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Golden Circle: Metro Sexual Mania?

Posted by flairwhoooooo on April 24, 2010

By Greg Anthony

Wrestling is a tough business. We’ve got grown men throwing and slamming each other and Contrary to popular belief, it hurts. In addition, we’ve all got that “jock” mentality. Machismo reaching a boiling point a lot of times. With all that being said, Metro sexual Mania is still running wild in pro wrestling.

Here I am in a locker room with some of the toughest men I’ve ever known and I hear things like… “Do I look bloated?”, “Your abs look great”, “Does my ass look flat in these tights?”. Everyone has said or done something to that extent. Have you ever asked another man to rub baby oil on your back? Not acceptable at the gym but its ok in pro wrestling. Some of things I’ve seen and heard would make a great Saturday Night Live skit.

We all have friends outside the business. Being in Tennessee some of mine are good ole boys from the country. Things that are musts/requirements in wrestling seem very gay to the average male. Like highlighting your hair or the extensive man-scaping that goes on with a pro wrestler. Even tanning in a tanning bed is a little much for some men.

Once, back in the LAW in Dyersburg days, Christian Jacobs had a run in during the show. So CJ was dressed in a pair of jeans with no shirt and had oiled up. Waiting for his spot Chris O’Neal comes asks if he has time to run to Taco Bell with him? Cj agrees and hops in the car Chris. They get back and tell me they went to the drive thru. I can only imagine what the people working the window must have been thinking with two males, one shirtless and oiled up coming thru. The best part is that Chris was wearing a Picture Perfect t-shirt with his and CJ’s picture on the front. You can’t write stuff like that.

Is metro sexuality good or bad for wrestling? I can’t answer that myself. I think we are more a product of the environment that anything else. We are constantly under the microscope like super models. To be thin, tan or whatever magazine dream people think we should be thus creating this sometime insecurity about our appearance. I say be healthy but be you, I promise you can’t go wrong with that.. and when “The Golden Boy’ Greg Anthony makes a promise its as good as gold.

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