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Combat Tested, Mother Approved (featuring Mark Sterling)

Posted by Admin on September 1, 2008

Combat Tested, Mother Approved

by Josh Ray (MWR Owner-Editor)

In this edition of my “Combat Tested, Mother Approved” column, I bring back an old interview that I conducted before I started this site. It’s an in-character interview for Central States Wrestling that I conducted of arguably the best wrestler in the Midwest, Mark Sterling. In it, he discusses his opinions of me, Michael Strider, Dingo, his wrestling skills and his self-proclaimed championship belt.

I loved this interview because it was a chance for me to really get involved in the wrestling scene upon my return to Missouri last year. I was still a relative unknown to the area and wanted to work for a promotion in some sort of writing capacity. As I’ve mentioned before, Ed Chuman of NWA Midwest and Martin T of Central States Wrestling really gave me a start, so CSW was a natural fit for my first work.

Here is the complete article:

One Hell of a Performer
The Mark Sterling Interview

By Joshua C. Ray

The name “Mark Sterling” elicits some very strong knee-jerk reactions from CSW fans. Some despise the man, almost to the point of full unadulterated hatred. Others have respect for him, as he has wrestled some of the best that the sport has to offer and, more often than not, emerged victorious. He’s the type of guy that people aren’t lukewarm about. They either like him or they don’t. There is no in between.

These days there are more and more people jumping over to the side of the fence where Mark Sterling isn’t appreciated or held in high esteem. He’s become obnoxious and borderlines on deranged. He revels in the fact that he is in shape and is quick to point out the people who aren’t in the crowd.

He’s basically the type of guy that many wrestling fans hated when they were in school… or at least that is what he told me when I finally got to sit down with him for an interview last week. I was given the assignment almost two months ago, but Sterling repeatedly told me that I was nobody of importance; a loser who didn’t deserve to be graced with his presence.

I get paid to tackle the hard subjects, though, so I finally wore the man down (by paying him half of my interview money) and got the interview. Enjoy it in its entirety:

Josh: Mr. Sterling, first of all let me tell you that it is a pleasure to finally be able to sit down and talk with you. You’ve made yourself scarce in recent months. Is this because of the loss of the Kansas State Title to Dingo?

Sterling: No, it’s because I am out getting laid by hot bitches. But you wouldn’t know anything about that, would you? You nerd mark ass mark!

Josh: I’ll go ahead and put that on the record that according to you I am a “nerd mark ass mark” and that you have been out “getting laid by hot b*****”. It’s all really interesting to know. Riveting.

Okay, now that we have that out of the way… what has been going on in your mind the past couple of months? You’ve seemed to gain an edge and have become more… um… deranged.

Sterling: What are you, my psychologist? If you were, I’d fire you for being stupid.

What’s been going on in my mind, huh? Well, mostly sick ways to put a hurting on every single wrestler in the world. I belong at the top of the food chain, so I am focusing all my energy on how to stomp out everyone that gets in my way.

In my spare time when I am not training my ass off or pleasing some dumb slut, I am playing violent video games, watching horror movies, or writing down all my ideas on how to tear off someone’s arm, leg, neck, or whatever.

If you weren’t such a tool, you might notice that in every match I have I find a target and maliciously attack it. So basically, most of my thought process is about how to break bones in ways that I find amusing.

What you think is an “edge” or me being “deranged” is called being the BEST! You can only get as good as me by devoting all your energy to wrestling. Everything I do in my life has something to do with furthering my wrestling career. It’s making money at a day job to buy new gear or wrestling tapes. It’s working out in the gym 5 days a week, and training in the ring twice a week plus going to matches on weekends. It’s shoot fighting with your only close friends to improve your conditioning. It’s studying tapes of the best wrestlers, like Finlay and Regal… not watching indy-riffic bullshit. It’s called having an attitude, and maybe you might call it “deranged”, but it’s how I am… I don’t care if people hate me, are scared of me, laugh at me… deep down they know that I am all business.

Josh: Well, I will say that the fans have a newfound respect of you and your in-ring ability in the aftermath of your loss to Dingo. The only problem with that thought process is that there are others that don’t need to act as maliciously as you do to get that job done. Don’t get me wrong, though… I have a lot of respect for you as a wrestler.

I’m getting off topic, though. What are your thoughts on Dingo’s title reign? I’ve heard that you called him out for a rematch.

Sterling: Hold up, hold up, hold up. Who is getting what job done?

There is no one, I mean NO ONE that can touch me when it comes to getting things done in CSW. Being aggressive and violent is the ONLY way to get things done. Just ask the best in the world: Triple H, Finlay, Regal… they wrestle with intensity and FIGHT for their wins.

My goal is to be at that level one day, so anyone in CSW that thinks they can get in my way is going to suffer and get tortured mercilessly.

Now back to your mark ass question….

So far Dingo’s title “reign” has been pathetic. He defended the Kansas title last May and beat two retards in a three way match.

Tony Morales is in CSW randomly, he has been in what, 5 matches here? If he was committed to really wanting gold, he’d be here at every show. So beating him doesn’t impress me. Jeremy Wyatt is garbage, so beating him is like beating up a trash can; it just makes you end up looking filthy and gross. Nuff said.

Who did I square off in my two year reign? Gee, I don’t know… I beat everyone’s favorite fat-ass Michael Strider twice, wrestled TNA’s Abyss three times, and defeated Steve Fender and Wade Chism, both of which are veterans of NOAH in Japan. I also beat Ace Steel, who everyone knows is one of the best out there right now.

So in summary, Dingo’s title reign is crap! He hasn’t proved anything to me! I made him suffer for half an hour last October, I destroyed him a ladder match at DWTS 3, and just because he got a fluke win over me in March, I promise you he was miserable for weeks after that match, since I brutalized him so bad.

Next question?

Josh: I guess my next question would be why weren’t you granted an immediate rematch if Dingo just picked up a fluke win over you? Are you trying to say that the “powers that be” in CSW have purposely kept you away from Dingo to milk his title reign for all that its worth? That sounds a little far fetched. Dingo has a lot more talent than you are giving him credit for.

Sterling: Well, duh! It’s obvious management holds me back. They can’t stand me. They know I make everyone else look foolish. All the boys in the back hate me because they know I am light years beyond them when it comes to this biz, so they bitch at management to get me out of the main events.

Management threw everything in the book to get the Kansas Belt off of me. Then, I finally make one mistake and thumbtacks backfired on me against Dingo…

Our third anniversary show “X Marks the Spot 3” comes around and I am not in the main or semi main event?

Look at what I’ve done for this company since April 2005! I consistently put on the best matches, month in, month out. Hardcore matches and Ladder matches with Abyss, Street Fights with Tyler Cook, wrestling clinics with Ace Steel, Steve Fender, and Hype Gotti… all of my matches in CSW are great. Most of them are classics. I am the best wrestler in this area, hands down. There isn’t a single person that can perform like me. I am the perfect blend of charisma, aggression, superior technical ability, hardcore/brawling, a sculpted physique, and athleticism. You name it, I got it. I have no holes in my game, unlike all these puds I have to share a locker room with each show. No one is in my league when it comes to delivering the goods.

Josh: That was one long winded method of saying that you are the best. I get it.

You think very highly of yourself, and in some respects you’ve got reasons to believe that. What I want to know is this: what’s next for you?

Sterling: NO! In ALL respects I have reason to believe that, not some. You better stop your snide little mark ass comments before I slap the nerd out of you.

(Sterling gets up at this time, ready to punch me square in the face.)

Josh: Okay, okay. No more smart comments from me. I swear. So much hostility coming from you… I’m glad I get paid to do this.

We’ve heard rumors that CSW’s August show is going to have a surprise. Are you going to be part of this surprise?

Sterling: You’re talking about the August 25th show? Why don’t you buy a ticket and find out when you get there? When you get there you can give me some more money for putting on a superior match.

Now, back to your question earlier:

What’s next for me?

Winning. A lot.

Showing the fans that I am better than them and f*cking up their so called heroes.

My goal is to be one of the best in the world, to maximize my potential, to achieve my destiny. I will not stop until I am satisfied. I have a hunger that is ferocious. But there are some issues that hold me back. All the bubble butt babes that want my c*ck are a prime example. What can I say? I like to get my rocks off….

Being in this god-forsaken Midwest is another one of them. Most of the wrestlers in this area are just “ham n eggers”. I crave to test myself. I am going to work tirelessly to realize my ambitions.

Josh: Since you speak ill of the Midwest, I guess I should follow up with another question.

Do you ever envision yourself going after Michael Strider’s CSW Championship Belt? In my opinion there would be no better way to show up the fans and mess up their “so-called heroes” than by winning the CSW title while in the Strider Nation. You’ve beat him before, but the only way to really make the fans pay would be to take the title from him.

Sterling: Oh, trust me. Every time I watch his matches on the locker room monitor, I think of all of the evil things I would do to him.

Management won’t book it though. For some reason, that goof Strider sells a lot of T-shirts, so they aren’t going to put him in a match that they KNOW he will lose, and lose badly mind you.

(Sterling laughs. The laughter could be best described as maniacal.)

It would cost them money. As soon he loses that belt, their goes all of the money from those ridiculous, white trash Strider Nation shirts.

So yes, I would love the chance to beat that b*tch within an inch of his life in front of all of the fans of CSW that have put him on this pedestal. I have already dominated the Kansas Title scene and everyone knows that I would totally dominate the whole Central States title picture. It’s only a matter of time before wrestlers the world over will fear and respect me. Maybe not tomorrow, next month, next year… but I won’t stop until the world knows what the Midwest knows, and that is that Mark Sterling is one hell of a performer.

Josh: I couldn’t have come up with a better send off for this interview. Mr. Sterling, I appreciate your time. You’ve finally let this “nerd mark ass mark” interview you. You conducted yourself in a remarkably civil manner, too… that is, when you weren’t insulting me. Thank you very much.

Sterling: Thank God this is over. I could feel your nerd vibes and it was making my life a living hell.

Now go do something with your life. Don’t be jealous that I’m a wrestler and you’re not!

Information on Central States Wrestling and Mark Sterling can be found at http://www.cswwrestling.com. Join their message board community at http://cswwrestling.informe.com.

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