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MWR Spotlight: Big Nasty

Posted by Admin on March 29, 2008

MWR Spotlight: Big Nasty

Interview conducted by “Your Trip to Space Mountain” writer Brian “Flair” Kelley

The Nastiest Man in the Bizness

Big Nasty

6’3″, 350 LBS

Entrance Music: Remix of the Halloween movie theme

Wrestling Experience: 10 years (debuted against The Moondog Cujo [Cousin Junior] in 1998

Currenty Promotions: IWC, NFW, CCW

Biggest Match: I’ve had a lot of great matches against some pretty amazing names in this sport. Curt Hennig, Buff Bagwell, and Fargo to name a few. I would have to say my favorite match was a 45-minute double ring, bull rope, cowbell, Kansas City street fight in Evansville, Indiana against The Texas Hangman “Lonestar”. It was in 2004 and people still talk about that match. We tore the roof off of the Colisseum.

Where you a big wrestling fan growing up and if so who was your favorite?

I never really watched wrestling, however Kansas City did have its time in glory with All Star Wrestling. Bulldog Bob Brown, Rufus R. Jones, and the like. If there is one guy that I’ve modeled myself after, it would be Bruiser Brody. My favorite was “Superstar” Billy Graham.

You were trained by Chris Champion, who had a reputation as a very stiff wrestler. How would you describe your training with the very talented Champion? What kind of advice did you get from him?

I love Chris. I respect Chris so much. He basically taught me everything I know. I respect the fact that he was true to his game. Because he was stiff, alot of guys complained and didnt want to work him. It kinda cut his career short. I’m a stiff guy as well, and you work as your trainer works you.

Chris is stiff. He worked me stiff, and so I natrually am a stiff worker as a result. I’ve had my share of complaints, but I always have a box of Kleenex handy for those guys who want a shoulder to cry on.

Chris taught me the business from the ground up. No short cuts. I was made to gain respect for the business before I was let in. I think that is an important fact that just isnt practiced any more. Far too many wannabe wrestlers work one match each month for 6 months and suddenly are seasoned pros. Thats crap. You have to pay dues in this business, and brother I paid mine in full. These young guys just dont know whats its like to be groomed old school.

How would you describe Big Nasty style of wrestling?

Big Nasty is Big Nasty, baby. I’m hardcore, in your face, and I don’t really have a lot of repect for whoever gets in the ring with me. I’m trying to bring pain and quickly make them realize this is not a place they want to be.

I’m stiff. I work stiff. I’ve got a reputation for being a shooter if the money is right. I like knowing that my opponent is nervous. He should never know what to expect. I’m trying to hurt you, and that’s a shoot.

You wrestled your first wrestling match at the Evansville Colisseum in Evansville, Indiana back in 1998. Who did you wrestle and how did that compare to the pro football that you played in the previous eight years?

Well, it’s like apples and oranges. As I said earlier, my first match was against The Moondog Cujo, also known as Cousin Junior during his hillbilly days. I was green and I messed up. Junior hit me in the back of the head with that friggin dinosaur bone that he carried, and it split the back of my head open. I tried my best to kill him and we even had heat in the locker room. We had heat in the parking lot, too. If it wasnt for Bad Business Brown (RIP), the guy who brought me into wrestling and talked me down in my anger, then to me the heat was real and I wanted to deal with him in a real way.

We’re all good now. It’s how young guys learn in this business. You fuck up, you pay for it in the ring.

Throughout the years you’ve had to wrestle some big names such as Tracy Smothers, Necro Butcher, and the late great Curt Hennig to name a few. Who would you choose as your favorite to wrestle against?

Tracy is a trip, and he knows how to work a crowd. He is a heel’s heel for sure. Great guy.

Necro is off the chart with the stuff he puts his body through. He is truly insane.

Curt was fantastic. A great worker, a great guy, and we all miss him.

I’ve had the opportunity to work with a lot of great guys over the years and they all have there great qualities, yet each one is individually unique. Again though, my favorite guy to work with is Lonestar. He’s always like “Nasty, let’s go out there and do it for real”, meaning punch for punch, kick for kick, all shoot. He wants to give them (the fans) what they came to see. Two big bulls going at each other makes for some of the best matches. We got love for each other, and we just go out and give our all. I can’t wait to meet up with him again. Hopefully we’ll meet here in the IWC.

Any road stories you would like to share with the readers at home?

It’s like Vegas, baby. What happens on the road stays on the road, but it will be available in my unauthorized biography, “The Story of the Nasty Man, as told by Big Nasty”.

Fans can see you wrestle for the exciting new promotion IWC on April 12, 2008 in Ottawa, KS in a big battle royal to determine the first 4 entrants in the IWC Heavyweight Championship tournament. At 6’3″ and 350 pounds, you will be a force to recon with in IWC. Have you ever been in a Battle Royal? How do you feel about them?

I’ve been in several battle royals. It’s cool because you got alot of guys taking up limited space. You can kinda go in and relax a little. It’s not like you’re carrying the whole match yourself. There is a nice break every now and again.

I think it’s a cheap way to a title shot, but hey, whatever it takes for me to get that strap. I mean, it’s inevitable. Nobody in the IWC can match me power-wise, and quite frankly there isn’t much talent in the IWC, yet.

One month later on May 17, 2008 at IWC’s “Battle Front” you are scheduled to wrestle none other than Brandon Espinoza in a very loaded card in Topeka, KS. This card not only has your match, but “Black Machismo” Jay Lethal taking on Raymond Rowe, ROH Star Davey Richards hooking up with the Kingpin Angel, two TNA Knockouts battling out in ODB versus Roxxie Lavaux. This will be a big match for you, as both you and Brandon will hope to show early on in IWC who is the cream of the crop. What do you know about your opponent, and what gives you the edge in this match?

Well first off, the fact that the IWC contacted me means they already know who the cream of the crop is. I hear you say “none other than brandon espanolia” or whatever like I’m supposed to know him. I dont know him. I’ve never heard of him.

I did check out his Myspace page, though. Are you sure this guy isn’t still in high school? He looks a little scrawny to me.

My edge? Are you kidding me? I’m gonna drop him on his head three or four times, chop him till his nipples bleed, and toss him like a doll out of the ring. I’ll throw him a few times into the rails, roll him back into the ring, and set him up for the Nasty Bomb. Then it’s ONE… TWO… THREE… Ding Ding Ding. Lights out!

IWC has a very talented roster at their disposal, so this is where I will allow you to speak your mind with the “Space Mountain Free Fall”.

Justin Payne?

Reminds me of Prince Albert’s little brother. I mean little.

Evan Gelestico?

Evan Geletin? Hmm… whatever you say. Whatever you hear. Nadda. No clue. I’m embarrassed that I’ve never heard of these guys.

CK Vaughn?

I used to have some cologne called CK Vaughn. Smelled like hell and oh my God it was horrible.

Dekin Cane?

You know I saw him at church just last week. Dekin Cane… dancing, shouting. I saw you dip into that money jar, Dekin. And you call yourself Dekin? God don’t like ugly.

Devan Scott?

Another truly mind-blowing nobody.

Gary J?

Wow! Gary J! What can I say about Gary J? Absolutely nothing, cause I’ve never heard of him.

JC Thunder?

I dont know. You tell me.


I’ve known a couple of guys that tried to run this gimmick. They were pretty sorry, as well.


At first I thought this guy was a manager, not a worker.

Pierre Abernathy?

Is that the Canadian punk that once… Nah different punk.

Johnny Hacker?


Stevie K?


The Kingpin Angel?

The baldies were a great gimmick. Old school. Now he’s in my way, and anyone who gets in Big Nasty’s way is in for a bit of pain.

Raymond Rowe?

Up an comer in the hardcore division. He’s got skills, but any goon can swing a chair and staple dollar bills to a guy’s nut sack. Maybe that’s just what im planning to do to Raymond in the IWC? Who knows?



Bigg Dogg?

Never seen him work, but got some things in store for him. We’ll see who the big dog really is.

Please tell wrestling fans everywhere why they should know the name Big Nasty.

Because I know where you live and I’ve seen where you sleep, and I swear on everything that is holy that your mothers will shriek after they see what I’ve done to you. Big Nasty is the one your mother warned you about ladies. I am the one all the fellas hate, cause their girls wish they were me. You can never be me, so while she’s fantasizing about me tell her to put her teeth back in her mouth.

This is for the fellas: don’t let a guard rail or a rope stop you from being a man. If there is something you want to do, come on through. Fans dont mean nothing to me. Inbred, family tree runs in circles, non-bathing morons. Three teeth max per household in Missouri and Kansas, or so I hear.

No, I don’t want the FANS to know my name. I want them to fear my name. And another thing, IWC get ready for some spine tingling fear. Boys bring your A games cause you won’t gain any fame if you come my way.


I’m Out.

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