a unique charisma that made him special. Insiders would describe Paul as “the real deal.”

Having him with Wrestling Legends on tour May 7-8-9 is, in fact, “wonderful.”


When Jimmy Snuka dove from the top of a cage in Madison Square Garden, he inspired a generation of risk-taking, high-flying grapplers. An incredible natural athlete, Snuka was a true warrior who was as famous in Japan as he was in North America. His part in the early success of the WWF should never be forgotten. Snuka never backed up, never quit and was – and is – a man’s man. Superfly Snuka – what a fabulous addition May 7-8-9 when Wrestling Legends on Tour visit St. Charles, Missouri.

BILL APTERThe highly-respected Bill Apter has a remarkable background in the business as a wrestling journalist. Although he has written for and edited many notable wrestling publications in a career that began in the early 70s, Bill is most famous for his work with Pro Wrestling Illustrated. Today, Apter contributes to an Italian wrestling magazine and also does features for Fighting Spirit. Further, he is busy writing for 1wrestling.com. Always popular and personable, Bill is a frequent host and guest at wrestling conventions all over the United States.

Most notably in a career that began in the early 1970s, Bill is most prominent for his work with Pro Wrestling Illustrated.

To check out the website click here

To order tickets click here

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