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MWR Rankings Review

Posted by Admin on February 8, 2009

MWR Rankings Review
February 2008

by Josh Ray
MWR Owner-Editor

Note: Review the updated MWR Rankings by clicking here.


2009 in the MWR coverage area has, up until this point, been the year of former World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) Superstar Al Snow. Snow broke into the MWR Rankings at number 100, but made appearances all over the Midwest in January. One of those appearances was an entertaining and informative interview by Absolute Wrestling Radio’s Mark Bland and Matt Krueger. After a big victory over MWR 2008 Wrestler of the Year Jeremy Wyatt for NWA Dynamo Pro, all eyes are on Snow for his next move.

In the last update to the rankings in January, a reader made the comment that Zach Thompson should be listed. Thompson responded with great showings in the past month in the region, resulting in his listing at number 92. Thompson’s recent tag team pairing with Mike Sydal for 3XWrestling could steal some time away from Thompson’s singles efforts, but the time with the young, capable Sydal will do wonders for both men in the future.

Right above Thompson in the rankings is Edmund “Livewire” McGuire at number 91. McGuire is an electrifying and extremely popular wrestler for All American Pro Wrestling. So popular, in fact, that he was selected by wrestling fans to be the number one contender to AAPW Heavyweight Champion “Serial Thriller” Shane Rich. McGuire came up short in that effort, but proved that he is a top talent in the area.

For the longest time, Feature Presentation’s Eric Ruffington has been in the top ten or top twenty of the singles rankings for some time, but his partner Blake Steel is starting to gain steam in the singles division, as well. Currently ranked at number 80, expect this NBWA mainstay to gain traction in solo competition.

If respect from the fans was the only criteria for our ranking system then following his match with Dingo for High Voltage Wrestling, Kahagas would be ranked number one. As it stands, the “Japanese Nightmare” is sitting solidly at number 65 with a very promising future in the MWR coverage area.

Even after his MWR December 2008 Wrestler of the Month Award, one of the best kept secrets in the area is a man by the name Curly. The Three Stooges nut is popular with the fans and talented beyond belief. In his very young wrestling career, Curly has already proven to have loads of potential. Wrestling for IWA Productions and AAPW, Curly comes in at number 43.

Like a bullet, “King of 450” Steve Anthony shoots into the rankings at number 38. The brand new World League Wrestling Heavyweight Champion defeated Eugene Dinnsmore and “Superstar” Steve Fender for the belt this past month and really solidified himself as a top Midwest wrestling star after great success with tag team partner Marc Godeker in WLW. Expect 2009 to be Anthony’s year.

Another champion that has top ten potential this year is the 3XW Cruiserweight Champion “Rockstar” Jimmy Rockwell. The Cruiserwight division in 3XW is healthy, filled with wrestlers that have held championship gold elsewhere in the MWR coverage area. A strong showing by Rockwell over the next few months will have him listed well above his current number 18.

The margins are narrowing amongst the top ten wrestlers, especially in the top five. “The Rebel” Jeremy Wyatt is still number one, but wrestlers such as Mark Sterling, Hunter Matthews, and Donovan Ruddick all gunning for the top spot!

Tag Teams

A new tag team is making waves in All American Wrestling (AAW). The team of Josh Raymond and Christian Able, collectively known as House of Truth, have picked up two victories in as many months and sit at number 25 in the rankings. House of Truth are slowly working toward AAW Tag Team Title contention and a showdown with the champs, the Phoenix Twins, who sit at number 2.

Mad Dog McDowell and Aaron Masterson are an odd pair at first glance, but as the Bayou Outlaws both men are the Metro East Championship Wrestling (MECW) Tag Team Champs. As the level of competition continues to heat up in MECW, so too will the ranking of the Bayou Outlaws. McDowell and Masterson are currently ranked number 17.

Mark Sterling is one half of two tag teams in the rankings. One is the Gentlemen’s Club (with Gage Octane), and they are ranked number 12 with the 3XW Tag Team Titles. With Todd Countryman at their side, Sterling and Octane have managed to dodge title defenses in recent months, but have one on the horizon. With a victory, this team should climb back into the top ten. Sterling’s other tag team partner, Darrien Sanders, adds a lethal “kick” to the equation as they come together to form the LONRs. The LONRs are ranked number 3, but could very well take the top spot before the summer wrestling season.

The team with the most upward momentum right now, however, is the Ego Express. KC Karrington and Steven Kennedy are the first ever Lethal Wrestling Alliance Tag Team Champions and are ranked number 5. A possible future title defense against the Northstar Express could make or break this team’s chances at the number one spot in the rankings!

Female Wrestlers

A lack of variety in the WLW Women’s Division has Stacey O’Brien seeming less dominant than she actually is, so she still maintains the number 1 spot. However, Alexis Lightfoot’s recent activity, coupled with MsChif’s return to the MWR coverage area could spell more competition than O’Brien has had in quite some time.


That does it for this edition of the MWR Rankings Review. Please feel free to send in all questions, comments, or suggestion. You can also click below this article to comment on it, but please keep things respectful!

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