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3XW Reign of Terror Feb. 5, 2010 Results plus info for the 3XW show on March 5th

Posted by flairwhoooooo on February 16, 2010

Detailed Results:

1. Submission Match – “The Rockstar” Jimmy Rockwell successfully defended the 3XW Cruiserweight title over former champion Casanova (with Todd Countryman) after making Casanova submit to an Elevated Boston Crab.

2. “The Laotian Sensation” Ricky Kwong (with “Laotian Liaison” Chad Mylan) pinned former three-time 3XW Heavyweight champion “Delicious” Devin Carter with a rollup after interference by 3XW Commissioner Todd Countryman, the leader of the Gentlemen’s Club.

3. “Torturous” Tony Sly and Rory Fox wrestled to a double countout in a chaotic brawl that saw both men battling outside the ring for quite some time after the match had officially ended – in fact, they fought all the way up the entrance ramp to the locker room!

4. Maddog McDowell defeated 3XW Heavyweight champion “The Rebel” Jeremy Wyatt by disqualification after Wyatt refused to let go of a shouler submission hold after McDowell grabbed the rope and the ref reached the count of 5.McDowell injured his shoulder early on in the match and Wyatt grew increasingly frustrated with his failure to put the ultra-tough McDowell away. Finally, the champion snapped and refused to break the hold.

Following the match, Wyatt continue to attack McDowell’s injured shoulder with the 3XW Heavyweight title, only for BRIAN ASH – the first-ever 3XW Heavyweight champion and trainer of Maddog McDowell – to run in from the crowd to come to the aid of McDowell. Wyatt and Ash exchanged punches, with Ash getting Wyatt up for the Devastator…only for Wyatt to slip out and exit the ring in the nick of time.

Following the match, Maddog asked Ash to team with him to battle Wyatt and a partner of his choice on March 5th at the Des Moines Social Club – and Ash accepted!

5. Six Man Scramble Match – Winner faces Jimmy Rockwell on March 5th for the Cruiserweight championship: Brady A. Dezire pinned masked Japanese newcomer White Lightning following a superkick to earn the title shot in an extremely chaotic, fast-paced battle. Other competitors included “The Right Price” Aaron Masterson, “Canadian Sex Icon” Ryan Slade, Sparrow, and the 3XW debut of the Confederate luchador Rebelucha! Lots of dives and high impact moves in this battle.

6. Non-title – 3XW Pure Wrestling champion “The Viking Warrior” Kraig Keesaman pinned Jon West following a brutal Nordic Spike. Impressive performance by the rookie West in this bout, but Keesman proved to be dominant once again. With the win, Keesaman has now not be pinned or submitted in the last 19 months of 3XW competition.

7. Sir Bradley Charles, making his 3XW debut, pinned Domino Rivera following a beautiful Northern Lights Suplex with a bridge. Charles, a rookie, is a recent graduate of the Lance Storm Wrestling Academy whose father played football for the University of Iowa. Charles recently completed a tour of Australia and looked extremely impressive in his 3XW debut.

8. The High Flyers successfully defended the 3XW Tag Team titles over The Gentlemen’s Club (Mark Sterling and Gage Octane) in a phenomenal tag team bout. Octane had Mike Sydal in position for the Spine Tingler, only for Zach  Thompson to come off the top rope and dropkick the back of Sydal, forcing Sydal on top of Octane for the pin.

Following the pin, Casanova immediately ran into the ring and he and Octane began to attack the High Flyers. Shockingly, Mark Sterling came to the High Flyers’ aid and began punching Gage Octane and Casanova and grabbed Todd Countryman by the throat and hoisted him over his head to huge cheers from the crowd!

Devin Carter quickly ran to the ring with a steel chair to even the odds and Octane and Casanova called off the assault…only for Carter to swing the chair at Sterling’s face!

And Sterling caught the chair! Octane and Casanova quickly jumped Sterling and the NEW Gentlemen’s Club of Octane, Casanova and Carter viciously assaulted Sterling with the High Flyers still laying on the mat.

The assault culminated with Carter and Casanova each grabbing one of Sterling’s arms as he kneeled on the mat. Octane stood in front of Sterling with the steel chair raised above his head, taunting Sterling. An irate Sterling spit in Octane’s face…and Octane crushed Sterling’s skull with the steel chair with Sterling unable to move his arms up to protect himself!

The new Gentlemen’s Club of Carter, Octane, Casanova and Todd Countryman stood tall and began to celebrate, only to be chased out of the ring by Jimmy Rockwell and Maddog McDowell.

The event ended with 3XW staff attending to Sterling and carrying him out of the arena using the announce table as a makeshift stretcher.

Due to taking the steel chair to the head, Sterling suffered serious head and neck injuries and is expected to be out of action for quite some time due to the viciousness of the Gentlmen’s Club.

Already signed for our next event – “The Ash Has Risen” March 5th at the Des Moines Social Club:

– Brian Ash returns to 3XW to team with Maddog McDowell vs. Heavyweight champion “The Rebel” Jeremy Wyatt and a partner of his choosing!

– Brady A. Dezire challenges “The Rockstar” Jimmy Rockwell for the 3XW Cruiserweight championship!

– Women’s wrestling action returns to 3XW featuring Melanie Cruise!

More matches to be announced in the coming days and on the next episode of 3XW Outside the Ring at http://www.3xwrestling.com/

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