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Archive for April 8th, 2012

Printable CAC 2012 reunion schedule available now.

Posted by flairwhoooooo on April 8, 2012

Click here to get your schedule now and be prepared to have a great time in Las Vegas.

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The NWA National Champion Kahagas to be interview on The Do Your J.O.B. Wrestling Hour radio tonight !!

Posted by flairwhoooooo on April 8, 2012

Fans in the Midwest were thrilled to see the return on the “Tokyo Monster” Kahagas at NWA Dynamo in St Louis and Metro Pro Wrestling in Kansas City.

When the weekend was through the fans that MWR spoke to in both promotions stated that the NWA National Champion more lived up to the hype. Kahagas along with manager TNT Keny G was unable to take the strap off NWA Worlds Champion Adam Pearce on Friday, then on Saturday at Metro Pro Wrestling he renewed his feud with NWA MPW Champion Jeremy Wyatt with a DQ win, it was the fans that were the true winners of this weekend.

Listen in tonight as The Do Your J.O.B. Wrestling Hour radio interviews the new champion as he had quite possibly his biggest week ever in his illustrious career.


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It’s Showtime at Pro Wrestling Phoenix -Results from March 2012.

Posted by flairwhoooooo on April 8, 2012

Sir Bradley Charles came out at the beginning of the night and explained to the fans that he was the new PWP Heavyweight Champion and there was nothing they could do about it. He let the fans know that Matty Star wasn’t there because he was still at home nursing his wounds. He said that he was a true “sir” for the crowd, and that it got him nothing. From now on, he is to be known as “Showtime” Bradley Charles. He then said that no one could stop him, and that’s when his opponent for the evening, Abu Colossus, came out. He talked about how PWP has changed in the last 7 years, and that he is still there and still representing the old guard. He told SBC and the crowd that he would be going home tonight the new PWP Heavyweight Champion.

The Heartland Foundation” Vic Victory & Darren “Thunder” Russell defeated “Grizzly Dogs” Buck Albright & Mad Dog McDowell to retain the PWP Tag Team Championship. Before the match, all 4 men shook hands in a true show of sportsmanship and respect. The first defense for the new champs was a tough one, as the Grizzly Dogs took control early. Russell kept trying to prove his strength and lift McDowell up for a body slam but just couldn’t quite get him up. Finally late in the match, he was able to body slam McDowell much to the crowd’s delight! Victory tagged in and laid out both of the Grizzly Dogs with a DDT/ Head Scissors combination, then Victory nailed a superkick on Buck, followed by a Hart Attack and Russell got the 1,2,3 on Albright to retain their titles. Afterwards, one of the most emotional scenes in PWP history happened, as Buck Albright announced to the crowd he would have to be stepping away from the ring. Albright has been a part of the PWP family since the beginning, and his peers from the locker room came out to wish him good luck in the future and farewell.

Jeff O’Shea defeated Shawn Nautilus via submission. Nautilus came out and challenged anyone from the locker room. O’Shea came out looking for a rematch of their encounter last October. O’Shea had a plan, and immediately went to work on Nautilus’ arm, dissecting it throughout the match. Eventually Nautilus went for his Choke Slam finisher but O’Shea was able to counter into an arm bar and roll through, putting enough pressure on the arm to make this member of Cheap & Dirty tap out! O’Shea celebrated outside the ring as Nautilus looked upset.

“The Omaha Chainsaw” SM King defeated the debuting “American Fury” Jon West via pinfall. The crowd took a liking to on West right away, and he and King exchanged holds for a while, feeling each other out and getting an idea of each others styles. West went up top for a very impressive moonsault but King rolled out of the way, and nailed West with a knee to the temple, but he still kicked out! King eventually slammed West to the mat with a Half Nelson Slam for the 1,2,3 and the victory.

Sean Cruz defeated “The Passion” Zac James via submission. Cruz has had a change in demeanor ever since returning from his injury last month. The Passion poked fun at Cruz and his injuries before the match. These two PWP originals had a fantastic match that included some pretty intense action. At one point James nailed the Platte River Plunge but Cruz was close enough to the ropes to get his foot on before getting pinned. Later, James nailed his Sliced Bread finisher but Cruz rolled through, applied the Rings of Saturn Crossface, and that was it, The Passion tapped out! Afterwards Cruz stared James down as he exited the ring. Cruz clearly is on a new path in PWP but what are his motives? Hopefully we will find out soon!

Paul Daniels defeated Joey Daniels in a Lumberjack Match. Paul and Joey both had their handpicked lumberjacks accompany them to the ring. Both men felt the wrath of the Lumberjacks on the outside, and Joey even talked his Lumberjacks into interfering in the ring, as SM King nailed Paul with the same Half Nelson Slam he used on Jon West earlier. Paul kicked out however, and after an Implant DDT, with Joey having nowhere to go, Paul got the win and finished off Joey for good.

The Beautiful Bodies” Brian Gott & Derek Cornell defeated “Cheap & Dirty” Branden Juarez & Preston Maxwell via pinfall. The Bodies got on the mic before the match and said that once they settled the score with Cheap & Dirty, they were coming after the PWP Tag Team Championship once more. They said they worked for the championship for a year and a half and they were not going to give up now. This was a great match that started off hot as Cornell and Gott both hit suicide dives on Cheap & Dirty before they even got into the ring! Action broke down, and Cheap & Dirty took control of the match for a while, until Cornell tagged in and it all broke down! Juarez nailed Gott with an MDK, but then Cornell hit Juarez with a Blue Thunder Driver! The Bodies then hit Maxwell with their patented double team finish to get the win! Afterwards, The Bodies reiterated that they like The Heartland Foundation, but they want a match with the championship on the line!

“Showtime” Bradley Charles defeated Abu Colossus to retain the PWP Heavyweight Championship. After this match, I don’t think there is any doubt in anyone’s mind that SBC can hang with the best that PWP has to offer. We may not know why he chooses to use underhanded tactics, but the fact remains that in the ring he is an excellent performer. These two had a great match, and when SBC hit his “Long Kiss Good Knight” finishing maneuver on Colossus, he thought he had it, but Colossus kicked out! Abu came back from it, but right when it seemed he was going to bring the strap home, SBC pulled the referee in the way, causing him to get knocked out! Abu then nailed Charles with his Choke Bomb finisher, but the referee was out. Showtime came to, grabbed a chair, nailed Abu with it, nailed another “Long Kiss Good Knight” onto the chair, dragged the referee over and applied a half Boston crab to make it seem as if Abu had passed out. His arm dropped three times and the match was over. SBC looked smug and satisfied as he took his championship and headed to the back. Abu came to, and you could tell he was not pleased.

Already announced for April 21st, Matty Star gets his rematch after being cashed in on by SBC in February, and the title is on the line, “Showtime” Bradley Charles defends the PWP Heavyweight Championship against Matty Star! Much more will be announced very soon!




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Posted by flairwhoooooo on April 8, 2012


“The Frontman” Michael Flannery (with Ryland Foxx)took advantage of former New Midwest Wrestling Champion Ryan Phoenix when Phoenix was too distracted by a video played by Lucious P CoTrane. Flannery picked up the win.

Central Illinois Champion Tony G pinned “The Young Thriller” Derek Moss after a hard fought match pitting the young wrestlers from the NBS Training Academy a year after their graduation. This was a show stealer, for sure.

Southern Comfort (Randy Ray and the Dixieland Destroyer) outlasted The Dudesons, the new team of Perry Winkle and Scott Keyes and the awkwardly makeshift team of the Mississippi Madman and Bucky Collins (playing the part of former New Midwest wrestler Benz) in the Ace of Spades Gauntlet match. Three straight matches in a row made for an interesting night for the Tag Team Revival Initiative.

Dragon De Madrid (with Senora Maedae) rolled Tom Arson up for a quick victory. Arson spent the entire match trying to put a face to the “new international superstar”. Once Dragon got the win, Tommy Arson unmasked the Spaniard to reveal it was Dan the Man (New Midwest Wrestling’s Friendly Neighborhood Superhero). The two then had a battle of words, and DTM revealed that he was given a new contract at New Midwest Wrestling! The two men then threw down the challenge for NEW MIDWEST WRESTLING’S SPORTSENTERTAINAMANIA 2, MASK vs MUSTACHE!

New Midwest Wrestling Champion “The Dodgeball Superstar” Tyler Priegel beat Truk Thompson by submission after taking advantage of Thompson’s injured knee. Priegel escapes with the championship, but Thompson sure put himself on the map with this match.

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