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David Wilson Interviews the Viking War Party

Posted by flairwhoooooo on November 30, 2015

 photo 10931524_879757562076512_8820526792718680396_n_zpsfkrrfa8v.jpg

Please take the time to enjoy this interview from David Wilson with two men (Rudolph and Parnell) of a trio featuring the hottest tag teams in the country today, the Viking War Party. The VWP consist of former MWR Future Star recipient “The American Viking” Alexander Rudolph, “The Gordiest Viking” Frank Wyatt and “The Littlest Viking” Jake Parnell. Though they are men on little words their path of destruction has left bodies bloodied and battered in the past two years and show no signs of slowing down anytime soon.

DW – Thanks for taking the time to do this.

VWP – Thanks for having us.

DW – How long have you guys been wrestling?

JP – A little less than 3 years.

 photo 000_zps1vi9iypn.jpg

AR– Around 7 years.

DW– How long have you guys been a tag team?

VWP – For about 2 years.

DW- What inspired you guys to get into wrestling?

 photo 00000_zpsvrjhsfrs.jpg

JP– Ever since I was little and seeing a Hulk Hogan DVD.

AR– I have always wanted to be a wrestler.

DW – How did you guys come up with the name The Viking War Party?

VWP – Frank Wyatt was the one that came up with it.

 photo a5-1_zpsltsdk7tz.jpg

Jake Parnell may very well be the smallest of the three, but he has shown that he can take a beating as well as dish them out.

DW- I now Frank Wyatt is the 3rd member, are there any other members of VWP?

VWP– Just the 3 of us are the actual members, there have been some fill ins but it’s just us 3.

DW– In my opinion, I think you guys need a manager, any thoughts of a female Viking member?

VWP– A manager no, but we have always wanted a female member but it’s hard to find one that fits and willing to travel.

DW– How many titles have you guys held?

VWP – We have held 3, but there are many more to come.

 photo 000000_zpss4wvuaey.jpg

DW– This question is for Alex, What made you decide to wrestle without boots?

AR– I was wrestling at a show one night and I lost my boots, I decided to wrestle barefoot, and I actually preferred it better.

DW– What was it like to wrestle at The Gathering Of The Juggalos?

VWP– It was Badass, We wrestled Zack Gowan and Gregory Iron as well as being on stage with the one and only Waka Flaka Flame.

DW– With no disrespect to any Indy promotion which is your favorite one to work?

VWP– We have several, there is Anarchy, SWP in Sacramento CA, MGX, Fighting Spirit in New York and Jersey All Pro, to name a few.

DW– What can we expect from VWP for the rest of 2015?

VWP– More rape and murder and Butt Stuff…… Mostly Butt Stuff.

 photo ppppp_zpso4dpbxne.jpg

The Viking War Party take on the Troy Athletic Club in Alton Illinois this Sunday !

DW– What can we expect from VWP in 2016?

VWP– More traveling and trying to get into bigger shows, and …….. more Butt Stuff

DW– Thank You guys again for taking the time to do this.

VWP- Your welcome, anytime.

 photo 12308523_10153966208432638_8953900746212691727_n_zpssybpkg4f.jpg

Get your VWP T-shirt now at http://www.fullygimmicked.com/…
Jake Parnell’s photo.

Viking War Party conquest.

UWC Online Championship- Frank Wyatt

Zero-1USA Tag Team Championship- Alex Rudolph & Jake Parnell

Zero-1USA Heavyweight Championship- Frank Wyatt

CCW Tag Team Championship- Alex Rudolph & Jake Parnell

CCW Tag Team Of The Year- Alex Rudolph & Jake Parnell

CCW Holy Sh!t Moment of the Year 2014- Jake Parnell Balcony Dive

Nose Bleed Seats 2014 Feud of the Year- Frank Wyatt Vs Harker Dirge

SNPW Tag Team Championship- Alex Rudolph & Jake Parnell 2X

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