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MWR Current List of Champions

Posted by Admin on July 9, 2009

Current List of Champions
Updated: 7/5/2009

Main Singles Titles

3XWrestling Heavyweight Champion: Casanova
All American Pro Wrestling Heavyweight Champion: Shawn Shultz [5/9/2009]
High Voltage Wrestling Heavyweight Champion: “The Future” Donovan Ruddick
IWA Mid South Heavyweight Champion: Dingo
IWA Productions Heavyweight Champion: Curly [5/30/2009]
Lethal Wrestling Alliance Heavyweight Champion: KC Karrington [6/20/2009]
Metro East Championship Wrestling Heavyweight Champion: Zach Thompson
Mid Pro Wrestling Undisputed Champion: Mississippi Madman
MMWA-SICW Heavyweight Champion: Gary Jackson
NWA Central States Champion: Michael Strider
NWA Kansas Champion: “#1” Brett Young
NWA Missouri Champion: Dingo
Pro Wrestling Entertainment Heavyweight Champion: “Bloody” Harker Dirge
Pro Wrestling Next Heavyweight Champion: Danny Daniels [5/15/2009]
Pro Wrestling Phoenix Heavyweight Champion: “The Rebel” Jeremy Wyatt
World League Wrestling Heavyweight Champion: “Superstar” Steve Fender

Main Tag Titles

3XWrestling Tag Team Champions: Gentlemen’s Club (Gage Octane & Mark Sterling)
All American Pro Wrestling Tag Team Champions: Ax Stevens & Brandon Walker
Lethal Wrestling Alliance Tag Team Champions: Submission Squad (Evan Gelistico & Pierre Abernathy)
Metro East Championship Wrestling Tag Team Champions: Huge in Japan (Jimmy Rickwell & Ricky Kwong)
MMWA-SICW Tag Team Champions: Lumberjacks (Abe & Gabe)
Pro Wrestling Entertainment Tag Team Champions: Zero Gravity (Brett Gakiya & CJ Esparza)
Pro Wrestling Next Tag Team Champions: Phoenix Twins (Dash & Tweek)
Pro Wrestling Phoenix Tag Team Champions: Brett Young & Mark Sterling [5/16/2009]
World League Wrestling Tag Team Champions: Darin Waid & Dustin Lane

Main Women’s Titles

MMWA-SICW Women’s Champion: Alexis Lightfoot
World League Wrestling Women’s Champion: Amy Hennig

Secondary Singles Titles

3XWrestling Cruiserweight Champion: “Rockstar” Jimmy Rockwell
3XWrestling Pure Champion: “The Rebel” Jeremy Wyatt [5/1/2009]
High Voltage Wrestling Livewire Champion: Kahagas
IWA Mid South Light Heavyweight Champion: Jimmy Jacobs
IWA Productions Club Champion: Kid Canada [7/1/2009]
Lethal Wrestling Alliance Medallion of Brutality (No DQ): Steven Kennedy [6/20/2009]
Lethal Wrestling Alliance Medallion of Pain (Pinfall): “Gorgeous” Jordan Lacey [6/20/2009]
Lethal Wrestling Alliance Medallion of Torment (Submission): Davey Vega [6/20/2009]
Metro East Championship Wrestling Independent Champion: Gabriel Brimstone
Mid Pro Wrestling Middlwweight Champion: KC Jackson [5/16/2009]
MMWA-SICW Junior Heavyweight Champion: Dave Vaughn
Pro Wrestling Entertainment United States Champion: Mark Sterling [6/20/2009]
Pro Wrestling Next Quad Cities Champion: Hunter Matthews

Secondary Tag Team Titles

High Voltage Wrestling Six-Man Tag Team Champions: Bandanna Mafia (Davey Vega, Evan Gelistico & Pierre Abernathy)

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