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Mark This Down

Posted by Admin on January 27, 2008

“Mark This Down”
by “Smart” Mark Anthony

Note from MWR: “Smart” Mark Anthony is a pro wrestling aficionado, Internet advocate, and aspiring wrestling manager with strong opinions and a blunt personality. The views expressed in his column do not necessarily reflect the thoughts, opinions, or feelings of MWR or the MWR staff.
It’s time for another edition of the fabled MWR column, “Mark This Down”.

Well, fabled might be too strong of a word, but you catch my drift. This time around, I’ll tackle people who take wrestling way too seriously.

Yikes! What?

That’s right, I said it. There are people out there who take professional wrestling even more seriously than I do… and that is scary.

You know, I have to claim these individuals as my people… my peeps, as it were… but sometimes they go too far. They complain for the sake of complaining. They stir up drama for no other reason than to make themselves feel important. It becomes difficult to believe that they are even wrestling fans at all.

This worker is under pushed and I’m pissed off about it.

Somebody has to do the good old J-O-B. Get over it. Usually the best jobbers are those that can actually move, because they can sell their opponents move as actually effective. That’s not to say that every main eventer needs to be the Great Khali to balance things out, but hopefully you catch a brutha’s drift.

They are shoving this wrestler down my throat, so I’m never watching the product ever again

Funny how they say that, yet seem to know more about what is going on in the product than everybody else who is still watching…

Your fans are too rowdy and they run other fans away/cheap beer is bad, mmmkay.

This is what I’ve been seeing around the Midwest lately. It’s stupid, really. If the promotion in question were really doing as terribly as some would like to believe, then I don’t think they would have any problem politely asking the fans to tone it down a little bit for the sake of better business. That’s not to say that the die hard fans aren’t running some new fans away. No, not at all. The great thing about it is that if it bothers you then there are a host of other promotions in the area to go to. There is no reason to stir up drama about it. Just say your opinion, let your word be your word, and don’t be a bitch about it. Yes, I said it… bitch.

I can’t say that hanging around a rowdy crowd at EVERY wrestling event would be fun, but luckily there are alternatives and I am a grown ass man who can be somewhat professional when required to.

The above quotes are only a few examples of what I am talking about. We as wrestling fans have an obligation to criticize the things in the business that we do not like. That’s why the Internet was invented (Thanks Mr. Gore!). Unfortunately, when everything out of your mouth (or in your forum/blog posts) is negative about wrestling, you lose all credibility. You become a pisser and a moaner as opposed to an authority on anything. You need to leave the pro wrestling world and go read some comic books, hang out at a Star Wars grand opening, or something equally nerdy if you feel the urge to get your rocks off.

I’ve been around for awhile on the D/L (that means I have been in the area inconspicuously for those that don’t know), as it were. I’ve witnessed people here in the Midwest wrestling scene going on and on about this promotion selling cheap beer, or that promotion going under because they “just couldn’t hang”. I’ve heard about the wrestlers who have attitude problems and all of the egotistical promoters. Most of this talk is drummed up by the drama queens of the net that feel a need to be a part of something, but can only do so if they have some sort of dramatic mess to be a part of.

I compare this phenomena to the high school atmosphere. Remember back in the day (some of you have to go way back) when there were people that were impossible to like, yet always seemed to be part of the “in” group? I remember those days, and I remember that those people stayed in that cool crowd because they always managed to drum up some sort of drama between this girl and that girl… or this jock and his girlfriend… or this teacher and that teacher… you know what I’m saying?

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: Midwest wrestling is struggling as a whole. Those out there that do nothing but tear it down are doing nothing to help the situation. They need to shut the hell up or start doing something positive. Give a little time, give a little effort… but for the love of God be CONSTRUCTIVE!


I’m out!


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