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MWR gets “Tough Enough” with “Diamond Steel” Ryan Howe and Jessie Belle Smothers.

Posted by flairwhoooooo on July 9, 2011


Diamond Steel” Ryan Howe and Jessie Belle Smothers sport the hottesr wrestling wear in the sport today

Missouri Wrestling Revival fans found out during an exclusive article with Michael Moore from PWTorch.com that the hottest trading card series in wrestling today was going to get even hotter with the announcement of Jessie Belle Smothers to the set.

The article can be found here if you missed it.


Ever since the PWTorch interview fans have been contacting us about when will Jessie Belle Smothers come to the Midwest. Photo credit Walter Lippmann

Jessie Belle Smothers, the daughter of wrestling rebel Tracey Smothers has the charisma and looks that you will not soon forget.

I have to admit that I have been keeping a secret for some time now that I can no longer keep. We here at MWR have been in the talks with one of the hottest young stars today, the rocker “Diamond Steel” Ryan Howe about producing a Diamond Steel Ryan Howe MWR trading card.


WWE Tough Enough’s Ryan Howe is looking for the best competition. *Photo credit Pamela Barnett*

Fans are sure to remember Howe from this seasons WWE Tough Enough on the USA Network that was hosted by “Stone Cold” Steve Austin with trainers Booker T, Trish Stratus and Bill DeMott.

Since the show, Howe has been using those skills he learned from the WWE Tough Enough trainers to his advantage as he has been blazing a name for himself wherever he goes.

There is no doubt that we will get to see Diamond Steel and Jessie Belle Smothers invade the Midwest soon.
How would Jessie Belle Smothers fare at Metro Pro Wrestling against Miss Natural, Lucy Mendez at WLW or at 3XWrestling against Melanie Cruise?

Or how about new Pro Wrestling Epic champion Brandon Espinosa against Ryan Howe, or the MECW Champion Bailey Mannix and just how would MMWA-SICW powerhouse Ron Powers counter Howe’s electric ring style?

Promoters that would like to book either of these wrestlers contact them via



Serious enquires only please.

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