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Mark This Down

Posted by Admin on February 17, 2008

“Mark This Down”
by “Smart” Mark Anthony

Note from MWR: “Smart” Mark Anthony is a pro wrestling aficionado, Internet advocate, and aspiring wrestling manager with strong opinions and a blunt personality. The views expressed in his column do not necessarily reflect the thoughts, opinions, or feelings of MWR or the MWR staff.
I know you all missed me. To tell you the truth, I missed myself a little, too.


I’ve been staying busy doing what I do best, and that is sitting at my computer keeping track of all of the wrestling news. On the Midwest front, there isn’t a whole heck of a lot going on when you look at the surface. Fortunately, the voice of the Internet Wrestling Fan (or IWF, as Disco In-Crappo refers to my people) digs a little deeper into the state of affairs to find a few glimmering pieces of hope. While some may be doom and gloom, or drama lovers (reference my last column, please), I prefer to find hope and remain intelligently optimistic. I say “intelligently optimistic” meaning that I look hopefully into the future while still realizing that we’ve got plenty of smartly placed steps before we get to that bright conclusion.

Okay, I’m rambling a bit. Let’s dive into my column by looking at some of the bright spots in Midwest wrestling.

1. Chris Masters is the new World League Wrestling Champion.

Some people might downplay this, as WLW has a reputation for being uncooperative with other promotions. I do feel that Chris Masters as WLW champ raises WLW’s clout in the Midwest and can give a residual effect to other promotions operating in Missouri and the immediate area surrounding the state. He’s been very high profile on WWE television relatively recently, and for long enough in duration to have made a solid impression in the casual fans mind. If Chris Masters can draw attention to a smaller Midwest promotion, perhaps he can help talent in the Midwest gain some name recognition from area fans.

2. NWA Wrestling Showcase on Colours.

It is still too early to tell whether NWA’s TV show on Dish Network is going to be a success or not, but already it has given professional wrestlers from different areas of the country a chance to shine on a larger stage. It shouldn’t be too much longer before NWA Midwest has some sort of presence on the show and with NWA Midwest receiving exposure, so will the Midwest talent that is showcased.

3. Missouri Wrestling Revival

Okay, I’ve gone and done it. I can’t help but brag on my sponsor, MWR. Some might saying my nose is brown, but you can’t deny that MWR is trying to do a good thing for the Midwest wrestling community. Josh and MWR offer solid cheap publicity to the various promotions across the Midwest, and are even offering advertising space on the site for a nominal fee. I personally don’t know the rates, but I assume they are fairly priced. On top of that, MWR is trying to work out the kinks in a ratings system for Midwest wrestling and did a bang up job on last months awards. I’ve talked to Josh on more than one occassion, and the guy is genuine without the shadiness people have come to expect from the wrestling business.

This edition of “Mark This Down” is shorter than usual, but tune in next time around when I drop science once again on the Midwest wrestling world from my throne high above my Internet Kingdom!


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