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Archive for January 5th, 2011

Stacey O’Brien faces Lucy Mendez this weekend at Metro Pro Wrestling

Posted by flairwhoooooo on January 5, 2011

 Two of the very best females in the Midwest today will go at it one more time at Metro Pro Wrestling this Saturday night when Lucy Mendez hooks up with former MWR Female Wrestler of the Year Stacey O’Brien.

Both of these ladies are former Harley Race’s WLW Women’s Champions looking to prove who just is the best.

Recently our friends Metro Pro Wrestling send this video of their first match from last year.

Let’s find out who had their hand raised at Metro Pro Wrestling during this exciting match up.

Tickets on sale at MetroWrestling.com or you can buy them at the door.

Do not forget to purchase your very own Lucy Mendez MWR collectable trading card to go along with fellow MPW Stars Cards from Trevor Murdoch, Mark Sterling, Steve Fender, Jeremy Wyatt, Sir Bradley Charles, Angel and referee’s  Jeromy Robb and Michael Crase  


Don’t miss one second of the excitement! Tune in every week to Metro Pro Wrestling on Metro Sports and never miss one moment of the action behind the curtain, as well as exclusive interviews and announcements.

What happens in the ring is only half of the story!

Catch them every Saturday night at 11pm on Metro Sports (find your channel below) with a replay on Wednesday at 11pm!
Time Warner Cable’s Metro Sports is a regional 24-hour sports network.
And Metro Sports is the ONLY place you can see Metro Pro Wrestling
Catch us on:
• TWCKC 30
• TWC Nebraska Coming Soon!
• Comcast 258
• Sunflower-Lawrence 37
• MS 2 on TWCKC 222
• MS HD on TWCKC 1030
• MS On Demand on TWCKC 130

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You can catch a MWR T-shirt at 3XW from The Horndogs this Friday .

Posted by flairwhoooooo on January 5, 2011


That’s right MWR fans, you will have two chances to catch a MWR t-shirt from one of the of the most popular tag teams at 3XW. The Horndogs consist of powerful Maddog McDowell and the speedy Krotch.

This weekend will have it all, so come to the Des Moines Social Club and get loud. Prior to their war with Casanova and Devin Carter collectively known as Genesis they will throw out the red hot shirt that you have seen worn by some of the very best in the sport.

This is a 3XWrestling Tag Team Championship match and we at MWR wish the Horndogs the best in this historic match.

Plus Dubi meets the 3XW fans will return, so be sure to be on the lookout for Dubray Tallman and let her know who your favorite 3XW Wrestler is and she will do her best to get your picture taken with them for this very site.

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The Midwest speaks out on who they think will win Sterling vs Wyatt 60 Min Iron Man No DQ Match

Posted by flairwhoooooo on January 5, 2011

Many of the experts are calling it the biggest match in the past 10 years in the Midwest to happen this Friday in Des Moines Iowa. That match is none other Mark Sterling vs Jeremy Wyatt in a 60 minute NO DQ Iron Man match to finally answer the question who is the very best today.

The buzz on this match is at an all time high.

Let’s find out what the wrestler and the fans have to say about this historic match up

3XW, PWN and IWAP Superstar Hunter Mathews-


I have seen these two go toe to toe with the top wrestlers in the world. Wyatt has been to war with former Ring of Honor World Champion Tyler Black twice. Recently Sterling showed the wrestling world why he is among the elite when he submitted the best wrestler in the world today Davey Richard at Pro Wrestling Next.

I have been in the ring with both of these men, and have to say that they hit harder than anybody I know. Even though I have to disagree with Sterling’s Nobel attitude as of late in 3XW. I have to give him the edge.

However this is a no DQ match and Wyatt will do what it takes to win. This is sure to be a brains vs. brawns match for sure. –

MWR Writer Mark Campos-


I give the edge to Sterling, he is primed to become the 3xw Champion for the very first time.

3XW, PWP and MECW Superstar Jimmy Rockwell-


Wyatt and Sterling are some of the most talented guys wrestling in the Midwest. I’ve been in the ring with both guys and their conditioning is insane. I think we are gonna see some things in this match that nobody has ever seen/done before. Picking a winner between the two is almost impossible. The only winners I can see are fans of Midwest wrestling!

3XW and PWP Superstar Darin Corbin

I have been in the ring with both Sterling and Wyatt…Heck Wyatt put me out of action for two months. But when it comes to an Iron Man match I have to say that Sterling has his number. It will be a hard fought battle but Sterling will know how to go the distance, and his training regiment is that of Facebook Status Legends. So my pick is with Sterling.

3XW and MECW Superstar“The American Fury” Jonathan West

It should be a real physical mattchup. I’ve been in the ring with Jeremy Wyatt and he is the real deal. But I have seen how intense Mark Sterling is here lately and I don’t think he (Wyatt) knows what he’s gotten himself into.

Kari Williams MWR Writer-

I will go with Wyatt. He always seems to have some sort of back up plan just in case things aren’t going his way.

3XW Reporter Midnight Guthrie –

This one is really difficult to call because they are both so physically, mentally and emotionally tough. Despite possessing different strengths and weaknesses, they are both so evenly matched, as displayed by the previous three excellent matches they have had this year in 3XW. It wouldn’t surprise me to see them come to a draw after 60 minutes and then have to settle it in some sort of extra time scenario. One thing to consider, however, is that Wyatt does hold the lead in this series and you have to wonder how having that motivation factors into Sterling’s strategy – does he try to pick up a number of falls quickly or does he approach this match even more cautiously than usual? I’m incredibly excited to see how this match plays out!”

AAPW and IWAP Superstar Edmund Livewire McGuire


Sterling I have faced in a 4 way match once before, and I know firsthand how fierce, no nonesense competitor that he is. Wyatt is one that I have never faced before but there is no doubt as why he is called the belt collector…it’s going to be an interesting match to say the least. I have to go for Sterling. He’s the man

MECW, IHW and PWE Superstar “The Kid” Evan Money


My prediction for Wyatt –Sterling Iron Man match has mixed feelings. Knowing the ability that Wyatt has and the power of Sterling calls for a hard decision to choose. I believe that the match will end in a time limit draw with each man giving it there all.

Michael Crase – referee (NWA Dynamo Pro an Metro Pro Wrestling)


Ref Michael Crase works to maintain order in the ring.

Being someone who has ref’d alot of both competitors’ matches, I’d give te edge in a 60 minute iron man match to Jeremy Wyatt. Sterling has the advantage in intensity and killer instinct, but Wyatt has more patience and is a bit more methodical. Sterling takes an early lead, but Wyatt wins, 4 to 3.

MCW Superstar -The Iceman


I’ve been in the ring against both of these men and I have also been both of these men tag team partner

Both of these guys are very tough intense and are truly at the top of their game and are two of the best in the Midwest if not in Pro wrestling as a whole

I wish I could pick a clear cut winner but I honestly can’t do that

AAPW, NMW and PWE Superstar The Mississippi Madman


I give the win to Wyatt he is just to clever for Sterling.

3XW Superstar Buck Albright

Wyatt: Having the privledge of stepping in the ring and watching The Rebel over the years, he never seizes to amaze me with his skill. His never say die attitude is what makes him so dangerous. At a moments notice, he can hit you with the Kansas Tumbleweed and it’s 1-2-3 or having you tapping to any type of pressure lock he just happens to come up with on a dime. His quickness and endurance are second to none, very underappreciated.

Sterling: Mark has been on a terror over the past few years. His power has become amazing. His technical mindset makes him dangerous as he can pick an opponent apart from any angle at any given time. Once he locks in the Markshooter, it’s time to cry to mommy, cause your not getting away.

As far as my pick, both men are equally matched in the endurance category & 60 minutes may not be enough, but speed overcomes power in this slobberknocker, as Wyatt picks up the victory 3 falls to 2.

IHW, MECW, PWE Superstar Brandon Aarons.


Well in my opinion, when you think of the best wrestlers in the midwest wyatt and sterling are easily 2 names that come to mind right away. I have had the oppurtunity to face both men in competition and I would compare my matches with them to being hit by a semi truck. They are both brutal and hard hitting individuals. I have scars on my chest and arms from the matches i’ve had with them. At the same time I have learned a lot from both men and that shows that they obviously know what they are doing. They know what it takes to get the job done. But I believe that Sterling with his conditioning and strength training routine is physically and also mentally prepared to go the full 60 minutes non-stop. Yes wyatt is very talented and a very smart wrestler but I believe sterling and his 1,000,000 muscles will reign as the victor in this epic encounter.

3XW, MPW,PWP, HVW and PWE Superstar Sir Bradley Charles.


On the heels of the OVW camp given the momentum built up i would probably give the advantage to Mark Sterling. But you can never rule out a veteran like Jeremy Wyatt. Regardless of who comes out on top i think the fans and the boys in the back are in for a treat.

Prediction: Mark Sterling


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