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Could Scott County Wrestling cease to exist TOMORROW?

Posted by Admin on April 9, 2009

Compiled by SCW Staff
The Leaders
With one of the biggest events SCW has ever had less than a week away, SCW staff managed to catch up with both figureheads of the two companies that will battle it out for the right to exist at Prestige ’09. Here’s SCW head honcho Jake Ryder’s response when asked about his thoughts on the upcoming show:

“For almost six years, I have done everything in my ability to ensure that Scott County Wrestling was a great venue of entertainment for people in the Quad-Cities area. Mark Storm and Pro Wrestling NEXT do not agree with my vision, however, and despite everything that I have done to rid them from my life, I realize now that I have never put anything on the line. Great reward can only come with great risk, and so I put Scott County Wrestling on the line in the Winner Takes All 30 Man Prestige Rumble at SCW Prestige on April 10th. Once SCW is victorious, Pro Wrestling NEXT will be no more, and Mark Storm will have no other choice but to walk away from this business for good, under a cloud of shame for which he is worthy. No more tricks, no more loopholes. There’s only room for one of us, and SCW will make sure that the history of this great company will never die.”

Obviously, Jake Ryder and SCW are determined to eliminate PWN from midwest wrestling world for good. When I caught up with the leader of Pro Wrestling Next, Mark Storm, he wasn’t shy about his thoughts for Prestige ’09 either:

“On Friday, April 10th at Prestige it all comes to a boiling point. For the last 17 months Jake Ryder has made my life a living hell. But, come friday it will all be over.

For all intents and purposes Prestige sounds like something illustrious or pre-eminent. Nothing could be more misleading. Because Friday I lead Pro Wrestling Next into war and there’s nothing illustrious about war. One way or another the face of professional wrestling in the Quad Cities, the whole midwest even, will forever be changed. When the smoke clears and all is said and done either myself or Jake Ryder will stand tall, completely in control of the promotion that we’ve both had a hand in running over the last several years, while the other will be left with nothing.

I don’t know what the immediate future brings for me. Though I have total faith in the men who back me I also know that nothing is a given. The final battle in this war is an over the top rope rumble, and anything can happen. What I do know is that I do not regret my journey. If Scott County Wrestling is victorious and i’m banished forever I will at least know that I’m a much better man than I was when I assumed control over four years ago. Hopefully the things that i’ve done will not have been for nothing. But, should Pro Wrestling Next overcome the odds and win the war I will still have a long hard road trying to return this fed to the pride and glory that it once had. Before a diabolical egomaniac twisted and perverted it.

If this is the end then thank you for the past 6 1/2 years. But I can promise you that myself and all of Pro Wrestling Next will do whatever we can to make this the beginning of a new chapter. The NEXT chapter.”

There you have it, ladies and gentlemen. Obviously, the stakes are high this Friday at Davenport’s Beyond the Baseline. Don’t miss out on your last chance to see either PWN or SCW!


The Show

For nearly 6 years, Scott County Wrestling has been a staple in midwest professional wrestling. On April 10, 2009, that could change forever at SCW/PWN Prestige, featuring the annual 30 Man Prestige Rumble Match. For the first time ever, the Prestige Rumble will have a team format. Each side will be represented as they fight for their survival. Scott County Wrestling, a staple in midwest wrestling for years led by Jake Ryder and Marek Brave, will battle the rebel team of Pro Wrestling NEXT led by Mark Storm and Shane Hollister. It’s winner take all. Which entity will survive?

The battle between Pro Wrestling NEXT and Scott County Wrestling began in October 2007 when Marek Brave and Mason Beck kidnapped Mark Storm’s wife Julie and tormented Storm for months, eventually forcing him to sign his resignation before getting her back. Then at Prestige ’08, it was revealed that SCW Senior Executive Jake Ryder was the man behind the curtain calling for the kidnapping of Julie Storm and essentially pulling the strings of Marek Brave.

Over months, Ryder went on a tirade as the sole owner, firing anyone and everyone that stood in his way. One-by-one, Krotch, Tank Roberts, Dan Lawrence, Nicky and Shane Hollister were all disposed of by Ryder until in July ’08 when all of them came storming back and did the unthinkable by stealing Marek Brave’s SCW title belt and setting it on fire! The war was on. At EPIC 5 in September ’08, it was SCW vs. PWN in a Best of 3 series. If SCW won, PWN was done forever. If PWN won, they become a permanent entity within Scott County Wrestling.

It was tied 1-1 when Marek Brave and Shane Hollister met for the first time in a Steel Cage Match that electrified the crowd to no end. Shane Hollister was victorious and Pro Wrestling NEXT was officially born into the world of professional wrestling. Since that night, SCW and PWN have been battling back and forth, but on April 10, 2009 it all comes to an end.

The lines have been drawn and the battle is set. It’s Scott County Wrestling vs. Pro Wrestling NEXT in the first ever 30 man team Rumble match. The last man standing will decide who survives and who falls. Will Pro Wrestling NEXT survive to become the new force in the midwest or will Scott County Wrestling prevail and continue to dominate? There’s only one way to find out.

Could this be the end of Scott County Wrestling?Scott County Wrestling vs. Pro Wrestling NEXT
The Prestige Rumble 2009
Friday, April 10th
Beyond The Baseline – Davenport, IA
1540 W. 12th St.

Team SCW vs. Team PWN
30 Man Prestige Rumble Match

Scheduled to represent Team SCW in the Prestige Rumble: Mark Sterling, Danny Daniels, Knight Wagner, Nick Brubaker, The Hybrids, Ryan Slade, Juice Robinson, Hunter Matthews, Full Throttle, Tony Kozina, Arik Cannon, The Northstar Express and more to be announced!

Scheduled to represent Team PWN in the Prestige Rumble: Shane Hollister, Krotch, Dewey Dawson, Tyler Cook, Mike Sydal, The Phoenix Twins, Zero Gravity, Jordan McEntire and more to be announced!

PWN Championship HAIR vs. TITLE Match
The Mississippi Madman(c) vs. Marek Brave
If Brave loses, he will have his head shaved!

Arik Cannon & The Northstar Express vs. Shane Hollister & The Phoenix Twins

Doors open at 6:30
Bell Time is 7pm

Advance Tickets for $10 are available at:
Co-op Records in Davenport, IA
Have Fun Collectibles in Moline, IL
Video Games Etc. in Davenport, IA and Moline, IL

$12 seats are available at the door, $15 for front row and kids 12 and
under are just $5 general admission and $7 for front row. Kids under 5 are free!


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