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AAPW Photo recap 1-16-10 Rich turns on McGuire

Posted by flairwhoooooo on February 8, 2010

Brooklyn Bobby leads Christian Rose into battle. (Photo Credit Brian “Flair” Kelley)

Rose cranks down on Gary J. (Photo Credit Brian “Flair” Kelley)

Big punch sends Gary J reeling. (Photo Credit Brian “Flair” Kelley)

Gary J gets his hand raised after a hard fought victory. (Photo Credit Brian “Flair” Kelley)

Gary Jay d. Christian Rose

Newcommer Lazarus dominates Matt Fitchett (Photo Credit Brian “Flair” Kelley)

Lazarus d. Matt Fitchett

El Magnifico toys with Christian Rose. (Photo Credit Brian “Flair” Kelley)

Christian Rose looked strong early but got frustrated and got himself DQ’D (Photo Credit Brian “Flair” Kelley)

El Magnifico d. Paul Rose by DQ

With Curly missing in action AT Brooks stood up to be Rich’s partner, OLD School Thunders Brandon Walker wanted to test the rookie early on.(Photo Credit Brian “Flair” Kelley)

A.T. Brooks impressed early on against the Ax Alworth. (Photo Credit Brian “Flair” Kelley)

Shane Rich sends Walker flying out of the ring. (Photo Credit Brian “Flair” Kelley)

Walker comes back to demonstrate his power on the popular Rich.(Photo Credit Brian “Flair” Kelley)

The wrestling expertise of Old School Thunder was too much for the new team of Rich and Brooks.(Photo Credit Brian “Flair” Kelley)

Ax Allworth & Brandon Walker d. Shane Rich & AT Brooks

Bloody Harker Dirge (Photo Credit Brian “Flair” Kelley)

Dirge took it to Mitch Ryder, but the veteran Ryder was able to get the victory. (Photo Credit Brian “Flair” Kelley)

Mitch Ryder d. Bloody Harker Dirge

Former TNA Tag Team Champion Andy Douglas and his manager Big Mo getting reado to take on Simon Dean. .(Photo Credit Brian “Flair” Kelley)

Simon Dean has Andy Douglas heading backwards. (Photo Credit Brian “Flair” Kelley)

Andy Douglas works over Simon Dean.(Photo Credit Brian “Flair” Kelley)

Andy Douglas looked in championship form at AAPW. (Photo Credit Brian “Flair” Kelley)

Big Mo gives his protégé a helping hand. (Photo Credit Brian “Flair” Kelley)

Simon Dean earned the win and got revenge on Big Mo. (Photo Credit Brian “Flair” Kelley)

Simon Dean d. Andy Douglas

Evan Gelstico throws caution to the wind in their match up against Rage.(Photo Credit Brian “Flair” Kelley)

Mike Masters was nasty on the outside of the ring.(Photo Credit Brian “Flair” Kelley)

Mitch Blake and Mike Masters showed the AAPW fans why they are the champs by working as one, even if it wasn’t legal. (Photo Credit Brian “Flair” Kelley)

Evan Gelstico was shown no mercy from Rage as the match continued.(Photo Credit Brian “Flair” Kelley)

Getting hit from every direction Evan Gelistico needed a tag desperately. (Photo Credit Brian “Flair” Kelley)

Rage had their way on the Submission squad using cheap shots and cutting off the ring as Pierre asks the ref to regain order. (Photo Credit Brian “Flair” Kelley)

Pierre Finally got the tag but the ref was knocked out on accident causing a no contest. (Photo Credit Brian “Flair” Kelley)

AAPW Tag Champs Mike Masters & Mitch Blake fought Pierre Abernathy & Evan Gelistico to a no contest.

AAPW Champion Edmund Livewire McGuire defends the title against The Missisispi Madman. (Photo Credit Brian “Flair” Kelley)

Edmund wisely used his speed to get away from the Madman early on in the match.(Photo Credit Brian “Flair” Kelley)

The Mississippi Madman got his hands on the champ which was not good news for Livewire. (Photo Credit Brian “Flair” Kelley)

Bodyslam!!(Photo Credit Brian “Flair” Kelley)

No one knows how to use his bulk to his advantage more than the Madman.(Photo Credit Brian “Flair” Kelley)

With heart and determination of a true champion Edmund Livewire McGuire fought was able to fight back and looked to have the match back into his favor.(Photo Credit Brian “Flair” Kelley)

Nothing stings more than having a friend stab you in the back. Shane Rich shows his true colors by giving the assist to the Madman while being the special referee. (Photo Credit Brian “Flair” Kelley)

Not happy with costing McGuire the AAPW Title Rich puts a beat down on his former friend.(Photo Credit Brian “Flair” Kelley)

Due to the actions of Shane Rich , AAPW reprimanded him with a 90 day suspension.(Photo Credit Brian “Flair” Kelley)

Mississippi Madman pinned Livewire McGuire to win the AAPW Heavyweight Title

Missouri Wrestling Revival caught up with Edmund Livewire Mcguire after his heartbreaking loss.

We leave with a final word from Shane Rich.

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  1. Great share flairwhoooooo. You are really great. I am going to add this in my album.

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