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Archive for January 25th, 2010

MMWA-SICW Jan. 9 recap

Posted by reimaginejournalism on January 25, 2010

By Kari Williams
Photos by Michael R Van Hoogstraat

MMWA-SICW kicked off the New Year with the dethroning of one champion and the crowning of another at South Broadway Athletic Club.

Bobby D tries to get the dog to quit(Photo Credit Michael R Van Hoogstraat)

Moondog Rover plays with Bobby D on route to victory.(Photo Credit Michael R Van Hoogstraat)

Moondog Rover and Bobby D took each other on in the opening contest. D tried to take the early advantage, but Rover was quick to dominate. However, neither man gained a clear advantage throughout the duration of the bout. Rover targeted D’s knee, which worked to his advantage as D could not regain momentum; Rover soundly defeated D.

The Future Donovan Ruddick feels the power of the Big Texan. (Photo Credit Michael R Van Hoogstraat)

For a big man Ruddick can move as he shows here. (Photo Credit Michael R Van Hoogstraat)

Travis Cooks man The Big Texan chokes Ruddick.(Photo Credit Michael R Van Hoogstraat)

The Big Texan came to ringside with The Connection’s Ring Leader Travis Cook to battle “Future” Donovan Ruddick. Because Texan holds the MMWA-SICW tag team titles with Waco, and the Battle Royal Championship, Commissioner Keith Smith forced Texan to relinquish the battle royal championship.

The battle of behemoths then got underway, with neither Ruddick nor Texan able to knock the other off his feet. Both bounced off the ropes and Ruddick leapfrogged over Texan, but on the way back, Texan caught the 6’9” Monster with a clothesline for the advantage. Despite Texan’s early lead, he could do nothing to stop Ruddick’s raw strength and brutality.

The Big Texans tag team partner Waco comes in to assist his partner.(Photo Credit Michael R Van Hoogstraat)

Just as it seemed that Ruddick was geared for the win, Texan’s partner in crime, Waco, rushed to ringside, resulting in a disqualification victory for Ruddick.

AJ Williams sends Jaysin Static out of the ring. (Photo Credit Michael R Van Hoogstraat)

Blade eliminates Vincent. (Photo Credit Michael R Van Hoogstraat)

Because Texan surrendered his Battle Royal Championship, “Thee” Brandon Espinosa, Sean Vincent, Moondog Rover, Jaysin Static, Blade, A.J. Williams and Waco battled for the belt. Waco was the first eliminated, with Espinosa, Static and Rover following suit. Williams, Blade and Vincent were the final three men. Rover pulled Williams out of the ring, eliminating the MMWA-SICW Junior Heavyweight Champion.

NEW Battle Royal Champion Blade and his valet Aurora(Photo Credit Michael R Van Hoogstraat)

Shortly thereafter, Blade eliminated Vincent to become the new Battle Royal Champion.

Dave Vaughn gave Blunt a toss.(Photo Credit Michael R Van Hoogstraat)

Dave Vaughn gave Blunt a toss.(Photo Credit Michael R Van Hoogstraat)

3 way dance for the MMWA-SICW title. (Photo Credit Michael R Van Hoogstraat)

Gary Jackson powers Vaughn to the mat while Blunt tries to regroup.(Photo Credit Michael R Van Hoogstraat)

Blunt strikes with a knee to the face of the Great one.(Photo Credit Michael R Van Hoogstraat)

Blunt pulls out all the stops and hits Vaughn with powder.(Photo Credit Michael R Van Hoogstraat)

Vaughn was able to regroup and went after Jackson as he looked very strong. (Photo Credit Michael R Van Hoogstraat)

NEW MMWA-SICW Champ.(Photo Credit Michael R Van Hoogstraat)

The passing of the torch at MMWA-SICW? (Photo Credit Michael R Van Hoogstraat)

Dave Vaughn and “Night Train” Gary Jackson duked it out with MMWA-SICW Heavyweight Champion Phil E. Blunt with the title on the line. It seemed as though Blunt wanted to form an alliance of sorts with former Connection member Vaughn, but Vaughn would not fall for Blunt’s antics. Any time it appeared that the two would work together, Vaughn turned on him. All three men fought for the advantage, but none of them held the upper hand for long. The odds against him, Blunt fought as hard as he could to come out on top—going so far as to throw baby powder into Vaughn’s eyes. Vaughn reeled from the illegal attack, but did not lose sight of the goal, as he pinned Jackson to win the Heavyweight Championship.

Travis Cook complained, on behalf of Blunt, that Blunt should not have lost the title, prompting the commissioner to tell Blunt, “Go serve your time and get back in line.”

Waco slams Williams to the mat. (Photo Credit Michael R Van Hoogstraat)

Williams leg is pressed against the ropes.(Photo Credit Michael R Van Hoogstraat)

Waco shows the packed house his power.(Photo Credit Michael R Van Hoogstraat)

Williams hits a big move.(Photo Credit Michael R Van Hoogstraat)

After intermission, Waco kicked off his match against Junior Heavyweight Champion A.J. Williams by attacking Williams from behind, gaining the early advantage. Williams ended up on the outside, being attacked by Waco’s partner, the Big Texan. Having dealt with enough interference, the referee eventually made Texan leave ringside, much to the crowd’s delight and Williams’ advantage.

A big win by the young and talented AJ Williams.(Photo Credit Michael R Van Hoogstraat)

With a level playing field, Williams gained steam and went full force, attacking Waco with everything he had. Williams soundly defeated Waco.

Sweet dropkick by Espinosa on Static.(Photo Credit Michael R Van Hoogstraat)

Static returns the favor as he delivers a kick to Static.(Photo Credit Michael R Van Hoogstraat)

A handful of tights gets Espinosa the victory. (Photo Credit Michael R Van Hoogstraat)

“Electrifying” Jaysin Static went up against “Thee” Brandon Espinosa. Neither had a clear advantage, but Static tried to jumpstart his advantage when he launched onto Espinosa, who had found his way outside the ring. The two tangled on the outside and slowly made their way back to the ring. By the time they were inside, Espinosa had gained the upper hand and connected with a picture perfect drop kick. However, Static would not go down easily, and he fought—determined—to prove himself against the former MMWA-SICW junior heavyweight champion. Regardless of Static’s heart and willpower, Espinosa remained dominate, rolling up Static for the win—while he held the tights for added leverage.

A vicious chop by Blade.(Photo Credit Michael R Van Hoogstraat)

(Photo Credit Michael R Van Hoogstraat)

Vincent goes to the top.(Photo Credit Michael R Van Hoogstraat)

MMWA-SICW’s resident Canadian Sean Vincent took on Blade. Vincent tried to evoke a battle of wits, as each time Blade looked to gain the advantage, Vincent scooted out of the ring. Blade quickly grew tired of Vincent’s mind games and went after the Canadian, taking control of the bout. But Vincent matched Blade hold for hold, creating a stalemate of sorts—a competitive stalemate. After a little more give and take, Blade finally took over, upsetting Cook, who had accompanied Vincent to ringside. Cook caused a distraction, chaos ensued and Vincent ended up knocking Blade out with a set of brass knuckles to steal the match.

The newly crowned MMWA-SICW Heavyweight Champion Vaughn emerged to defend his prized possession, but his opponent—Blade—was in no shape to compete. Vaughn offered to give Blade an opportunity at another time due to the circumstances, but Blade refused.

Spear –Spear – Spear by the champ gives Vaughn the win(Photo Credit Michael R Van Hoogstraat)

Look for Kari Williams MMWA-SICW January 16th recap at MWR in the near future.

Vaughn made quick work of his battered and bruised opponent, easily setting up the spear for the victory, retaining the championship.

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