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Help the stars of the Midwest get notice for WWE’S Tough Enough…You can vote everyday !!!!

Posted by flairwhoooooo on December 6, 2010

Earlier this week we asked for you to vote for rising star Jason Jones. Little did I know that this would become so huge that so many great talent would try there hand at this once in a lifetime chance to make it to the WWE.

Below is a link for the wrestlers that we know of at this time in the Midwest that is asking for you to vote.

Remember that you can vote once a day for your favorite wrestler.

Ace Hawkins

Benjamin Sailer

Brandon Aarons

Brandon Espinosa

Bobby “The Business” Houston

Dinn T. Moore

Guy Smith

Hunter Matthews

Jason Jones

Jaysin Strife

Mason Beck


Sean Vincent

Shawn Schultz

Stephen Saint

If you are a wrestler in the MWR coverage area and we missed you on the ballot please send an e-mail with a link to flairwhoooooo@yahoo.com . On subject please put “Please add me”

I will be voting for each and everyone of you. Good luck to you all.

One Response to “Help the stars of the Midwest get notice for WWE’S Tough Enough…You can vote everyday !!!!”

  1. Jordan said

    Any real wrestler or “professional” Indie Wrestler should not even dare approach being on this reality show. “Tough Enough” is/was not about being tough physically. It is about being “trained” to be a wrestler. Im not about to go and say hey I need to be trained to wrestle then showing my crew, ring gimmick, everything. Making them all think its a joke too. Especially if I am wrestling Indies or holding titles for small indy circuits and smaller companies. You are basically saying what you have done is a JOKE. Those companies were a joke. Any professional should honestly already know how to wrestle and not need to be train. They should stay away. I dont think calling yourself a “professional” wrestler then wanting to be trained is going to impress anyone in WWE. They can see you do it for real and prove yourself. I know alot of wrestlers are staying away from this just for this reason. They want to be taken serious. They dont want to send up a bright red pointy flashing arrow to the biggest Wrestling Entertainment Venue and say hey I need to be trained alongside those who dont know how but yes im a pro! Take me Serious.

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