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Archive for July 31st, 2011

Check out Kevin Hunsperger’s website MY 1-2-3 Cents.

Posted by flairwhoooooo on July 31, 2011

AAPW broadcast team, Kevin & Chris (courtesy: Adam Testa)

By Brian Kelley

During my time covering the red hot AAPW show this past weekend in Carbondale Illinois I met Kevin Hunsperger. Kevin is currently the part of the broadcast team for AAPW along with Chris Hagstrom.

The night quickly went by as the matches were filled with excitement including an AAPW Title match between champion Edmund “Livewire” McGuire and Ax Allwardt.

Kevin also informed me that he had a website called My 1-2-3 cents. He now has a post about his first night working play by play with Chris.

Kevin’s website also is filled with some great articles involving, AAPW, WWE, TNA and other stories in the world of pro wrestling. One of my favorites is the “ Layin’ the Smurf Down!” An article of who he would get in the world of pro wrestling to play the SMURFS…..Ok I can’t deny it I am a fan of the Smurfs as well, though I have the feeling I will be disappointed with this upcoming movie.

Back to the subject at hand click here and add Kevin Hunsperger’s website MY 1-2-3 cents to your favorites.

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19) LONRS (Mark Sterling and Darrien Sanders)

Posted by flairwhoooooo on July 31, 2011


Photo by Gary Giaffoglione

The LONRS were once mentioned highly in the first ever MWR Tag team of the year award as the awards committee voted them second to the Northstar Express. . The LONRS would become the first and only team to win tag team championships at MWR Promotions in Illinois and Iowa as they accomplished that for AAPW and PWP.

Sterling brought to the table great wrestling knowledge while Sanders would deliver punishing kicks sending the message that the LONRS were to be feared.

Sanders would leave the sport for an MMA career while being replaced with #1 Brett Young as the New LONRS. They would have moderate success before they would go their separate ways.

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Dubi meets the MMWA-SICW fans during Larry Matysik night.

Posted by flairwhoooooo on July 31, 2011


Dubray Tallman with the Larry Matysik MWR Trading card (Photo Mike Van Hoogsraat)

Dubray Tallman here once again at MWR for a new Dubi meets the fans. It has been sometime since I have had the time to do a Dubi meets the fans but with such a special night in 2011. How could I not share you my take of this wonderful event? Though the night would be too busy to round up the wrestlers to take the photos, the night was still going to be a lot fun.


We were both excited about honoring such a wonderful person in Larry Matysik. Brian had worked with Larry to make an excellent trading card. And to be quite honest it is hard to believe that this man Larry Matysik, a guy who had been a part of so many special moments in wrestling, who had even worked with the biggest names on the biggest stage could be so down to earth. The first time I met him I was so impressed with the respect that he gave me and I watched him with each fan that came up to him in the few times that we met, he was always sincere with each and every fan. Though I had no clue who he was three years ago I am forever a fan today.

We had stopped by our friend and MWR photographer Mike Van Hoogstraat’s house to swim at his pool at noon. Talk about a great way to enjoy the heat. Mike’s wife Diane and I enjoyed what was supposed to be rum and coke, but Mike had accidently picked up gin so what’s a girl to do when it’s all you have? So we drank gin and coke and it was just as good. Mike was going to be a sweetheart and go to the show to take pictures as Brian ‘s new camera was at the shop at Best Buy and mine is working though the flash has went down the tubes.

Brian notoriously wants to get to the venue early to get interviews, get photos and to get settled. In fact that part always drives me nuts. Brian’s point of view is that after we drive 3 hours to get there time can fly if we just get there on time, conversations, photographs for 2-3 hours then back on the road to get home for another 2-3 hours. Still I wanted Chinese and Brian wanted a hamburger and fries (so he could get to the show faster) Yet what a princess wants a princess gets and we had some great seafood on that buffet table.

Even by sitting down to eat, only promoter Herb Simmons’s wife Margret and wrestler, Max Archer along with a few staff members  had beaten us to the venue. If you ever get the chance to go to East CrondeIet say Hi to one of the nicest women in the Midwest, Margret Simmons. When I see Margret again I am going to ask her how the U2 concert was which was being held the next day in Busch Stadium.

When Herb came to the building, we asked him if we could put up a new MWR banner to hang to advertise the site on the wall. He stated he could do one better and have it attached to the ring where the TV camera could it. That was awesome and it looked really nice on the ring, with the MWR logo and artwork by MWR Artist Dartallion Allen featuring artwork with wrestling stars Trevor Murdock, MsChif and Mike Sydal just to name a few.


ICON ART (Photo Credit Mike Van Hoogstraat)

I caught up with the artist from ICONS OF WRESTLING, who was in the house displaying his artwork as well as his new Fantasy warfare series where he draws a star from the past taking on a star from today. A pretty cool ideal for sure. Brian and Icons were in talks of having a special one done for the MWR Yearbook that will hopefully be out the first of next year.

On the way there we had decided to go all out  for this great event and do more than one give away with the MWR wrestler of the night. If you are not familiar with the MWR wrestler of the night, what it is we a wrestler if they would be willing to wear a MWR shirt to the ring and throw it out to any fan for a souvenir. With it being MWR Larry Matysik night we decided on giving 5 MWR shirts away. That is a record of MWR shirts in one night.


Larry signed his trading cards for the young and the young at heart. (Photo Mike Van Hoogstraat)

The problem arose that we are running out of shirts and sizes. Still we were able to find sizes for five top MMWA-SICW stars.

To start the night Brian was introduced to the crowd by ring announcer Jeff Vernetti to talk about Larry’s card and the MWR site. Then before I knew the action was heating up.


Drago feels the blow from a Pete Madden chop . (Photo Brian Kelley)

The first MWR Wrestler of the night was The Human Wrecking Ball Pete Madden who win a very tough match up against Ryan Drago. I had to laugh as m any of the top people in the Midwest came on this night to honor Larry Matysik, from promoters, champions and even the one and only Magic Man.


The Magic Man (Photo credit Brian Kelley)

I have to wonder what trick was up the Magic Mans sleeve that allowed him to catch this shirt?


Dave Vaughn


Peggy Kleinschmidt from Millstatt Illinois

One of the top stars at MMWA-SICW is young Dave Vaughn.

Vaughn would throw his shirt out to Peggy Kleinschmidt from Millstatt Illinois. Dave would then withstand a determined Max Archer to get the win.


The Champ Ron Powers thinks that he has Chris Hargas where he wants him, as MMWA-SICW rep Keith Miller watches .

An interesting chain of events saw Ron Powers challenging people to an arm wrestling contest. Powers is a bully pure and simple and was able to defeat Pete Madden then a staff member until young Chris Hargas stepped up to challenge him. Neither Vincent nor Powers were happy about this situation. At first it seemed to be another victory for mean Ron Powers. With the crowd behind him every second of the way Hargas somehow mustered the will to put Powers arm to the Mat.


After Losing to Hargas, Powers makes him pay!! (Brian Kelley)

The celebration would have to wait as Vincent would sneak attack Hargas allowing Powers to destroy the young star. Using chairs and tables, MMWA-SICW official Keith Smith struggled to maintain order.


Chaz Wesson and Ron Powers went blow for blow.


James and Hanna Moody from East Carondelet

In the Classic Wrestling Championship match Chaz Wesson went eye to against the champ Ron Powers. Powers is a loose cannon with a mean streak a mile wide. For some reason he has aligned himself with Sean Vincent. To say that the crowd hates these two would be understating it.

Chaz would throw his shirt to James and Hanna Moody from East Carondelet who proudly stated “They come every Month”


Hargas explodes on his friend Dave Vaughn.

Nothing would be settled between Wesson and Powers because during the match Chris Hargas had to be entered the ring thus the match was a no contest. Luckily Chaz didn’t take offense to Hargas interrupting the match as I would hate to make Wesson made; he has the most painful looking chops in St Louis.




I am sure Wesson took in consideration of the attack earlier in the night on Hargas from Powers and Vincent, as you could see the veteran trying to get the young star calmed down.


Two talented women wrestlers Lucy Mendez and Stacey O’Brien have been at war all around the Midwest this year. On this night it was no different as the two ladies were at each other’s throats.


Main event tag match!

In the main event we had a MWR wrestler of the night tag team as Gary Jackson and LaMarcus Clinton both wore shirts prior to their match against Mark Sterling and Sean Vincent.


 LaMarcus Clinton would throw his shirt out to Chrysta and Alexia and I was fortunate to get their picture taken with Chaz Wesson. The Great one Gary Jackson threw out his shirt to Josephine ,Lamont and Joesph Hebb.


I would like to thank Herb Simmons and his wife Margaret , Larry Matysik , the wrestlers and you the fans for being a part of MWR’S Larry Matysik Night.

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