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Archive for June 23rd, 2011

Missouri Wrestling Revival trading cards featured at PWTorch.

Posted by flairwhoooooo on June 23, 2011

We would like to thank Michael Moore and everyone at PWTorch for a great article covering the Missouri Wrestling Revival Trading cards.

Check out the interview here  that takes a look at one of the most exciting wrestling collectables on the market today.


In the article you will get an exclusive preview of who are the cards 50-54 plus find out where you can meet Larry Matysik.


As always do not forget to go to our friends at WrestlingTradingcards.com for a complete checklist for MWR as well as WWE and TNA trading cards.

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Join us tomorrow in Des Moines Iowa for 3XW – Brian Ash vs Maddog McDowell

Posted by flairwhoooooo on June 23, 2011


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Introducing The Great Cheyenne

Posted by flairwhoooooo on June 23, 2011


What made you become a wrestler?

Aside from being a life long wrestling fan I had friends who were wrestling at the time I was 3 years into martial arts. They kept asking me everyday to come train with them, after 3 months of being asked everyday, I trained with them, finally. I have been hooked ever since then.

What do you like about wrestling?

There are many things I love about wrestling from the athleticism, artistic point of view, the theatrics, the traveling and the social aspects of the business.

Artistically, I get to be a mean nasty evil person without getting arrested or getting into some kinda trouble, I release my stress in the ring and I say mean things to people with out any guilt or consequence… In fact I am applauded for this behavior. I play dress up so as to enhance the spectacle I am making of myself as a heel. I do these things all with the spectator in mind.

Socially, I love the networking, the traveling, and meeting new people all the time, hearing their stories and experiences or getting new diet tips, sometimes even making some really cool friends along the way and meeting some really neat fans that sometimes go so far out of their way just to see you wrestle.

Athletically, there is always a challenge to learn something, stay fit or eat healthier so I can prolong my career and my life. I am always getting motivated to get stronger, tougher looking and more conditioned in the ring, especially when I will be wrestling someone who is really good and challenging.

What I do not like about wrestling?

The slouches with bad attitudes who don’t understand the true craft of what we do. People who are satisfied doing things half assed because they don’t care enough to do more, or those who just don’t have the ambition for more because its too hard to pull it out from way deep inside you. That takes alota heart, gumption and nerve !!

What type of music do you listen to?

I enjoy all types of music but my fave is heavy Metal! Rock on! Options are endless and music is my life. I truly do believe that art makes you smart! and music well it really does “TAME THE SAVAGE BEAST!!!” Right now I have hos.com on my phone… “Hearts of Space”, slow music for fast times , really neat stuff, whoever married Steven Hill is one lucky lady! (he produced the program) … you all should check it out!! It is a “GREAT” way to end your day and unwind … or just chill to … especially if it is a stressful day.

What is your favorite song?

I have several songs I love to hear. I can’t just pick one. I would absolutely DIE with out music!!

Any funny backstage stories?

I am sure there are between mishaps, road trips and ribs, I know I have tons of them but I can’t remember right now. It is after the shows or on the long road trips that the really funny stuff happens. Ahhh , here’s one!

After one show we had in Connecticut , we had a food fight , I got on top of the table and fought back I threw a hunk of steak and it smacked another guy square, smack dabb in the face !! We are all grown ups and we had the best times acting like children! I will never forget the way that steak just slapped him in the face right square on the cheek and that was just one piece!! Always great times and I get to missing the guys when I don’t see them in such a long time. They all know who they are ..Love ya’ all.” Los Quiero Cabrones!! oh yeah and for the record we did clean up the mess we made. :o)


What do you feel is your biggest asset?

My passion for being in the ring. It has kept me involved in wrestling for all these years. It has caused me to overcome and survive so many obstacles. I think it is one of the most significant of human characteristics any artist or performer should possess, or that anyone should possess, it brings about a GREAT factor in your life!! Especially, entertainers because its that lifeline to your spectator, the audience really connects with that emotion.

What was it like entering a arena with thousands of fans shouting and looking at you?

My biggest show was over 22,000. in Asia. It was the craziest, most AMAZING adrenaline rush I have ever felt in my life. It was awesome, the camera flashes look like twinkling stars. You can feel their cheers in your bones, they move the earth underneath you, and you reciprocate with your actions inside the ring, causing the earth to shake back …thrashing around, it’s that give and take .. relationship between you in there and everyone outside of the ring, its that intense! That is not to say that my small shows are not great, some of my best shows are intimate small crowds of a 150 or so, like a lot of my local shows where the fans still get so crazy, hyped up and into my character when I make my entrance. Those are moments I won’t ever forget, no matter what! When I am in that moment nothing else exists. So many times you do things or go places and you can’t help that feeling, when you feel like you just don’t belong but when I am in that ring it NEVER EVER feels that way, in fact that is probably the only place where I really feel like I BELONG. I mean I was so comfortable, at home in front of all those people. “It was just GREAT”!


Did you make any close friends while


Several, my trainer/tag partner/best friend Malaki and I try to travel -wrestle all over, as much as I can. We have made friends all over in different states and different parts of the world. Thinking back, we have made some especially nice friends.

If you were a fan of the sport as a child, who were some of your favorites?

The Late Randy Macho Man, & Luna Vachon (R.I.P.) they had to be two of the most impressionable, so much so that you can never erase their image from your mind.. it doesn’t erase easily. they were captivating. Mick Foley, Kane, ,Vader, Hulk Hogan, Bret Hart, Medusa, Tatanka, Undertaker of course, Chyna. I have also always loved female Japanese and Mexican wrestling, it’s intense.

Is there anyone you credit for inspiring you to do what you do now?

Luna Vachon is one character who did that, she was very impressionable on me as a female in the sport, so was Chyna. Bret Hart and Mick Foley were also a huge inspiration.

Is there anything you would like to accomplish that you haven’t yet?

Sure, there is always something new to accomplish, overcome or defeat. I am always looking to raise the bar. I would love to wrestle, in so many other countries all over the world. Time constraints and responsibilities at home have caused me to pass up a couple of offers but I always keep a positive mind, because “ nothing is impossible”.

What did your family or friends think when you informed them of your desire to become a pro wrestler?

Some discouraged it, criticized me, ridiculed me, frowned upon it and some even blatantly were foul about it. Others have just been quiet in the background. I never let that stop me, I am not concerned with that and what they do .I mind my own business. I focus on me and my business. I am doing what I chose to do, people who find something they really enjoy doing, are fortunate to have found something that makes them happy. Family and friends who really love and care about you come to accept and realize that this is you. Malaki has been my biggest supporter, he has always believed in me and kept it straight with me and always puts 100% into my training. If I need correcting or mess up he is brutally honest, no games. . Since years have passed alot more have changed the way they feel, now these same people see I have been doing this for a long time and I have stuck it out so, now it’s cool, to be a wrestler. Now there is respect because I never scoffed or backed off from the obstacles.

What kind of work do you do? And how many hours per week on average do you spend working out?

I work downtown at several locations doing office work, I replace everyone when are abscent. So I do everyone’s job. I also work at a nursing home with a man who is now one of my close friends, he has MS and I help him out. The disease has rendered him a paraplegic and he is unable to do much for himself. He is by far one of the most inspirational teachers in my life. I am so fortunate to be around him. I work out in the evenings for anywhere from 2-4 hrs, five to six days a week, maybe more. The gym is my home away from home.

Is there something most fans don’t know about you that you would like’m to know?

Not to sure… I love wrestling and nature, the outdoors, I paint, I draw, I can cook, sew, I am funny, or perhaps, I am really not as evil as you think I am hahaha !

Who was your first match and what was it like stepping in the ring for the first time?

Eeks my first match, my first match was with a indie guy that is probably not even in the business anymore , I did alot of royal rumbles and interference ..when I started . It was fun.

What is your relationship with other girls you work with?

It is competitive like anything else. What matters is what we do in the ring. If you find friends that is always “Great” but I focus on the wrestling and the training first and foremost. From there, you make the best friends with those who value and have the same heart and work ethic for the business as you .

Which wrestlers were the most fun to work with?

Terry Funk, Bob Backland, Road Dogg, The Giant Pharoah, The Stretcher, Amanda Storm, Naughty Adrianna, Mercedes KV, Juliette the Huntress, El Nuevo Cuidadano El Leon Apolo, Chris Michaels but the one I loved working with the most was/is Malaki. I think my best matches are vs. Malaki. People really get into the male/female drama. It is so relative to everyday life, all men always have a beef with some female and all women at one point or other just do not see eye to eye with a male, age old true story! “Adam and Eve”.


What kind of advice can you give a young woman who might be considering getting into the wrestling business?

Hurry run in the opposite direction!!! Nah just kidding, If you do not have a high threshold for pain and bodily harm …don’t do it! If your looking for money don’t do it! If you love wrestling and I mean really enjoy wrestling then go for it because that enjoyment of wrestling is what you need to want to keep going at it until you make it to whatever heights your looking to make it in this business. I think its truly a labor of love until you make it big!

Good luck ..no GREAT luck! You’re gonna need it!

Any last words for your fans out there?

THANKS for all the support without the fans, the audience, we would have no reason to put on a show! AND SEE YOU ALL AT THE NEXT SHOW!


these links and others are on my facebook info page:





+ others

Youtube or google:

“Great Cheyenne wrestler”

“Hellfiresymphony” or

“Great Cheyenne NWA on fire

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