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Huge WLW Show this Saturday – Trevor Murdoch vs Trent Stone in a leather strap match , Amy Hennig vs Santana G

Posted by flairwhoooooo on July 11, 2010

By Brian Kelley

In less than a week the former WLW Champion Trent Stone will get his chance to regain the championship from Trevor Murdoch. Ever since last April, Trent Stone has been waiting to get his chance to redeem himself after suffering the heartbreaking loss in front of 400 people in Richmond Missouri.

Trent Stone sizes up the former WLW Champion Trevor Murdoch prior to there first leather strap meeting. (Photo Credit Bill Smith )

Frustration has surly been setting in as Stone has yet to receive a one on one rematch with the former WWE Tag team Champion Murdoch, as he has been involved in three way matches for the WLW Title with fellow up and comer Brian Breaker. Now months later he will finally get to redeem himself in the very same type match that he lost the belt in, a leather strap match.

Trent Stone drew fans towards him while wearing the WLW Belt. No matter what he says he looks to have the attention focused on him once again as he tries to recapture the WLW title. (Photo Credit Bill Smith )

You will not want to miss this rematch in Park Hills Missouri on Saturday, when these two warriors will be attached to a leather rope with a buckle on each end. How to win is to touch all four corners in order without coming to your knees.

Trevor Murdoch punishes Trent Stone in the middle of the ring while using the leather strap that the two was attached too. (Photo Credit Bill Smith )

The ropes show no favoritism as Stone repays Murdoch. (Photo Credit Brian Kelley)

The dangerous part of the match comes when your opponent can use the ropes as a weapon to wear you down.

Don’t miss it this Saturday when these two powerhouses will collide with one goal in mind, to walk out the building as the World League Wrestling Champion.

Let’s take a look at the stats between these two.

Trevor Murdoch

WLW Champion Trevor Murdoch. (Photo Credit Brian Kelley)

6”4 245

3 Time WWE Tag team Champion with Lance Cade
4 time WLW Champion
3 Time WLW Tag Champion with Bull Schmitt (1) and Wade Chism (2)

Finishing moves

Ace of Spades (Leg trap sunset flip powerbomb)
Diving bulldog
Snap DDT

Trent Stone

Trent Stone (Photo Credit Brian Kelley)

6”0 235

1 WLW Champion

Finishing Move
The Spear
The F 5

MWR believes that Trent Stone will become a two time WLW Champion after Saturday night is through.. (Photo Credit Bill Smith )

Prediction: The popular choice would be too put your money on the bona fide superstar Trevor Murdoch. Murdoch is a champion that rises to the occasion in big matches just as he did last April. I am going to go out on a limb and choose Stone, though he doesn’t have the worldwide name, he is by no means a rookie who stepped in the ring recently, and is more focused that he has ever been. Coming into this match, he will be determined and ready to prove to the world that he is the future of WLW and is on his way to much bigger heights. Look for the hunger of Trent Stone to allow him to become a two time WLW Champion.

In a battle that you will not want to miss as the rematch between the WLW Women’s champion Amy Hennig taking on the “Midwest sweetheart” Santana G. While Trevor Murdoch became a 4-time WLW Champion in Richmond, Santana G debuted in Harley Race’s WLW and won the hearts of wrestling fans instantly.

Amy Hennig looked strong early on in their first match in Richmond Mo (Photo Credit Bill Smith )

In what many called an upset, Santana G was instrumental in helping her tag team partners Ryan Drago and Eathon Wright defeat Hennig and the WLW Tag Team Champions Mark Sterling and “Superstar” Steve Fender in a three way match.

Ryan Drago and Eathon Wright celebrate the big win in Santana G’s WLW debut. (Photo Credit Bill Smith )

The very next night Santana G would keep up the momentum in Concordia Missouri by earning a victory via DQ when look as though she had Amy Hennig in deep trouble. Are we on the verge of seeing Santana G hoisting up the WLW Women’s Championship?

Midwest wrestling fans, lets take a step back and see how the two match up and what to look for in this battle between the future of women’s wrestling.

We will start with Amy Hennig. No matter what she does in this sport, whenever she is mentioned it will be said that she is the granddaughter of Larry “The Ax” Hennig and daughter of Curt “Mr Perfect” Hennig  as she should be, those two are respected by wrestlers and fans alike as all-time greats in this sport. If that’s not enough her brother Joe “Michael McGillicutty” has been making a name for himself on WWE’S NXT program on Sci-fi every Tuesday night. To many this would be undo pressure but thanks to strong support and unconditional love of the Hennig family this is a positive for Amy who has the talent, work ethic and determination to succeed and do not be surprised when the day comes that it is mention that Joe is the sister of the great Amy Hennig.

Amy wisely traveled from Minnesota to train with Harley Race at the Harley Race Wrestling Academy (WLW) in Eldon Missouri. World League Wrestling has thrilled fans for ten years while assisting some of the youngest stars in the sport today such as Trevor Murdoch, Ted Dibiase, Pro Wrestling Noah Superstar Keith Walker and her brother Joe Hennig “Michael McGillicutty”.

Michael McGillicutty (WWE Website)

Click here for a interview that WWE has of Amy’s brother Michael McGillicutty

Even MWR/WLW Photographer Bill Smith could not resist to have his picture taken with the very friendly Santana G. (Photo Credit Brian Kelley)

On the other side of the ring is young beautiful Santana G, who in just a little over a year has been the talk of the wrestling world. Santana G started out under the watchful eye of St Louis wrestling great Dingo. Dingo, who was by far not the tallest or heaviest wrestler who had to work that much harder to be among the top in a sport dominated by big men, not only was he among the best he was considered by many to be the best in the Midwest in the past 20 years.

There is no doubt that Dingo, brought that determination and work ethic into Santana G’s training. In less than a year she has taken on a who’s who of talent including Mia Martinez, Jessika Haze, Isis the Amazon, TNA Knockout Rosie Lotta Love, Becky Bayless and NWA Women’s World Champion MsChif. A decision to move to Florida has paid off after she won the Coastal Championship Wrestling Women’s title from Jessika Haze. 

Santana G with Orlando Jordon and Cameron (Photo from TNA )

Santana G  caught the eyes of Total Nonstop Wrestling who hired her to valet for Orlando Jordon on TNA Wrestling on Spike TV. Always looking to improve Santana G has been learning from former AWA World Champion Larry Zbyszko and Scott Hall.

In exciting developments she was brought in by WLW to take on Amy. We caught up with Santana G prior to her debut this past spring to talk to her about working with WLW and she spoke with excitement of the opportunity “ I am very thrilled to work with one of the greats in this profession, Harley Race , I have had butterflies all week because I know that Amy (Hennig) is the champ and is highly regarded as one of the top women to look out for.” There is no doubt that Santana G has the momentum going her way.

Or does she?

Everyone here at MWR has felt that Amy has had Superstar written all over her since she debuted at WLW but even in a loss during the three way match that she lost to Santana G with partner Sterling and Fender I was blown away with her improvement since I last seen her. With experience , she is now wrestling at a level that I feel she can go with any wrestler in the world today.

I stated earlier that in their match in Concordia Santana G “looked” to have the Hennig in deep trouble. My advice to my friend Santana G, don’t let Amy let you get too much confidence and lose the opportunity to take home the WLW Championship. Amy reminded me that night in Concordia of Ric Flair in his prime when he would match up against many of challengers in match ups that it seemed as if they had his number only to have them battle once again only to have Flair walk out with the Championship while they wander how they could have been so close last time but could never take the championship from the “Man”.

Amy Hennig is proud of her WLW Title and has no plans of relinquishing it anytime soon.(Photo Credit Bill Smith )

MWR received word from an insider that stated “Do not be surprised in the following months that you do not see talent scouts from WWE and TNA in the stands watching these two talented women go at it” he went on to add can you imagine Amy Hennig feuding with Michelle Leigh McCool and Layla otherwise known as Lay-Cool or Santana G going at it with The Beautiful People’s Velvet Sky, Lacy Von Erich and Madison Rayne.

That could very well happen but for the time being the prestigious WLW Title will be on the line when WLW comes to Park Hills Missouri.

Prediction: Amy Hennig will retain the championship. Do not be surprised that this feud will not end in the Midwest and make their way to WWE or TNA and bring back memories of Curt Hennig vs. Bret Hart or Ric Flair vs. Ricky Steamboat. Do not miss out on the opportunity to say that you were there when it first happened.

You can purchase the MWR Trading card of Santana G and WLW Tag Champ Mark Sterling in Park Hills with photography from Mike Van Hoogstraat. We were hoping to have debut the “Superstar “ Steve Fender card this weekend but due to unforeseeable circumstances we all will have to wait just a little longer for this WLW greats card.

Join Missouri Wrestling Revival this Saturday to see this historic night of wrestling. MWR will be giving away a free MWR T-shirt, plus Dubray Tallman will be on hand for Dubi meets the WLW Fans in Park Hills Missouri.

Ticket prices for Golden circle $15.00 advance $17.00 at the door, General admission $12.00 in advance $10.00 at the door.

Saturday July 17th

Park Hills, Missouri

Mineral Area College (MAC) Fieldhouse Gymnasium

Ticket Outlets


Check out their website here

2 Responses to “Huge WLW Show this Saturday – Trevor Murdoch vs Trent Stone in a leather strap match , Amy Hennig vs Santana G”

  1. Crimefighter said

    Uhhhhh…Brian, WWE sends talent scouts to WLW EVERY YEAR to the annual Harley Race training camps in September. It’s never a surprise.

  2. CD said

    I got second row seats, can’t wait to see the action. I was there on May 22 and was sad Santana G couldn’t make it.

    BTW, how much are the cards?

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