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“The Manager of Champions” Travis Cook looks to lead Donovan Ruddick to WWE or TNA!!

Posted by flairwhoooooo on April 4, 2010

Could Donovan Ruddick and Travis Cook be the new face of Pro Wrestling? (Photo Credit Mike Van Hoogstraat)

Could Donovan Ruddick and Travis Cook be the new face of Pro Wrestling? (Photo Credit Mike Van Hoogstraat)

Last night Missouri Wrestling Revival was on hand at MMWA-SICW to honor them with the 2009 MWR Promotion of the Year Plaque. As big of a story as that was it would be the ramifications in the MMWA-SICW title match between the Champion Dave Vaughn and the former Champion Phil E Blunt that would steal the headlines.

Blunt was DQ’d and his manager Travis Cook jumped into the ring to double team Vaughn. Thankfully Donovan Ruddick would enter the ring to make the save….or so it would seem. After holding back Travis Cook and Blunt , Ruddick took the belt from them then laid out Vaughn!!!

On the night that was to be a celebration for MMWA-SICW it would Travis Cook who would be having the most fun. Cook now has one of the most respected and feared wrestlers in the Midwest today “The Future” Donovan Ruddick in his stable “The Connection”.

TNA and WWE in 2010 will have showcased to the world PPV’s in St Louis with WWE’S Elimination Chamber and this month’s TNA Lockdown, the show me state is now a hotbed for Pro Wrestling. Add on the fact that ST Louis Talent Randy Orton and Evan Bourne have became major players it is without a doubt that the both companies will be wanting to catch the next big star in the Midwest.

One can not take away the power and reputation that “The Manager of Champions” Travis Cook will not have a say in who will be given the opportunity to be the next superstar in Pro Wrestling Today.

In an interesting twist Cook did not make any friends on this evening when he showed his clout in Ron Powers match as he was set to take on Billy Diamond and Bobby D in a handicap match. Before the match could begin Cook demanded that Powers show Ed Monihan (from the state Athletic Commission) a current Missouri Wrestling license. Powers licenses were infact not up to date therefore Powers was unable to compete. Words were exchanged between the two with Powers chasing Cook to the back. Powers returned to the ring to let Cook and the fans to know that Illinois isn’t a commission state so he WILL be at MMWA-SICW when they return in East Carondolet, IL next Saturday for the battle royal.

2 Responses to ““The Manager of Champions” Travis Cook looks to lead Donovan Ruddick to WWE or TNA!!”

  1. Herb Simmons said

    Ron Prowers will be in action next Saturday in the Battle Royal”, there is nothing travis the crook Cook can do about that. Tony Casta and myself have seen to it that the contract Travis signed in Illinois isn’t under the control of any Athletic commission except for the guidence of commissioner Keith Smith. Powers along with Danny Boy and all of the other great stars from the MMWA-SICW will be on hand in East Carondelet at 8pm at the East Carondelet Community Center 823 State Street. Gary Jackson as just been listed as another one taking place in the Battle Royal. We would once again like to thank Brian Kelly for attending the southbroadway show last Saturday and presenting the 2009 award to us. I also enjoyed having him sit in on the play by play. Herb Simmons

  2. Tim Miller said

    I agree – it’s always a pleasure to see Brian Kelley and Kari Williams and the 2OO9 MISSOURI WRESTLING REVIVAL PROMOTION OF THE YEAR AWARD is greatly appreciated! The award is on display with the St. Louis Wrestling Hall Of Fame at the historic South Broadway Athletic Club and our collective group is VERY proud of this honor and we will continue to work hard to exceed what we have already accomplished and hopefully add many more MWR Awards in the future!

    Brian Kelley did a fantastic job on commentary with Herb Simmons! Brian on play-by-play and the Award Presentation can be seen on all 3 of our television shows throughout the month of April! Also, Travis “The Crook” Cook has promised more big news coming from the Connection and talked with Commissioner Keith Smith about restructuring the talent-packed stable. All of this and more all month long on MMWA-SICW Television!

    The BIG news is the live event THIS SATURDAY NIGHT, APRIL 1OTH, 8PM at the beautiful East Carondelet, IL Community Center (823 State Street) and that HUGE Battle Royal signed last month by Herb Simmons that is going to feature the explosive fury known as RON POWERS! Powers is all fired up following his recent dealings with Travis Cook & Co. and says that he’s going to take it out on all of the participants… especially the members of The Connection! Danny Boy, Johnny Courageous, Phil E. Blunt, Gary Jackson and all of the top stars will also be in action and MMWA-SICW Commissioner Keith Smith will have an OPEN-DOOR UPDATE this Saturday! Don’t miss any of it!!!

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