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Archive for September 27th, 2011

The wrestling mix of John Timmons featuring The Athletic Club.

Posted by flairwhoooooo on September 27, 2011


Fan favorites beware; there is a new stable of bad guys in town. With the power of Truk Thompson, the wrestling skills of “The Dodgeball Superstar” Tyler Priegel, the Leadership of Coach Radunzil, and the devious mind of Stephanie King they are poised to win championships.

Our good friend John Timmons looks at these fearsome foursome in a brand new collage in his own wrestling mix.

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NBS Podcast -Guest is the author of “You Are NOT Getting Booked

Posted by flairwhoooooo on September 27, 2011

This week on the Nose Bleed Seats Podcast their guest is the author of “You Are NOT Getting Booked” – Tony “The Dragon” Givens who is also the promoter of NWA Smokey Mountain in eastern Tennessee. During this interview, they learn about the inspiration for this Facebook page, battles with Facebook over its existence, the worst mistakes a wrestler makes that would earn them the YANGB treatment, the morality of having such a page, companion pages, wrestling regulations, his views on the NWA World Heavyweight & Jr. title situation, and more. Interview conducted by the Mad Conservative Crimefighter.

To Listen click here

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Who would you like to see at Dinner with the Legends 3?

Posted by flairwhoooooo on September 27, 2011

Al Snow

Balls Mahoney

Tommy Rich

David Penzer

To Vote click here.

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IWA Unlimited: Unleashed II coming to DVD

Posted by flairwhoooooo on September 27, 2011

It was the biggest night of the year for IWA Unlimited, and it sure did not disappoint.

Did Alex Castle manage to save his career? And if so, what becomes of the Kentucky Buffet now? Did Christian Rose manage to not get kicked in the face by Joey O’Riley? Are there new Tag Team Champions or a new Club Champion? What happened between Serenity and Angelus Layne?

Find out in the 2-disc DVD featuring matches from “Unleashed II,” with commentary, and some bonus videos. Make sure you preorder at Wednesday Night Wrestling, and get your copy of the biggest show of IWAU! Did you miss Unleashed II? Check out some highlights of the action and keep an eye out for it’s eventual release on Smart Mark Video.


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‘The Voice’ JR Timmons speaks out about AAPW West Frankfort, IL September 24th

Posted by flairwhoooooo on September 27, 2011

Please note that the thoughts and opinions of JR Timmons does not reflect the stance of All American Pro Wrestling or Missouri Wrestling Revival.

By “The Voice” JR Timmons
Photos Adam Testa

Hey all you AAPW wrestling fans, this is ‘The Voice’ JR Timmons, with the rundown of the results of All American Pro Wrestling in West Frankfort, IL…. So be quiet and read, if you can…

At the start of the show, ‘The Golden Boy’ Greg Anthony delivered a message to Edmund ‘Livewire’ McGuire, straight from Commmissioner Steven Davis. If the special referee of the main event, El Magnifico, cheats in the AAPW World Heavyweight Title match later that evening, not only would he be fired, but Livewire would be STRIPPED of his AAPW Championship.

Match #1 – ‘The Main Attraction’ KC Jackson defeated Mike Masters via pinfall – Clearly that Caleb referee guy needs the acute aid of an optometrist, to be fitted with contacts, because Mike Masters clearly had his hair pulled repeatedly.


Mike Masters wants a test of strength from KC Jackson.- Photo Adam Testa

Match #2 – Shane Rich defeated ‘Dynamite’ Seth Knight via pinfall. Crowd supporters claim that there was a possibility that Shane Rich’s ally, Greg Anthony, used brass knuckles on Knight, but neither the referee or this unbiased reporter saw it.


Seth Knight came close to getting the win on Shane Rich. - Photo Adam Testa

Match #3 – ‘3G’ Eric Wayne defeated Jay Spade via pinfall – 3G must equal great, greater, and greatest, as Eric Wayne proved why he truly is the best that wrestling has to offer today. He even was so courteous to the referee to count his own five counts in the ropes, which, according to this unbiased reporters’ opinion, means he won the match, not once, not twice, but like, five times! That little toothpick Spade learned exactly whar it means to wrestle greatness… Wait, another G word, does that make him ‘4G’ Eric Wayne now?


'3G' Eric Wayne punishes Jay Spade on the way to a big win.- Photo Adam Testa

Match #4 – Curly and Heath Hatton defeated Christian Rose and Matt Cage via pinfall – That tattoed freak once again showed how sick he was, letting fans kiss on him and showing their butt to professional wrestling legends like Rose and Cage. I almost internally vomitted a few times myself. By the way, is it just me, or does Christian Rose’ hair looks especially awesome? Fans were calling him ‘Skunkface’ and ‘Skunk’ I don’t see it. Matt Cage even helped a fan out, by telling him to ‘Put those Resee’s down you fatty’ – Matt Cage, standing up against obesity in kids, a true rolemodel of American Wrestling.


Matt Cage taunts Curley. - Photo Adam Testa

Match #5 – Mississippi Madman defeated Ax Allwardt via DQ- Rootie Tootie Bootie? Who’s what? First off, Ax Allwardt is a legend in this business, and I got to say, he almost burst a vertebrae trying to lift that behemoth off the mat, but, even though the ring was bending with every step that Madman took, Ax shook off the pain and tried his best to win a clean match. Let’s forget that clearly Mississippi Madman held him in the corner for twenty seconds for that rooty tootie butt thingy, but that the referee, once again, was showing bias. On top of that, Mississippi Madman clearly hit Ax with a chair! So how, in this unbiased reporter’s blue blazes, does Ax get disqualified? Welcome to Bizzaro-Land folks.


Mississippi Madmanwould be able to kick out Ax Allwardt pinfal.- Photo Adam Testa

Match #6 Main Event- Edmund ‘Livewire’ McGuire defeated ‘The Golden Boy’ Greg Anthony to retain the AAPW Championship – Say goodbye to your job, El Magnifico, and Golden Boy, if you need a character witness when you get your lawyer on Monday, I’m there for you. El Magnifico absolutely REFUSED to count for Anthony against the ‘Golden Child’ of the AAPW, saying that fans were telling him that Anthony once again used a brass knuckles on McGuire. Who cares about those fans! All they did was stink up the place, making it smell like manure. Not to mention they all looked and sounded like cows… “mooooo” “MOOOOO” And on top of that, Anthony’s ally and friend Shane Rich was ejected from the match! El Magnifico, you need to have your green card revoked and go back to Mexico, Missouri where you can sell oranges on the side of the highway, or mow my yard.


Special ref El Magnifico was the ref during the battle between Edmund 'Livewire' McGuire and 'The Golden Boy' Greg Anthony Photo Adam Testa

All in all a great event, and with the exception of you fat, lazy, oily looking West Frankfort rednecks, I look forward to seeing you AAPW fans cheering my good buddies ‘Golden Boy’ Greg Anthony, Shane Rich and other true wrestling legends that should be champions! This has been ‘The Voice’, and you’ve just been told…


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