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NWA Dynamo Wrestling returns this Saturday in Glen Carbon IL- Trent Stone and Davey Vega vs. Jeremy Wyatt and Mark Sterling.

Posted by flairwhoooooo on August 23, 2010

After a power outage forced an end to our last event prematurely on July 24th, we are are returning to the Sports Academy in Glen Carbon with a night of exciting action topped with a tag team main event when NWA Missouri Champ Davey Vega and Trent Stone vs NWA Central States Champ Mark Sterling and Jeremy Wyatt.

MTV’s RealWorld/Road Rules Star Dan Walsh will face off against the returning Kevin X.
Will this be the start of Kevin …X’s Road to Gold once again …or will Walsh be the immovable roadblock blocking his path?

Pete Madden has contacted management in regards to Super Castaldi 13.
At Mr Madden’s request a match has been scheduled between Super Castaldi 13 and “The Human Wrecking Ball” Pete Madden. Many may not know but Pete Madden was the man that introduced the original Super Castaldi’s into this area and would like the chance to step into the ring once more against the newest Super Castaldi, out of respect for the great Castaldi wrestling tradition.

After being unable to appear in last months show due to unforeseen car trouble, Shorty Biggs blames himself for the brutal attack done to his tag partner OuTtKaSt after Kast’s victory over “Spoiled” Steven Kennedy at the hands of KC Karrington. This attack left OuTtKaSt bloodied in the ring and with an injured spleen. Shorty vows that Karrington and Kennedy will pay for what was done and blames them for his car trouble which led to the perfect chance to take out 1/2 of their greatest rivals.

Check out MWR’S exclusive interview with the Bum Rush Brothers here.

Also scheduled to appear: Alexandre Rudolph, Ethan Wright, Stenven Kennedy, Adam Rich and several more Dynamo Pro Stars.

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Independent Hardcore Wrestling Photo Recap March 6th Brandon Aarons vs. “Spoiled” Steven Kennedy

Posted by flairwhoooooo on March 18, 2010

Doug E Best goes full force at Adam Raw.(Photo Credit Brian Kelley)

Raw sends Best to the mat with a message that no rookie will run over him. (Photo Credit Brian Kelley)

Raw brings the pain to Best.(Photo Credit Brian Kelley)

Doug E Best would bite and scratch his way through the match. Even in a loss Best would was impressive. (Photo Credit Brian Kelley)

Adam Raw defeated Doug E. Best

Poo Doo the Cow (Photo Credit Brian Kelley)

Espy struggles against Poo Doo the Cow. (Photo Credit Brian Kelley)

You have heard the old saying about when pigs fly? Well how about cows Brandon Espinosa? (Photo Credit Brian Kelley)

Espinosa only needs one opening to take over a match. (Photo Credit Brian Kelley)

Brandon Espinosa defeated PooDoo The Cow

MR LAT-NITE leads Morbid, Cabal and Brandon Graves to the ring at IHW(Photo Credit Brian Kelley)

Justin Wade drops bombs on Cabal. (Photo Credit Brian Kelley)

Evan Gelistico finds out that Wade’s power is for real. (Photo Credit Brian Kelley)

Pierre Abernathy cheers on his partner Gelistico as he takes over on Shawn Santel. (Photo Credit Brian Kelley)

Gelistico prepares to drop Santel with a blow from the outside. (Photo Credit Brian Kelley)

Cabal with a sidewalk slam.(Photo Credit Brian Kelley)

Santel overpoweres Gelistico. (Photo Credit Brian Kelley)

Santel overpoweres Gelistico IWA-ACW Tag team titles.. (Photo Credit Brian Kelley)

IWA-ACW Tag Champs Pierre Abernathy & Evan Gelistico defeated Cabal & Brandon Graves and Justin Wade & Shawn Santel in a triple threat tag team match.

Eric Allen( Photo Credit Brian Kelley)

Allen and Mephisto went at it tooth and nail in and out of the ring. (Photo Credit Brian Kelley)

Allen Submits Mephisto to move on in the Illinois Championship Tournament. (Photo Credit Brian Kelley)

Eric Allen defeated Mephisto by submission.

Old foes meet once again when Sean Vincent hooked up with Billy McNeil. (Photo Credit Brian Kelley)

McNeils leg kicks can be a vicious weapon. (Photo Credit Brian Kelley)

Canada’s Sean Vincent stalks Billy McNeil. (Photo Credit Brian Kelley)

Amazing Billy McNeil (Photo Credit Brian Kelley)

What can I say about this move? A tough win from the talented Billy McNeil.(Photo Credit Brian Kelley)

Billy Mcneil defeated Sean Vincent

During intermission a IHW fan was celebrating her birthday when Sean Vincent who was just eliminated in the Illinois state tournament comes to ruin her day. (Photo Credit Brian Kelley)

The Don Mega Shorty Biggs comes to the rescue of the birthday girl.(Photo Credit Brian Kelley)

Once again Mr. Late Nite’s man Gideon Morbid makes short work on his opponent at IHW. (Photo Credit Brian Kelley)

Micheal Gideon Morbid defeated Zabian Zypertin

Billy McNeil explodes on Eric Allen in the finals of the Illinois State Championship. (Photo Credit Brian Kelley)

Allen goes full force against McNeil. (Photo Credit Brian Kelley)

A stunning kick by Allen gives him the edge. (Photo Credit Brian Kelley)

Allen takes a seat while giving pain to McNeil. (Photo Credit Brian Kelley)

Someone asked me while taking this , will those tables give ? The answer yes. (Photo Credit Brian Kelley)

Allen moves just in time. (Photo Credit Brian Kelley)

A vicious sneak attack on McNeil…The man behind the mask Sean Vincent. (Photo Credit Brian Kelley)

The aftermath of a scary situation after Allen takes the pinfall to win the Championship. (Photo Credit Brian Kelley)

Eric Allen defeated Billy Mcneil to win the IHW IL Title

Gary J gets the fans in an uproar. (Photo Credit Brian Kelley)

The kids love the charismatic Shorty Biggs. (Photo Credit Brian Kelley)

A kick to the head, dead on the mark from Gary J.(Photo Credit Brian Kelley)

Shorty Biggs gets the victory in a very tough match up. (Photo Credit Brian Kelley)

Shorty Biggs defeated Gary Jay

IHW Champion Brandon Aarons. (Photo Credit Brian Kelley)

Brandon Aarons has one of the most beautiful drop kicks in the game. (Photo Credit Brian Kelley)

Spoiled Steven Kennedy sends Aarons flying. (Photo Credit Brian Kelley)

Kennedy looked great in the match taunting Aarons during moment of the match. (Photo Credit Brian Kelley)

Brandon Aarons showed true heart by beating Steven Kennedy in a great match up. (Photo Credit Brian Kelley)

Eric Allen lets his arch rival Brandon Aarons know that he is coming after the IHW belt. (Photo Credit Brian Kelley)

B.A.B.EWatch together again?(Photo Credit Brian Kelley)

Brandon Espinosa cements the breakdown of BABEWatrch. (Photo Credit Brian Kelley)

IHW Heavyweight champ Brandon Aarons defeated Steven Kennedy

Look for an exclusive interview with Sean Vincent in the near future at Missouri Wrestling Revival as we try to get to the bottom of his viscous attack on Billy McNeil.

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Brandon Aarons survives to become the IHW Champion.

Posted by flairwhoooooo on February 7, 2010

By Brian “Flair” Kelley

Missouri Wrestling Revival would like to Congratulate Brandon Aarons for becoming the new Independent Hardcore Wrestling Champion in a brutal main event last night.

Aarons was beaten, battered and busted open in a wild Six-Way Elimination match that also included Mephisto, Steven Kennedy, Billy Mcneil, Sean Vincent & Eric Allen.

IHW returns on March 6th in Dupo Illinois as MWR will have a recap of the Zachary “Napalm” Porter Tribute show that included the wild main event plus info on who will be Brandon Aarons first opponent when IHW returns on March 6th in Dupo Illinois .

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LWA Yuletide Terror Dec. 20 Arena Report

Posted by reimaginejournalism on December 26, 2008

By Kari Williams

Every time LWA puts on a show, fans expect good wrestling, good entertainment and cheap beer. On Dec. 20 in House Springs, MO they delivered just that—and then some. With 130 in attendance, nearly every match set the bar for the next, and after the extreme tables, ladders and chairs match, not one person left the Knight of Columbus Hall in disappointment.

Billy McNeill and Evan Gelistico kicked off the show with a stellar performance that was flooded with animosity and anger. McNeill took the fight to Gelistico from the get-go, using his highflying tactics to his advantage. The former Bearded Men member slowed the pace shortly thereafter and connected with high impact moves on a number of occassions. Both men showed their athleticism and skill, but McNeill emerged victorious on this exchange. It seems the beard guide infographic they published as a joke was not so accurate (a joke statistic about their chances of winning in correlation to their beard sizes vs the opponent).

Following that stellar performance, Dorian Victor was scheduled to take on Shorty Biggs, but prior to Biggs’ introduction, Victor tried collecting money from the fans for a ‘sick’ Bavarian Boy, who happened to be sitting in the front row. Not one to leave empy handed, Victor did obtain three dollars from Biggs. However, he said it was to buy Victor a bra, not for Bavarian Boy. Victor put the money in his tights, and when Biggs and Victor tied up, Biggs retrieved his money. Many fans, specifically the superfans, did not care for this match—at all. These men put on a decent match with Biggs defeating Victor, despite the heckling.

Luke Roberts then made his way to ringside, accompanied by chants of “ASSASSINATE.” He announced that Vice President Jewells scheduled Jeremy Wyatt in a title match in Council Bluffs, IA. His next bit of news got a much better reaction. Roberts revealed that the briefcase he has carried around for so long contained the LWA Tag Team titles, and that the Tables, Ladders and Chairs match would determine the first-ever LWA Tag Team Champions, which elicited an “L-W-A” chant.

The next match put Mephisto against “Milwaukee’s Best” Rick Stone, but one could hardly call it a match. Mephisto pummeled Stone before the bell rang. Stone did not have a chance to get in any offense, and Mephisto quickly overpowered Stone and won the bout.

Gary the Barnowl took on “Future” Donovan Ruddick in the final match of the LWA title tournament. These men gave it their all and took remarkable risks in pursuit of the coveted title. The fans followed them with every kick, punch and powerbomb. Gary fought with every ounce of strength he had and then some. He kicked out of Ruddick’s finishing move, planted Ruddick to the ground and even attacked him ferociously on the outside of the ring. At one point, it appeared that Referee Eric Davis had reached a 10-count, then he said, “It’s not going to end like that,” and he helped Gary get Ruddick back in the ring. Despite multiple two counts for both men, Ruddick’s overwhelming power became too much for Gary, and the Ruddick earned a hard-fought victory. After the match, Ruddick extended his hand to Gary, who accepted, and then chants for Gary erupted.

After the intermission, Pierre Abernathy wrestled “The Technical Messiah” Nick Tyson in a classic match. Gelistico accompanied Abernathy to the ring, but the referee immediately removed him from ringside, which may have slightly altered Abernathy’s plans. Tyson and Abernathy matched each other hold for hold, neither wanting to give an inch. Just when it seemed like Tyson had the match won—and the Submission Squad would be 0-2—Gelistico re-emerged and interfered. The distraction allowed Abernathy to pick up a spoiled win, but Tyson came off looking like the better man.

The newly appointed LWA Commissioner Adam Raw made his way to the ring following the match sporting aviator glasses, which he threw out to a fan in the audience. After instigating a side v. side verbal war between the super fans and the rest of the audience, Raw announced that Wyatt successfully defended the LWA title. Just as Raw was about to go into a promo, the lights went off, and Mephisto confronted Raw, who responded to the entrance with, “With an entrance like that, I would’ve expected The Undertaker.” Mephisto put the locker room on notice, in a sense, by saying that he has been looking for someone just like him. He found this person in Shroud, who has yet to be introduced in the LWA. After proclaiming that, Mephisto said the era of violence and vulgarity has arrived.

In the following bout, B.A.B.E.WATCH was supposed to make their return. However, due to “Irresistably Flawless” Brandon Aarons’ extracurricular activities (according to “Thee” Brandon Espinosa), he was not able to wrestle. Therefore, Espinosa introduced Mike Sydal as an interim member of the tag team. Sydal said that Espinosa and himself have five things in common—“Shampoo, condition, shampoo, condition, (slight pause), condition.”

Shamus O’ Flannery and Super Electro took on the tandem, while Aarons observed the proceedings from ringside. Sydal and Espinosa worked surprisingly well together, despite having to contend with Super Electro, who shocked them every time they tried to lock up or attack him. In the end, Espinosa and Sydal defeated O’ Flannery and Super Electro. Then, adding fuel to the fire, so to speak, Sydal dumped ice water on Super Electro, which caused severe damage to the electric individual.

“Spitfire” Davey Vega, Dingo and The Ego Express (“Spoiled” Steven Kennedy and K.C. Karrington) wasted no time in starting the TLC match, as they busted through the hanging backdrop screen before either team made their entrance. Nobody was left unharmed, as chairs were brought into the mix early on, and the tables and ladders shortly followed suit. Fighting inside and outside of the ring, both of these teams proved that they deserved the belts. Every chair shot, every slam through a table, every punch, kick or slap had meaning behind it. The hatred between the two teams translated to the fans. Nevertheless, only one team stood above the broken tables, the battered bodies and the deformed steel chairs. That team was the Ego Express, LWA’s first ever—and most deserving—tag team champions. As risk-takers and innovators, these four men ended LWA’s year on a high note, possibly giving the match of the year for the Midwest.

Hoping to kick off the new year right, LWA will hold its inaugural double-shot, with the first show in Granite City, IL on Jan. 2 and the following night in O’ Fallon, IL.

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