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The Kari Williams MMWA-SICW Photo Essay

Posted by Admin on May 18, 2008

MMWA-SICW Photo Essay for May 10, 2008

by Kari Williams

Tag Team Title Match:
Dave Vaughn & Mr. Bibbs vs Waco and Tommy Riggs (w/ Big Texan)

Dave Vaughn & Mr. Bibbs win to retain MMWA-SICW Tag Team Titles.

Waco prepares to suplex Dave Vaughn to the mat. Immediately after delivering the suplex, Waco went for the pin, but Vaughn was able to get his shoulder up at the two count.

Tommy Riggs drops his version of “The People’s Elbow” on to a dazed Mr. Bibbs , as he tries to regain momentum for his team.

Mr. Bibbs and Dave Vaughn turn the tide for their team, preparing to demolish their competitors as Referee Jim Harris gives the champions a five count for the illegal man to hold the tag rope.

Shaft vs Jaysin Static

Shaft defeated Jaysin Static by submission via ankle lock.

Prior to starting the match, Shaft declared to Referree Bobby Patton, “First of all, you need to check his hair because that’s a lethal weapon.” With the match in progress, Shaft delivers a devastating suplex to the rookie competitor, Jaysin Static, who has been proving his worth in the months since his debut.

Shaft wrenches Jaysin Static’s ankle in a destructive way, trying to force Static to tap out.

Near the end of the match, Static made a daring attempt at a comeback, sending Shaft to the mat with a treacherous clothesline. However, in the end, Static succumbed to the ankle lock.

Six-man Tag Match
(two remaining to face each other for the heavyweight title):
Lumberjacks Abe & Gabe and Kevin X vs Phil E. Blunt, Jerome Cody & Tommy Knight
Order of elimination:
1- Lumberjack Gabe,
2- Tommy Knight,
3- Lumberjack Abe,
4- Phil E. Blunt.
With Jerome Cody and Kevin X as the two remaining competitors, they faced each other later in the night for the vacant Heavyweight Title

In the six-man tag team elemination match, Kevin X was against all odds as he did his best to battle The Connection. He was able to get in some formidable offense in the opening moments of the match against “The Main Attraction” Tommy Knight.

In the no time-limit bout, X kept his cool, not letting emotions get the best of him, like he has done in the past. This method allowed him dropkick Knight to the mat.

Phil E. Blunt delivered an impressive superkick to X in the closing moments of the match. It appeared that Blunt would then set X up for a spear by Jerome Cody, but Cody inadvertently slammed Blunt to the mat. Capitalizing on The Connection’s misfortune, X eliminated Blunt, which made both Cody and himself the final two competitors.

Women’s Title Match:
Alexis Lightfoot vs Stacy O’ Brien

Stacy O’Brien wins to become the new MMWA-SICW Women’s Champion.

As the title match started, Stacy O’ Brien taunted the crowd, while Alexis waited in the ring to defend her title. Referee Jim Harris begins the 10 count for O’ Brien’s antics. O’ Brien had conflicts with Harris throughout the entire match. She argued and judged his refereeing skills with little concern for her competitor.

Despite Alexis’s valiant effort, O’ Brien was able to cheat her way to victory. With a shot to the head using an illegal object, O’ Brien quickly capitalized to become the new MMWA-SICW Women’s Champion.

Heavyweight Title Match:
Jerome Cody vs Kevin X

Kevin X defeated Jerome Cody to become the new MMWA-SICW Heavyweight Champion.

Jerome Cody was laying in wait prior to Kevin X’s entrance, hoping to gain an advantage with a cheap shot. As X walked to the ring, Cody lunged at him and forcefully smashed a steel chair directly onto X’s skull. Cody dominated the majority of the match-up due to his devilish ways, which allowed him to connect with a flying cross-body from the top rope.

Overcoming every obstacle that was put in front of him for months, X pulled a victory seemingly out of nowhere to become the new MMWA-SICW Heavyweight Champion. When X requested that Referee Bobby Patton put the belt around his waist, Cody stormed from ringside in disgust.

Moondog Rover vs Jeremy Lightfoot
Jeremy Lightfoot defeated Moondog Rover via roll up.

Moondog Rover tries to gain control of Jeremy Lightfoot in the opening moments of the bout using his traditional dog-like tactics.

Referee Jim Harris checks the status of Lightfoot after Rover reverts to tactics that would send him to the dog pound for sure.

Rover tries to gain some measure of control with a splash in the corner, but in the end Lightfoot defeats the mischevious mutt with a roll-up.

Junior Heavyweight Title Match:
A.J. Williams v. Tommy Riggs

AJ Williams defeated Tommy Riggs for the Vacant MMWA-SICW Junior Heavyweight Title.

After it was announced that Johnny Courageous would not be able to wrestle (as scheduled) due to a shoulder injury, A.J. Wlliams waited for his opponent, who turned out to be Tommy Riggs.

In his second match of the night, Riggs made every attempt to capture the Junior Heavyweight Title, going so far as to use “The People’s Elbow.”

However, the stars were lined up right for Williams, as his determination to regain the title propelled him to victory after connecting with a flying elbow drop and a moonsault from the tope rope.

“Wild Child” Billy Diamond vs Bobby D
Billy Diamond defeated Bobby D.

“Wild Child” Billy Diamond delivers an impressive suplex to Bobby D in the main event of the evening, determined to make the rainbow warrior lose his cool.

Bobby D tries to make a comeback against Diamond with an elbow drop, but to no avail.

Although Bobby D controlled a portion of the bout, Diamond had the wherewithall to fight back, delivering knees to the gut, and then following up the assualt to issue a resounding defeat.

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