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Archive for January 11th, 2012

Midwest wrestlers you will have a chance to learn from the NWA Worlds champion “Scrap Iron” Adam Pearce 1/28/12

Posted by flairwhoooooo on January 11, 2012

Take part in an amazing opportunity to learn from one of the very best in the world today. Join MAGNUM PRO on 1/28/12 as we offer a one day training seminar with NWA World’s Heavyweight Champion “Scrap Iron” Adam Pearce. The seminar will run roughly 3 hours and the cost is only $30. Experienced wrestlers, and those currently training only please.
Please feel free to email magnum-pro@hotmail.com to reserve your spot today!!!


On 1/28/12 MAGNUM PRO celebrates it’s “birthday.” This isn’t just any birthday however, this is a birthday born of success and failure. After three separate attempts at becoming a legitimate wrestling company in the Midwest, MAGNUM PRO finally succeeded. It is on this day that the 3rd iteration of MAGNUM PRO celebrates it’s one year anniversary, and on that day, we, the MAGNUM PRO staff cordially invite you to celebrate with us as MAGNUM PRO presents Anniversary Volume 1!!! On the card for that special night are some very special matches, a debut, and some returns of sorts. Continue on with this read to find out all the juicy secrets you are already asking yourself for…

“Dangerous J’ Jaysin Strife vs “Local Legend” Hype Gotti

The main event for the evening has been set, and although MAGNUM Management did not want this match to headline the show, Jaysin Strife demanded it so that he would get his opportunity to stand toe to toe one last time, with Hype Gotti. These two men are no strangers to each other. Not only have they been friends for years, but Hype Gotti is the man who brought Jaysin Strife into the wrestling business. Hype Gotti has been the icon of professional wrestling in the Omaha metro area. This altercation however stems from things much more personal… It all started while Jaysin Strife was away in Europe during the summer for a learning excursion. Hype Gotti began to run his mouth and try to make a name for himself at the expense of Strife while he was away. Hype Gotti thought, and still thinks, that he can re-vitalize a dying wrestling scene in the area, and he has even gone so far as to say that there is nobody that can out draw him in this area. While true in many ways, and even Strife will acknowledge, it is time for the torch to be passed. That torch has laid dormant for far too long since Hype Gotti walked away from pro wrestling just a couple years ago. Hype seems to have taken exception to Strife’s thought and began to lash out at him personally, and professionally. Things came to ahead when Strife called out Hype after the Picking Up The Ball event on 10/29/11, and a humiliated Hype walked out of the building. Hype didn’t stay dormant long and re-appeared the next month at Battlefield MAGNUM to assault Strife after his match. It was then that Hype made the challenge to Strife that at the 1/28/12 show he would pack the building and prove that people would pay to see him destroy and humiliate Strife. He demanded the main event slot, and that is what he has received…on 1/28/12 Jaysin Strife will take on his teacher and mentor when he faces off one last time with the “Local Legend” Hype Gotti.

“Babyface” Tony Cortez vs “Scrap Iron” Adam Pearce for the NWA World’s Heavyweight Title

After successfully defeating Shane Hollister last month, Tony Cortez earned his right to step up and get his shot at glory. MAGNUM Officials deemed the winner of that match would face off with the debuting “Scrap Iron” Adam Pearce, the man that currently holds the NWA World Heavyweight Title. This is without a doubt the single biggest match of Cortez’s career and who knows the amount of pressure he is feeling right now. Cortez has told fans and MAGNUM staff that he would do whatever it would take for him to win and for him to get back to the top and he proved that on 11/19/11 when he resorted to his crafty veteran ways and pinned Hollister with some assistance from the ropes. Cortez says he didn’t intend to do it, however he knew what was at stake and he knew that he had to do it to earn his shot at glory. Cortez is hungry, and he has been around this scene for almost 10 years now. Cortez says it is time for wrestling to pay off and its time for him to be paid his due. Adam Pearce on the other hand is not going to be a push over. Although older in his age, Pearce has years of experience on Cortez and he comes into this match THE MAN to beat. Pearce has defended the NWA title all over the world and he has no plans of being beat when he comes to Iowa. After a 20+ year absence, the famous “10lbs of gold” will return to the state of Iowa and it will be defended in a MAGNUM PRO ring. Will Cortez have what it takes to beat the more experienced and crafty Adam Pearce, or will Cortez fail under the pressure and have to climb his way back to top of pro wrestling all over again?

S.M King vs Mark Sterling

After a lengthy absence from the metro area wrestling scene, the man beast Mark Sterling will make his return, but this time he will be stepping into a MAGNUM PRO ring. S.M. King requested an opportunity to face off against Sterling to redeem his lose to Abu Colossus a few months earlier. King feels with every outing he continues to get better, and he wants to use Mark Sterling to prove it. Sterling has a different game plan in mind. Sterling is out to hurt whoever he steps into the ring with, and he wants the MAGNUM PRO fans to remember his name as he beats his way to the top of the MAGNUM PRO roster.

Supafli vs “The Rebel” Jeremy Wyatt

Another man making his return to the metro area is none other than hard hitter, Jeremy Wyatt. Jeremy Wyatt, like Mark Sterling, have been absent from competition in this are due in part to their aggressive nature, well MAGNUM PRO says BRING IT ON!!! Jeremy Wyatt wants to make an impression and to do that he demanded hot up and comer Supafli. Can Supafli’s lucha inspired offense and agility match up the hard hitting and brutal style of Jeremy Wyatt? Will Supafli catch the break he needs to begin his climb back to the top or will Jeremy Wyatt come into MAGNUM PRO swinging for the fences and look to clean up right from the get go? January 28th is the night that all these questions and more will be answered…

The first ever MAGNUM PRO women’s match “The First Lady of MAGNUM” Angelus Layne vs Kiandra

The first lady of MAGNUM returns and this time she isn’t fighting with the boys. MAGNUM officials decided it would be much more effective to place Layne in the ring with another female opponent. After a month of searching, and having other women run at the chance of facing Layne we had young upstart Kiandra answer the call to face lane at MAGNUM PRO. Layne proved she can hang with the best when she took a beating at the hands of Jaysin Strife, however Layne was able to dish it out and continue to get up each and every time she was knocked down. Will Kiandra be able to make the same statement? Anything can happen when these to ladies collide on January 28th. Will the victor cement her place on the MAGNUM roster and step up to face the boys, or will more women answer the call to be the best female athlete in the state of Iowa?

Also debuting on 1/28/12: “Rock n’ Roll” Mike Sydal!! (Brother of WWE’s Evan Bourne)

Also appearing on 1/28/12: “The Big Hurt” Abu Colossus, Buck Albright, Shawn Nautilus, Donnie Peppercricket, “Joedozer” Joey Anderson, and more!

Derek Cornell has stated that on 1/28/12 he will be in the building and he has a few things to get off his chest. Since kicking Brian Gott in the balls and costing his team the match on 11/19/11 he has been silent and has avoided all contact with MAGNUM officials. What does he have planned on 1/28/12 and what are his intentions? So much action you can shake a stick at!!! Be sure to get your advance pre-sale tickets so that you can guarantee your spot at the party. Seating will be limited so get in touch with MAGNUM representatives now. Tickets also available on the internet via PayPal, the address is magnum-pro@hotmail.com and please give your first and last name and phone number in the message when you send your $10 today!!!!


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New Midwest Wrestling – Ryland Foxx and Michael Flannery Plotting Troubles

Posted by flairwhoooooo on January 11, 2012


Brawltoberfest Ballroom Blitz Battle Royal Winner, “Frontman” Michael Flannery is as of yet undefeated in New Midwest Wrestling. Here, Flannery and his road manager, Mr. Ryland Foxx talk BROKEN PROMISES – Presented by New Midwest Wrestling. Saturday January 21st!


New Midwest Wrestling starts 2012 with a Huge event at Lanphier High School. After the huge fallout from November Reign 2011, a lot of questions went unanswered. The stars of New Midwest Wrestling, the longest running professional wrestling company in Central Illinois, collide as we get one step closer to finding out the mission of the Sovereign!

Tickets are just $10,00 at the door and $8.00 in advance. Kids 6-Under are free!

Match and advance ticket information coming soon here on Facebook and at http://www.newmidwest.com!

Michael Flannery and his road manager, Ryland Foxx will debut the BRAWLTOBERFEST TROPHY!

Foxx has been touting that this will be the trophy to end all trophies and that he can’t wait to present it to the winner of last October’s BRAWLTOBERFEST BALLROOM BLITZ BATTLE ROYAL, The Frontman, Michael Flannery.


TONY G (c)


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Daryl Moon Learns About Wrestling – Episode 4 – January 2012

Posted by flairwhoooooo on January 11, 2012

Join 3XWrestling ring announcer Daryl Moon – a stand-up comedian by trade – as he learns about the world of professional wrestling with the help of the stars of 3XW. In this episode, Daryl learns a lesson from Chad Mylan and The Mylan Management Agency. For more info, please visit http://www.3xwrestling.com/and http://www.mooncomedy.com/


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