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Archive for May 7th, 2012

May 19th “Ricky’s Last Chance” and WWE HOF and current WWE Scout Jerry Brisco with Wes Brisco

Posted by flairwhoooooo on May 7, 2012


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NEWS — LADDER MATCH SIGNED FOR MAY 19TH- Tyler Priegel, the reigning champion vs.Ryan Phoenix.

Posted by flairwhoooooo on May 7, 2012


New Midwest Wrestling Official, Lucious P. CoTrane handed the order down just this morning that on May 19th, at SPORTSENTERTAINAMANIA 2 at Lanphier High School in Springfield, IL, the New Midwest Wrestling Championship would be on the line in a Ladder Match. Tyler Priegel, the reigning champion and Dodgeball Superstar, would defend against Ryan Phoenix.

Of course, this doesn’t come without controversy. When Phoenix lost the Championship to Priegel, it was LPC who declared that Phoenix would not receive a rematch for the championship. And to add to that, we here at the news offices don’t understand why LPC wouldn’t put any of his co-conspirators in the Sovereign Plan to go against Priegel for the title.

When asked, CoTrane had only this to say: “I’m all for fairness believe it or not. And yes, the New Midwest Wrestling championship is in my sights to grab before Justin Clark and Sage Ramsey start trading it between each other for the next couple years. But Priegel and Phoenix are two of the hottest competitors in New Midwest Wrestling. Phoenix is owed a shot, and truthfully, he’s ranked #1 whether I like it or not. All I’m saying is, those guys will go at it and the man who comes down with the belt will be the New Midwest Champion. We need a defined champion before we can go on with our next phase. Thanks and go away.”

Well, that seems cut and dry, but we’re definitely interested to see where this will go. Phoenix and Priegel are two gladiators, both ready to show why they should be Champion!

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AAPW Saturday May 19th – Two episodes will be taped !

Posted by flairwhoooooo on May 7, 2012


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Pro Wrestling Phoenix April 21st results- Next show 7th Anniversary Spectacular is May 19th

Posted by flairwhoooooo on May 7, 2012


From the Pro Wrestling Phoenix website

1.) “American Bulldogs” Mad Dog McDowell & Jon West defeated “Cheap & Dirty” Preston Maxwell & “The Passion” Zac James. Cheap & Dirty came out and poked fun at the crowd, and Zac James commented how Mad Dog McDowell had to find yet another partner since he can’t seem to keep one. Mad Dog came out and introduced his partner, “American Fury”Jon West. Together they are bringing the force of the “American Bulldogs” to Pro Wrestling Phoenix. The Bulldogs got the win after a very impressive Fall Away Slam/ Moonsault combination.

2.) “The Omaha Chainsaw” SM King defeated Paul Daniels. Daniels was still angry with King for interfering in his match last month. King showed his mean streak however, and took control of the match. In the end King was able to nail the Chainsaw Bomb to get the pinfall victory.

3.) Joey Daniels defeated David Clark. Clark showed a new found focus, and was getting the crowd behind him in this one. This was a pretty back and forth battle, but Daniels was able to nail the Eye Of the Hurricane to get the pinfall, much to the crowd’s dismay.

4.) “The Heartland Foundation” Vic Victory & Darren “Thunder” Russell retained the PWP Tag Team Championship by defeating “The Heroes For Hire” Jimmy Rockwell & Zach Thompson. The Heroes like to joke around with the fans and their opponents by poking fun etc, but you could tell they were taking this opportunity to become PWP Tag Team Champions seriously. They used their tag team experience to get the edge on the current champs throughout a majority of the match, but the Heartland Foundation were able to hit a flying clothesline/spinebuster combination to make the pin and retain their title belts. After the match, Russell got the microphone and accepted the challenge laid out by the Beautiful Bodies the previous month. On May 19th at the 7th Anniversary Spectacular, Heartland Foundation will defend the PWP Tag Team Championship against the Beautiful Bodies!

5.) “Simply Ravishing” Ryan Slade w/ Manager Supreme Axel Greece defeated Jeff O’Shea. This was O’Shea’s biggest match to date, and although he held his own at first with the much more experienced Slade, he fell short when it came down to the wire, and one Canadian Destroyer later, Slade was the winner of the match. After the match, Axel Greece let the crowd know that Slade was on a path to the PWP Heavyweight Championship, no matter who was champion.

6.) Branden Juarez defeated Abu Colossus. This was an all out brawl as these two men fought their way to the entrance and back, striking each other back and forth the whole way. Colossus nailed his choke bomb finisher and was about to win the match, when Cheap & Dirty made their way to the ring, and as Zac James distracted the referee, Preston Maxwell attacked Abu, making him vulnerable to Juarez’s MDK finisher and got the pinfall victory. Afterwards, in a disgusting display, Cheap and Dirty wrapped a steel chair around Abu’s arm, and took turns smashing it. We know that Abu’s arm is damaged, we just don’t know how badly, but as soon as we hear the details, we will report it on our facebook feed

7.) “Showtime” Bradley Charles & Matty Star wrestled to a no contest, therefore SBC retained the PWP Heavyweight Championship. For those that don’t know, SBC cashed in his Anytime Anywhere Contract on Matty Star in February in a less than savory fashion. This was the first chance for Star to get his hands on SBC, and these two had one hell of a match! Unfortunately Matty Star accidentally superkicked the referee, and Branden Juarez took this opportunity to come to the ring and attack both men! The referee came to and called for the bell, as the locker room cleared out to restrain these men from attacking each other before serious injury occurred. SBC then proclaimed that neither man would get a title shot ever again because neither deserved it. Branden Juarez then said he is deserving of the shot, and was furious that he hasn’t already gotten one. Matty Star said he deserves a shot because he keeps getting screwed by interference etc. After conferring, referees had the match announced: Triple Threat Elimination for the PWP Heavyweight Championship: “Showtime” Bradley Charles defends against Branden Juarez & Matty Star on May 19th!

Thanks to all who attended! Our 7th Anniversary Spectacular is May 19th! Here is what we know so far!

* Pro Wrestling Phoenix Heavyweight Championship Triple Threat Elimination Match: ”Showtime” Bradley Charles defends Vs. Branden Juarez Vs. Matty Star

* ProWrestling Phoenix Tag Team Championship: ”The Heartland Foundation” Vic Victory & Darren “Thunder” Russell defend Vs.“The Beautiful Bodies” Brian Gott & Derek Cornell

* Also,we would like to officially announce the return of our Anytime Anywhere Contract Ladder Match! Participants will be announced over the next couple weeks on Facebook and Twitter so make sure to like us and follow us! We will also be announcing other huge matches as well!

You can get your tickets for April 21 early via PayPal! Just send $10 per ticket to ProWrestlingPhoenix@hotmail.com – please include your full name when ordering. As always, tickets will be available at the door on the day of the event as well.

National Guard Armory

2415 E Kanesville Blvd

Council Bluffs IA 51503

Doors 6:30

Belltime 7:00




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