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Your Trip to Space Mountain

Posted by Admin on March 5, 2008

Brian “Flair” Kelley Interviews the International Wrestling Conference

One of the biggest wrestling supporters in the Midwest sits down with a the Vice President of Talent for the International Wrestling Conference!

Flair: I am here with Steve Scott, Vice President of Talent for the new independent wrestling promotion International Wrestling Conference (IWC). IWC is looking forward to an eighteen city tour that includes Kansas, Missouri, Iowa, and Illinois.

First of all I would like to thank you for your time today. I wish you and the IWC the best in all of your plans.

Steve: Thank you Brian. It’s been a lot of hard and ongoing work.

Flair: So how did you first get involved in the wrestling business?

Steve: I got involved at the age of nine. I was the ring boy for the NWA at Memorial Hall in Kansas City, KS back in the good old days of pro wrestling. I was there when Ric Flair won the title for the first time. After that, I spent many years learning and understanding the sport I loved at a very early age. I was even taught how to wrestle very early on.

Flair: What brought you to the IWC?

Steve: The founding principles, morals, and ethics that I associate with the company. The one thing that hit it home for me was that I believe it’s time to give the fans what they want and desire. The fans do deserve to get their money’s worth. It is them that keep all of us in business, and the IWC wants to give them what they want. What they want is great talent that has been trained by the best and a product that they desire and can’t wait to see again.

Flair: Can you explain how IWC came to fruition?

Steve: IWC came to fruition by a long series of discussions on how to get a great product and concept to the fans on a regional and even global level. The discussion started by wondering why so many fans are displeased with what they have been getting all over the country. The President of IWC, myself, and others have listened to what the fans have said all over the Midwest concerning what they pay to see, and we all agreed that somebody needed to step up and bring it to the fans. We want to please the current wrestling fans and win back those that have been ran away by what is currently offered.

Flair: What style of wrestling should fans be looking for when they attend a night of action produced by IWC?

Steve: Fans will get a heavy dose of old school, but will have some new mixed in as well. They will be blown away by what they get, and we have many surprises in store for them along the way.

Flair: Who should we look forward to seeing in IWC action?

Steve: You should look forward to seeing many of today’s stars from all over the world, including Japan, Mexico, and the U.S. IWC will use several former WWE, ECW, WCW, and TNA stars. Some of those stars are already under exclusive contracts with IWC, with many more in current negotiations.

We will also be developing many up and coming IWC stars through our state of the art training facility. The men that will handle this training program for IWC Developmental will be Angel the Kingpin (ECW), Big Vito (WWE), and Low Ki (TNA and New Japan).

Flair: While talking to wrestling fans in preparation for this interview, I found that many were excited about the thought of ECW Original Sandman and TNA Knockout ODB. How many shows do you plan for them to take part in?

Steve: More than most people think. We believe that ODB will be a mainstay in IWC for a very long time, and Sandman should be around for awhile with the IWC Ohio developing. We look forward to working with both of these very talented individuals.

Flair: Your website (http://www.internationalwrestlingconference.org/) has a feature where fans can vote on how the vacant IWC title will be won. The choices are tournament, battle royal, or simply awarded to somebody. As a traditionalist, I voted tournament. How would you like to see it done?

Steve: I won’t comment on how I want it done, but we will be watching what the fans have to say very closely. Keep in mind that there might be a twist involved. The first few shows should reveal what will happen, and I have heard a rumor that I personally can’t wait to see come true. I guess we all have to wait a little bit longer.

Flair: How many titles do you plan to have?

Steve: That is a complicated question now with the formation and development of IWC Ohio. Quite a few, for sure. I will say that one of the IWC belts, the IWC International Championship, will be truly that.

Flair: Go out on a limb and predict how many people on average will attend an IWC show and in what ways do you plan on marketing them.

Steve: Well, that will depend on the size of the venue, but we plan on seeing a lot of people over the next year.

Flair: Will you be taping your shows to sell on DVD in the future?

Steve: Yes. We will be taping our shows for future sales. Network discussions are ongoing. IWC is scheduled to have a pay per view later this summer.

Flair: How do you feel about pro wrestling from a Midwest independent standpoint?

Steve: I will speak for myself and not the company.

Some of it is good and some of it is very bad. On of the things that disturbs me most is the phone calls we get from people that claim they are wrestlers. These days it seems that anybody and everybody is training someone in order to make a quick buck. It is all very alarming. People should leave training to the pros.

We are not a backyard wrestling company and are strictly against those that have little or no skill reverting to backyard tactics to draw fans. It is my observation that many are lacking the art form and technical aspect of wrestling. I want to say loud and clear that IWC’s school will not be a school where we simply take your money. If you try out and are invited in, you pay NOTHING. We also have several females training to wrestle, which this part of the country is lacking.

Flair: That’s all I have for now, Mr. Scott. Thank you very much for your time. Is there anything else that you would like to add?

Steve: The IWC would like to say thank you for this opportunity to address the fans in the Midwest. Keep your eyes on the website for many upcoming surprises, pretty much on a weekly basis!

Flair: That’s it for my interview with Steve Scott, Senior Vice President of Talent for the International Wrestling Conference! Stay tuned for another edition of my “Your Trip to Space Mountain” in the near future!

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