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3XW’s “April Showers… of POWER!” Recap (4/17/2009)

Posted by Admin on April 22, 2009

by Midnight Guthrie
(Syndicated by MWR)

A really great night of action, with very good wrestling throughout the night. Extra enhancements were made to the production-side of our events at the Des Moines Social Club, including even more entrance lights and an entrance ramp. It really is a truly phenomenal venue for wrestling.

Be sure to pick up “April Showers…of POWER” on DVD when it’s released so you can catch some excellent DVD-exclusive interviews with Mike Sydal, Zach Thompson and Kraig Keesaman.

Also be on the lookout for the next episode of Outside the Ring before our next event “May Day Mayhem” on May 1st…and yes, as of right now, Chad Mylan’s handful of fans can rejoice because he’s scheduled to be on the next episode!

Of course, 3XW also returns to the Des Moines Social Club on May 15 for “May Flowers…of POWER!” featuring 3XW’s annual tradition, the always-thrilling “Gauntlet for the Gold” time-interval battle royal with the winner earning a future 3XW Heayweight title shot!

Results of “April Showers…of POWER!”:

1. “The Anarchist” Arik Cannon defeated “The Price is Right’s Favorite Wrestler” Aaron Masterson in a suprisingly back-and-forth contest following a devastating brainbuster.

3XW President Skylar Pierce came out to the ring next with his guests for the night, Josh Ray and Brian Kelley of Missouri Wrestling Revival.com. Ray and Kelley presented Pierce with a beautiful plaque honoring 3XW as Missouri Wrestling Revival’s “2008 Promotion of the Year.”

The celebration was not over as the reps from MWR invited the Northstar Express to the ring, who returned to 3XW to a loud and supportive reaction from the crowd. Darin Corbin and Ryan Cruz were each presented with a plaque honoring them as MWR’s “2008 Tag Team of the Year.”

On a sidenote, I encourage everyone to visit http://www.missouriwrestlingrevival.com as it’s an excellent resource on wrestling action happening anywhere in the Midwest. Everyone from 3XW wants to thank Josh and Brian again for honoring 3XW.

Corbin took the mic next and ran down a brief history of the Northstar Express in 3XW and the events that led to his knee injury last September and the Gentleman’s Club ending the NSE’s 20-month reign as tag team champions. Corbin demanded that they get a rematch with the Gentleman’s Club for the tag team titles when…

The Gentleman’s Club’s music hit the speakers and out came Gage Octane, Mark Sterling and 3XW Commissioner Todd Countryman to the ring. Countryman explain to Corbin and Cruz that since they’d hadn’t teamed since September, 3XW held a tag team gauntlet match to crown new No. 1 contender’s in March, which Sexy and Smooth won. Therefore, in order to earn a rematch for the titles, the Northstar Express would have to beat the team of Sexy and Smooth first, while the Gentleman’s Club would be defending the titles tonight against the team that placed last in the gauntlet, Ricky Kwong and Donnie Peppercricket. He ended by tell the NSE that they would be facing Sexy and Smooth…right now!

2. The Northstar Express (Darin Corbin and Ryan Cruz) beat Sexy and Smooth (Ryan Slade and A.J. Smooth) following their patented Cruz Control double-team maneuver. This was an excellent and chaotic match that saw the Gentleman’s Club attempt to interfer by nailing one of the Northstar Express with a Tag Team title belt, only for them to kick out of the pin. Despite the loss, this was an extremely strong showing for Sexy and Smooth.

3. Maddog McDowell defeated “Torturous” Tony Sly following the Rabies Shot.

4. 3XW Cruiserweight Title match and part of Missouri Wrestling Revival’s “Midwest Best Series”: “The Rockstar” Jimmy Rockwell successfully defended the title over Mike Sydal following a Senton Bomb from the top rope in one of the best Cruiserweight title matches in 3XW history. This contest featured both athlete’s pulling out everything in their arsenals, including a moonsault from the top turnbuckle to the floor by Sydal, a flip off the ring apron onto Sydal and into the crowd by Rockwell, a numerous unique counters by both men throughout the match. One highlight of note was Sydal countering Rockwell’s attempt at a gourdbuster by spinning his body around while horizontal in the air and giving Rockwell a stunner. A really fun match to watch.

5. The Gentleman’s Club (Mark Sterling and Gage Octane with 3XW Commisioner Todd Countryman” successfully defended the 3XW Tag Team titles over Kwongercricket (Ricky Kwong and Donnie Peppercricket) in a very strong, gutsy showing by Kwongercricket, who came very close on a number of occasions of winning the titles. The final moments saw Peppercricket hit the Kryptonite Crunch on Sterling, followed by a Flying Elbow Drop from Kwong on Sterling. Countryman jumped on the apron to distract Referee Travis Peterson as Octane grabbed a tag title belt. The Northstar Express ran out and Cruz chased Countryman to the back as Corbin grabbed the belt from Octane and went to hit him with it, but Octane ducked and Corbin accidentally hit Kwong with the tag belt leading to the Gentlemen’s Club winning the match.

6. Kraig Keesaman defeated “The Unbreakable” Zach Thompson in convincing fashion with the devastating Nordic Spike. Following the match, Brady A. Dezire ran into the ring and assaulted Thompson while he was still down on the mat, lifting him to a standing position and crushing his face with a superkick. He took the microphone and said he was tired of being held down in 3XW when wrestlers like Zach Thompson were given chances on every event and said he would prove his point when he beats Thompson in Carlisle on May 1st.

7. Tyler Cook and “Delicious” Devin Carter defeated 3XW Heavyweight champion Casanova and 3XW Pure champion “The Rebel” Jeremy Wyatt after Cook pinned Wyatt with a rollup to regain the 3XW Pure title. Wyatt and Casanova assaulted Cook and Carter with the title belts as soon as the pin was counted, leaving both men grounded as the result of the match was announced and Cook’s theme music played out of the speakers.

Make sure to visit http://www.3xwrestling.com in the coming weeks for updates about both our May events and to watch the latest episode of 3XW “Outside the Ring.”

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