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MMWA-SICW July 11 recap, part one

Posted by reimaginejournalism on July 31, 2009

By Kari Williams

MMWA-SICW put on a free show for its fans at the Dupo Fairgrounds in Dupo, IL prior to the event at South Broadway Athletic Club later that evening. The show began later than expected due to a rain delay and had only five matches because of time restrictions, but still gave fans the entertainment they desired.

Heavyweight Champion Gary Jackson battled a formidable opponent in A.J. Williams, who appears to be looking for a Heavyweight Title reign in the near future. As two fan favorites, Williams and Jackson put on one of the best, most competitive matches of the night. Neither man appeared to gain a clear advantage, depsite their efforts. However, Williams did have Jackson on edge throughout the bout, which allowed Williams to gain mulitple near falls. Each time Williams tried to take control, Jackson used his pure athletic skill to put a stop to Williams. The champion soundly defeated Williams with the Texas Cloverleaf to retain his title after Williams delivered two consecutive elbow drops but could not capitalize.

Bobby D took on the Big Texan in a physical contest. Texan attacked D from the get go, and barely gave him a chance to get out of the box, so to speak. Nonetheless, the one miniscule opportunity D had, he took full advantage of, using any tactics he could. Nothing D did could stop the bigger man, and when Texan caught D with a double-underhook suplex, the end became clear. In nearly 10 and a half minutes, Texan caught D in on the second rope and chokeslammed him to the mat for the win.

Blade had his hands full against Connection Member Shaft, who, conspicuously, was not accompanied by Travis Cook. Using his dastardly ways, Shaft attacked Blade from behind to gain the unfair advantage. However, neither man controlled the match for an extended period. Shaft’s evil ways kept Blade at bay and gave the Connection’s newest member a distinct disadvantage. Just over 10 minutes into the one-sided affair, Shaft stole the victory with a roll up where he had the tights.

Women’s Champion Alexis defended her title against her archnemesis Destiny Diamond, who has tried for the last few months to win the title. Diamond’s skill increases each time she steps in the ring, and this bout was no exception, as she easily dominated the champion. Not using any flashy moves, Diamond controlled the match, but one false move sent Diamond to the wayside and allowed Alexis to take over. Alexis wore down Diamond in a short amount of time, then pinned her after a TKO to retain the belt.

In the opening contest, The Exciting Jaysin Static and Core went at it. With the crowd firmly behind Static, he had a pyschological lead going in. It seemed as though that also worked in Core’s favor, as it gave him more motivation to defeat Static. The two battled in and out of the ring, and Core did everything he could—legally and illegally—to ensure the outcome of the bout. At 8:47, Core had wounded the exciting one enough to get the pin.

Keep checking Missouri Wrestling Revival for the details of the show at South Broadway Athletic Club, which immediately followed this show.

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