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Mark This Down

Posted by Admin on April 10, 2008

“Mark This Down”
by “Smart” Mark Anthony

Note from MWR: “Smart” Mark Anthony is a pro wrestling aficionado, Internet advocate, and aspiring wrestling manager with strong opinions and a blunt personality. The views expressed in his column do not necessarily reflect the thoughts, opinions, or feelings of MWR or the MWR staff.

NOTE FROM THE EDITOR: This article has been HEAVILY edited by me in order to protect the individuals and promotions involved. I will never run a pointed and negative article about any individual or entity unless thorough investigation has been conducted by me.
What’s the matter? Did you miss me?

I know there are those of you out there who will deny it but I, as your leader, know the truth. You’ve been lost without me. You’ve been clamoring for more from “Smart” Mark Anthony. You need me to tell you what you like and don’t like.

Here I am, basking in the glow of your adoration.

There are some strange things happening in the world of Midwest professional wrestling, friends. Very strange things. It’s my job to talk about them. Due to my connection with Missouri Wrestling Revival and the fact that I do not have my own website platform to project my views from, I’ve got to tread lightly on this topic. That being said folks… here goes nothing.

In the world of American professional wrestling, there are very few instances where a wrestler would find it feasible to limit himself/herself to only one wrestling promotion. Sure, a newer wrestler might have obligations to a wrestling school that is connected with a promotion, but I’m talking about wrestlers with more than a year of experience. Indy wrestlers in particular need to do some traveling in order to bring in steady money and showcase their skills. Most wrestling promotions only have one (maybe two) shows each month. Most wrestlers are lucky to make fifty to one hundred dollars per show. Do the math.

World Wrestling Entertainment has exclusive contracts. Total Nonstop Action only recently started using exclusive contracts when the company became more established last year. Other than those two promotions, I would venture to guess that the only exclusive contracts would be in connection with the various wrestling schools across the country.

I could be wrong, but I seriously doubt it.

The Midwest wrestling scene is no different. That is, it wasn’t until recently. There have been rumblings across the greater Midwest that a promotion, which as of my writing of this (April 8, 2008) hadn’t even had it’s first show yet, started sending out exclusive contracts to many Midwest wrestlers. The word on the street is that the promotion is claiming to have actually signed some of these wrestlers to exclusive contracts.

How much is this promotion paying? I’ll quit my job here at MWR (sorry, Josh!) and go to work for them if they are making it as worth a wrestler’s while as I imagine they’d need to.

Think about it.

I’ll break it down in optimistic fashion. If the average indy wrestler makes $300 per appearance (I’d say the average “good” Indy wrestler does not even make that much), and he/she typically works four shows per month for various promotions, that is $1,200. Can a start up Midwest promotion have the capability to pay $1,200 per month to make it worth a wrestler’s while? I seriously doubt it.

What’s more troubling is the rumor that has been running rampant with wrestlers whom have received these “exclusive contracts”, but have not signed them. Reports have varied, but wrestlers have stated that the contracts are between fifteen and twenty pages long. My sources also tell me that the “exclusive” part of this contract is hidden.

If we are all fans of professional wrestling, why would we want to sit idly by and support an organization that is obviously trying to exploit our wrestlers? It makes no sense to me.

Even more troubling is the report of stereotypical promotional infighting that has resulted in underhanded tactics from this new promotion. One example is a very well-respected promotion being undermined by a phantom entity calling the venue of each of the established promotion’s events. The caller stated that he/she was the owner of the established promotion and said that the show had been cancelled. The established promotion went from having nearly a year of wrestling dates, to having two or three.

When I originally wrote this article, I had much more information included in it. The article was much less vague then, but I’ll go on ahead and say that the editor of MWR is professional enough to keep somebody like me in check. That means that many of the details have been removed from this article pending a full investigation.

I’ll jump start the investigation by being at this organization’s first show to check on how things run.

You all haven’t heard the last of me!


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