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Archive for April 5th, 2012

Sean Vincent seeks to be named the CWC #1 contender on April 21st, 2011in East Carondelet.

Posted by flairwhoooooo on April 5, 2012


The Big Texan, the champ himself Ron Powers and Sean vincent. You can tell the disgust in Vincents eyes even then. Photo Credit Brian Kelley

On April 21st CWC Champion Ron Powers right hand man Sean Vincent will be involved in a # 1 contender match against Ricky Cruz in East Carondelet, Illinois. The winner will receive a shot at Powers CWC title, but how did Vincent a man who all of 2011, help the powerhouse reign terror at SICW come to be a threat to his championship?

Let’s take a closer look at how all this surprising chain of events happened.

When Powers appeared in SICW Vincent saw an opportunity to align himself with a legend of the ring. To study and learn from a man who was a powerhouse m in Tito Santana’s American Wrestling Federation promotion and has wrestled stars such as Buff Bagwell and legends like Tony Atlas. Vincent also recognized that with his intelligently deviant ring skills and Powers unstoppable brute strength that they could be an unstoppable team in SICW.

However after a few months of disappointing tag team loses to legends such as CowBoy Bob Orton Sr. and Dory Funk Jr all of which those matches where lost via Powers being pinned, Vincent started to feel as if Ron wasn’t so much the brutal force he once was back in his early years.

In Vincent’s mind he’s grown weak and slow over the years, and after every tag team or single match loss Powers would try to pass it off as if Vincent was the one to blame for the loss.

Powers the wily veteran brought in a larger newer crony to have his back The Big Texan. This move would infuriate Vincent; witnesses stated that they heard Vincent ask “ Powers why in the hell do you need this giant waste of space when you’ve got the True Canadian Hero watching your back.” The answer from Powers was said to be an angry response “because the Texan has the size and strength you’ll never have.

For the next months Vincent would be forced to share the lime light with Texan, a man who he felt couldn’t hold his jock strap. Vincent told MWR firmly that “I have more talent in his left pinky nail than that over weight Sasquatch”.


From the start Vincent and The Big Texan were at each others throats, even in the locker room. MWR saw these two argue quite a few times during the past months. Here we snuck a photo of the two going at it. – Photo Credit Brian Kelley

It would only be so long and we could tell that Vincent had enough of this trio ; he’s been pushed aside, used, abused and taken for granted by Ron Powers long enough. Over the past 3 months Vincent had been slowly sabotaging matches both Ron and Texan where in, either by purposely tripping Powers foot while being thrown off the ropes or hitting Texan in the back of the head with his flag pole when the ref wasn’t looking. These actions brought on a new emotion from the East Carondelet crowd.


Vincent and Rudolph double team Dave Vaughn- Photo Credit Brian Kelley

They began to cheer on Vincent’s revenge on Powers and Texan. It was clear now to Vincent what he needed to do. He would try to do the unthinkable and gain the affection of the fans by once and for all knocking Powers of his high horse dethroning him as Classic Wrestling Champion.

There was only one thing standing in the way of accomplishing this goal and that was becoming the number one contender for the CWC title. A spot in the rankings for which one particular wrestler that Vincent felt had handed to him on a silver platter within the first months working for SICW.; Ricky Cruz.


Big blows by Ricky Cruz to the head of the champ Ron Powers- Photo Credit Brian Kelley

To be perfectly honest though, promoter Herb Simmons was desperatly seeking anyone to put an end the terror of Ron Powers. While he had suffered some humiliating losses, it never came at the expense of his title, and most disturbing was the fact that he bullied the younger wrestlers in the company while doing whatever he damn well pleased. Cruz though is the real deal, a man who has an impressive combination of speed and power. His talents have been seen around the world and his debut in the Midwest was a big deal.

Vincent came to the ring and requested a gauntlet match to determine the number one contender to the CWC title, whomever it be at the end of the night as Powers was to meet Cruz in a two out of three falls match and hopefully ending one of the bloodiest feuds in the Midwest in the past twenty years.

With a gauntlet match in place, Vincent would be the last man standing when he defeated Chris Hargas after some unwanted distraction from the Big Texan. Vincent would let the crowd know that come April it would be Vincent who would be the CWC Champion That’s when Powers came to ring side mad at the turn of events and said he didn’t have to wait till April that they can do it right now. As the two traded vicious blows as if it Powers was going to finish his former ally off with a choke slam Vincent quickly reverse into a roll up. The ref was about to make the final three count when Cruz pulled the ref out of the ring stopping the match and looked to have screwed Vincent out of his title win.

Tempers flared as Cruz and Vincent argued outside the ring till Herb Simmons intervened telling the crowd and Vincent that that wasn’t an official title match and that he will have to wait till April to get a shot and told Ricky to get to the back to prepare for his title shot later tonight against Powers.

Fast forward to the main event, a two out of three falls match for the SICW CWC title between Ron Powers Vs. Challenger Ricky Cruz. Cruz would get the first fall and Powers the second. After the second fall Vincent would make his presence known at ring side. The match looked to have turned in favor of Cruz. Right when Cruz was about to win the match by a super kick on Powers , Vincent slide into the ring for some pay back on Cruz by stopping the 3 count and screwing Ricky out of the title win.

Blood would boil over and the two would fight all the way to the dressing room.

With that Said the stage is set for a number one contenders match for Friday, April 21 as it will be VINCENT vs. CRUZ but that’s not all. Special referee will be none other than Ron Powers

Who is the number one contender for the Classic Championship? It’s Sean Vincent versus Ricky Cruz to get the answer. And who better to officiate this important showdown than the champ himself, Ron Powers?

8 p.m.

East Carondelet Community Center

Clear your calendar and get your tickets today by calling. 1-618-286-3393

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From the Rafters radio tonight with special guest the “Handicapped Hero” Gregory Iron.

Posted by flairwhoooooo on April 5, 2012


Join in to listen to the second episode of From the Rafters with host Chris Hagstrom, Kevin Hunsperger and Adam Testa tonight at 7 p.m. CST Monster Radio 1150 AM in Southern Illinois and streaming worldwide at wggh.net and aapwrestling.com.


They will be talking about WrestleMania and Brock Lesnar’s WWE return. Special guest the “Handicapped Hero” Gregory Iron will also be joining them to talk about the ECWA Super 8 and more!

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